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Happy birthday to my queen ✨ @selenagomez

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Basically sums up my weekend 😴 #rg @squaresayings

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Hey Saturday, nice of you to stop by 😎 #rg @champagnemani

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#TheParentTrap came out 20 years ago and I FEEL SO OLD πŸ‘―

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Kissing this week goodbye 😘 #rg

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Tbh I could put ranch on literally everything πŸ•

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Channel the baddest Southside Serpent in the game in these badass outfits inspired by #Riverdale’s Toni Topaz 🐍 Shop at the link in bio! (πŸ‘‹: @klstieg)

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Raise your hand if you and your bestie already have your Halloween costume coordinated (even though it’s only July) πŸ™‹

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Keep #ColeSprouse and never eat cheese fries again, or keep cheese fries and ditch Cole??

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It just got way easier to cop #CamilaCabello's dewy glowβ€”her makeup collection is available today! Link in bio for deets βœ¨πŸ’‹

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Rumors are flying that #MileyCyrus and #LiamHemsworth just broke up, buuuut considering Liam just posted a totally cute video with Miley, we’re guessing that’s total BS! So glad my mom and dad are still together πŸ’•

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Why can’t summer last the whole year?! 😩 Tag someone who is in serious need of a beach day 🏝 (πŸ‘‹: @margaret.flatley)

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