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Just wanted to check in & say thank you for keep following this backup!
God forbid anything happens to i_s but then atleast i will be able to go to this one❤️❤️❤️
I love my soulmatefamily❤️

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Hey guys, long time no see..
I made this acc when instagram was on a rampage.. they deactivated sooo many big accounts in our community.. then it calmed down again..
But now that jai got disabled, im scared to death.
I might be next.. i know i have done some things that could make instagram think i broke their rules.. but whats made is made and im just gonna cross my fingers & pray that nothing happens to the main acc..
So from now on, i will NOT post any videos that have copyright, if your video does, i will turn the audio off.. i also removed my link and took the page of buisness mode.
This is after i read ALL of instagram guidelines.. i really hope that i can stay under the radar & that from now on, i will do everything by the book! (99% of all pages posts copyrighted stuff so its not like im the only one bc the copyright is fucking ridiculous)

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So we made this page as a backup in case we get hacked/disabled..
We have already been through this once, not even 6 months ago. But we hope that we will never have to experience that again💗
Rn, me (nath) is the only one logged into this page since we wont be using it as long as we have the original one 🌸
Yeah.. i think thats all for now haha❤️

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