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Freedom of movement.. of action

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Sipping some of this tea over a good book really has me in high spirits this morning.. wanna know the recipe? I brewed this batch with chamomile tea, moon cycle tea by @mindfully.gina , a few drops of lavender oil, and honey 🌻 shout out to my friend for lending me the book Conversations With God By Neale Donald Walsch check it out!
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How do you know if yall on the same frequency? Message of the day.. feel free to express your feed back or share if you resonate with this topic 🌞 Have a wonderful guys! .
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“I could be all the things you told me not to be” 🍭

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The type of friend i am lmao.. every close friend of mine already know what it is 😏 | nun but facts @jayversace

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The smell of rain is so fulfilling

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To all the healers, light workers, empaths, brujas/brujos
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Change is in the process, this chapter is coming to an end... Time to buck up for whats come, this is the best time for reflection | 999 (Tell me when you found it in the flick) #thabodhispirit #messages #angelnumbers #999

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When challenges occur sometimes you just gotta dance through it💃🏽 repost from @iamkarishpeach this cheered me up 💛🌻

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Emerald baby 💎🌿

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Palo santo to smudge away any negative vibes

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Tha Bodhi Spirit is the love of my life, one of the biggest manifestations of my purpose. I feel amazing every time i can connect with humanity through a good cause.. especially because im very anti social but when the spirit works through me it activates a whole other side. My heart chakra has been opening more as I continue on this journey, i been through so much shit and I’m only 19 so I know theres more to come but it all strengthens me. I love the divine source.. spirit.. creator whatever you wanna call it, it’s a feeling in my being that is so reassuring.. i see in myself and everything around me from the micro to macro. Life is beautiful yet fucked up at the same time but ya gotta love it 🌞 have a great day guys.. remember you are divine #thabodhispirit #affirmations #crystalhealing #energy #healing #love #manifestation #purpose #lifepath9

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