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Hey @wherearetheavocados. Think you, um, have something on your face. Go watch the you should see me in a crown video on the #PopRising playlist now 👑

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"You can’t really say that I’m a rapper, a singer, a dancer, or I’m K-Pop or I’m hip-hop. I’m not the typical person you see that raps. I don’t look tough, I’m not from the streets. It’s kinda like 'He’s soft' or 'What’s that Jackie Chan dude doing rapping?' There could be different stereotypes you might put to my background or the way I look or my ethnicity, so that’s probably a disadvantage, but I feel like it’s an advantage because there aren’t many people like me. There’s this whole lane that hasn’t been conquered or explored yet that much, so if I can find a way to do that, I can probably maximize my career that much more." - @jparkitrighthere. Go hear his new project Ask Bout Me now. (📸 by @travis_shinn)

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We brought together #TroyeSivan and some of his top fans for an intimate listen to his upcoming album 🌺Bloom🌺
📸: @kouryangelo

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"It feels like the new stuff has progressed. I learned, like, a fourth chord. We all got, like... more amps. I've been really practicing my bark." - @zacharydoncarper of @fidlar. Their third album is on the way. (📸 by @travis_shinn)

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Surprise! @chancetherapper just dropped 4 new tracks for the summer. ☀️
📍65th & Ingleside 🌇
📍Wala Cam📸
📍Work Out 🏃🏽‍♀️
📍I Might Need Security 🚦
Listen now ✨
📸 @jasonmpeterson

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“Francis Trouble is everything I want to be, everything I thought I could be, the presentation of myself on stage. He exists eternally. He’s a character who made everything I want to be on stage possible. He allowed me the freedom to reinvent myself and he exists forever in that dimension.” - @alberthammondjr. His latest album Francis Trouble is out now. (📸 by @spankyspanky)

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Did you know @jorjasmith_’s middle name is Alice? So it’s no wonder we threw her an Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party with her biggest fans for #SpotifyRISE. Watch the full video on IGTV ✨🎂🥂📺

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“When you’re constantly surrounded by media, it’s easier to try and portray someone else, but I challenge you to do this: wake up tomorrow morning, look out your window, don’t call anybody, don’t accept any calls, and do what you feel throughout the day. That’s the first step, that’s the hardest process—cutting everybody else out. Because you have to be yourself. Nobody else can help you be a better you than you.” - @taylorbennett. His new EP Be Yourself is out now. (📸 by @spankyspanky)

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With a mix of flamenco and urban beats, @rosalia.vt is proof that the future is female. Watch now on @vivalatino playlist.

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If @richthekid could design his own space coupe, what would it look like? Find out on this week's @rapcaviar 🚀

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An unforgettable last day @bilbaobbklive 🦉
#gorillaz #noelgallagher #benjaminclementine
(📸 by @joshuamellin)

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Burning Down The House at @bilbaobbklive
#DavidByrne #Thexx #ChemicalBrothers #KingGizzard
(📸 by @joshuamellin)

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