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Final day of #rtvchallenge...wake and take.
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Filming this #randomtalkingvideo for the #rtvchallenge was my least favorite. Making this video in public makes me want to climb out of my own skin. That is all.
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Girl Talk LIVE from this morning is up with my Bali sister, @veazey_yogi. Check my story for the live replay.

We talked about what we’re excited about right now, yoga teaching stuff, baby-making business plans, and real-life manifestation and working for the things we want in life.

You’ve got one day left to sign up for our Bali retreat happening October 4 - 12th. Email is at: Be pulled by your heart and the rest will follow.


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Talking about what I’m afraid of makes me sweat a little. I feel like I’m jinxing myself by talking about such things.
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I feel like a new student again reintroducing wheel into my practice a few months ago. I had taken nearly two years off from playing with deep backbends; I feel stronger, more stable and practicing these pain-free feels so damn good.
It feels good to feel damn good.

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Cookies for the kiddos.
B’s birthday is on the 30th. His big birthday wish is to celebrate with his friends and his teacher (that he loves so much) before school let’s out this week.

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Unpopular opinion is today’s theme. Phew.
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I do [parenting] differently than...the way my parents parented me.
#RTVChallenge #randomtalkingvideo
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I am bad at...a day late. I try to take Sunday’s off from the world.
#RTVChallenge #randomtalkingvideo
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