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MADISON, WI: Will the third time be Marley's charm?! This boy can't catch a break. Marley is 9 years old and prior to coming into rescue 10 months ago he only knew a life of abuse and neglect. He's bounced between foster homes and hasn't been able to put his roots down, so to speak. He can be fearful of men and other dogs, and he is looking to be the only pet at home. He can definitely live with male humans if they will simply give him time to trust he will never-ever be hurt again. Once that happens, Marley boy blooms! PLEASE SHARE! 🌹

@fetchwirescue wrote, "Marley is a Wisconsin native and was taken from a case of neglect. He will need to be the only dog in the house (due to a rough past) and will take a little extra time to warm up to male humans. One week has made an incredible difference in his ability to trust his new foster dad. It's hard to tell Marley is 10 years old since he enjoys a 3/4 mile run or long walk each morning. Once the run is over, he chows down on some kibble and hits the dog bed/couch for nap time.
Marley has no interest in toys, bones or most treats. He is completely obsessed with dental chews, strawberries and loves to give kisses! He does best on walks with verbal reassurance from his humans when another dog is present or a slight run to distract him. Thunderstorms do not bother him but a good fire truck siren might bring out the Beagle howl! Marley can be left during the work day and is potty trained. He weighs 45 pounds.

Marley sleeps on the floor near his foster's bed each night. He lived in a previous foster home with four kids ages 11-21 years old but would prefer a low key, quiet home. All around, Marley just wants to please his humans. He respects dinner time and will not beg for food at the table.
Marley is being fostered in #Madison, #Wisconsin.Come meet this special boy!" To adopt Marley, please email to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #adoption #adoptdontshop

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She lost her vision, she lost her hearing, and she lost her former family. But 12 year old Tilly found herself a brand new life! Tilly got ADOPTED! 😍

We don't know the reason why, but Tilly was originally surrendered to the public shelter several months back. She was pulled into the care of @MaeDayRescue where she received vet care and foster care, but Tilly was without any adoption interest. However, as soon as Carla saw Tilly's SSD Instagram post, she was instantly smitten! All it takes is one special person. Carla has lots of love to give the seniors who have come into her life and Tilly is one #luckylady to have landed a spot in her home!
Carla wrote, "Tilly is settling in nicely with her new big brother Truman the dog (12) and lil' sister Evie the cat (4). She's already got her favorite napping spots and enjoys roaming around in the yard.

Tilly is my second senior adoption. Patches joined our family 2-3 years ago when his owner passed away. Sadly, he passed away this past April. He was such a sweet and gentle dog and brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and others. I wish he had been with us longer, but we're grateful for the time we did get to have with the old boy." ❤️ #seniordog #thegoodlife #adopted #adoption #adoptdontshop

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(near) SEATTLE, WA: Looking for big dog lovers! Fausto needs BIG LOVE! This 140 pound lap dog is in search of an adopter who enjoys all things big-and-goofy. Fausto will gently lay his big head in your lap, simply seeking genuine friendship. And his only concern in life is how happy he can make you. Fausto is creeping up on his final chapter of life and we hope we can help him make it the best chapter of his life. PLEASE SHARE!! 🐘

@pasados Safe Haven wrote, "Fausto came to us from a severe neglect and starvation case, but now weighs a whopping 140 pounds. He is a 7ish year old #NeapolitanMastiff. Beneath his regal bearing, lies the soul of a real goofball.
When you visit Fausto's cabin, he'll place his head right by yours for some scratches or just lay with his head right in your lap. Who says big dogs can’t be lap dogs? Fausto is quick to wag his tail in appreciation of life’s finer things: a big drink of cool water, rump scratches, and seeing friends.
A home with no other pets would be best for Fausto, for now. He's very friendly and approachable on leash, human or dog! He walks well beside his person and doesn't pull on the leash, even when another dog is coming past. He has gone on multiple parallel walks with other dogs and has never had any issues. He definitely has potential to live with other dogs in the future, given training and a committed owner who has the capability to separate when needed.

Medically, Fausto is healthy. But he does get weekly ear cleanings and monthly medicated baths. We also soak his feet twice a week to help with inflammation he gets in the pads. He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering would need to complete the adoption questionnaire and visit the sanctuary in person. Fausto is such a sweetheart who has overcome so much and deserve to live out his last days surrounded by love." To adopt Fausto, please email with any questions or to apply!

Fausto is living at Pasado's Safe Haven located in Monroe, WA. ❤️ #seniordog #gentlegiant #lapdog #adoption #adoptdontshop

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Mom keepths crwyin’ ‘bout how old I ith lookin’ these days. Perthonally, I think I never looked better!!! 🕺🏼 #carpediem

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(near) ATLANTA, GA: Wonderful Winston is still looking for love! For much of his life, Winston lived in a really bad hoarding situation. He has also only lived outdoors. Winston is a shy because he's never had much exposure to all the fun things that life has to offer, but he is VERY sweet and kind. Winston has never known "the good life" or the peace and security of being part of a family. He doesn't know what it feels like to be truly loved! Winston deserves so much more than he's ever known. PLEASE SHARE! 🏡💕 Pickens County Animal Shelter wrote, "Winston is an approximately 10 year old, neutered #lab mix who has resided at the shelter for the last two years in an outdoor pen. Winston came out of a hoarding situation that got busted by animal control and the sheriff department.

Winston is really laid back and sweet. He can be shy at first but will warm up to you. He does not like a collar or leash, and this seems to be a major challenge for him. He has never had a dog collar or a leash put on him, he was able to roam at his former owner's house. So a nice big fenced in back yard would be great for Winston.

Winston loves having a female dog companion, one who is not dominant. He probably wouldn't be good with cats or male dogs. Despite his age, this fella is quite playful with his roomie, likes his treats and the back of his ears scratched. He likes to snuggle with them as I caught the two of them in the same igloo peaking out at me one day.

The shelter's adoption policy is to come in and fill out an application at the shelter. Volunteers can help transport a couple hours away. Otherwise, we work on a 'skeleton crew' and we don't have any way to transport further." To adopt Winston, please email the shelter's adoption coordinator, Nicole, at to apply!

Pickens County Animal Shelter is located at 3563 Camp Road, #Jasper, #GA. ❤️ #seniordog #Georgia #animalrescue #adoption #adoptdontshop

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(near) POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: Argh. Another let down for 7 year old Jax! This handsome senior pup has been at the shelter for a long time - he was waiting for his legal case to be resolved after a severe hoarding situation. Jax had some adoption interest, but everyone has fallen off the radar for reasons unknown. And Jax is always left hanging. This gentle boy just wants to get out of the shelter and into a loving home once and for all. PLEASE SHARE! 🤷🏼‍♂️ @hvhsny wrote, "The people who were in contact about Jax no longer seem interested as they have not gotten back to us for awhile. Jax is approximately 7 years old. We seized a large group of #huskies in May 2017 from a hoarder. There were 22 live huskies in total. Many of been adopted, but we do not have a high demand and we've been having a very difficult time trying to get Jax placement. We have had them for one year (due to legal reasons, we were recently awarded 'ownership' of the dogs and not allowed to adopt them until they officially became ours) and we still have 10 of them to place.

Jax has a great personality. He is very kind and gentle, loves attention, and has become a favorite among our volunteers. He loves being outside, but does dig (he almost dug out of his yard one day) and needs supervision when he is out. He seems to do well with mellow dogs. And anyone interested in adopting him who has a dog at home would need to bring them to meet him at our facility to make sure they get along.

Jax is in good health but has some arthritis in his hips that we are managing with gabapentin and dasuquin. He is neutered and while in our care he had his teeth cleaned and whatever teeth needed to be extracted were taken out." To adopt Jax, please email (include "Jax" in the subject line) with any questions. Adoption application required!

@hvhsny is located at 200 Quaker Road, #Pomona, #NY. ❤️ #seniordog #hudsonvalley #newyork #animalrescue #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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Hooorahhhh! From tragedy to triumph, 10 year old Rudy got ADOPTED!! 💛💛💛 Rudy's former human passed away and her death was very hard for him. Rudy was used to living a certain way, and moving to a shelter was super difficult for him. He has some special needs that didn't make him a fit for every type of home, but simply the right type of home. Thankfully, that home (and heart!) is with Sarah who saw Rudy's multiple postings on SSD and decided she had a place for special Rudy in her life. 💕

Sarah wrote, "I’m writing to update you on Rudy, the 10 year old chihuahua/corgi mix who I adopted from @PeaceableKingdom Animal Rescue after seeing him posted twice on Susie’s Senior Dogs. We are working through some anxiety that Rudy has, but it was clear he was thrilled to be back in a home as he immediately jumped on the couch to take a nap when he got to my apartment.

I honestly don't know why Rudy caught my heart they way he did- I always assumed the next dog I would adopt would be a pit bull, because I know what amazing dogs they are and how hard it can be to get them adopted. Rudy's description just sounds like he was looking for MY home- single woman, no other dogs.

I started volunteering at animal shelters when I was 14, and the senior dogs always pulled my heart the most. They were always the most confused to be in the shelter, and the most grateful for love. As a vet, I feel prepared to deal with health issues that come up. I am currently in the midst of a veterinary oncology residency, where the biggest focus of our job is maximizing quality of life, for however long that may be, so it's only natural for me to adopt a senior dog. Although Rudy seems quite spry for his age, so I'm hoping we have quite a bit of time left together!

He truly acts like a puppy with his toys- part of me doesn’t believe he’s really 14. I’m sure that with time Rudy will learn to trust again and enjoy his golden years.” ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #secondchances #adoptdontshop

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KEARNEYSVILLE, WV: Handsome 9 year old Flash is the real deal. He's loyal and loving and playful, too! He thrives with a best friend! Sadly, prior to coming into rescue, Flash's spirit was bruised one too many times in his life. He sometimes worries that new people will harm him and he needs an adopter with patience, just until he warms up to you. Unfortunately, Flash has been waiting almost three years for patience to come along. (Who knew it was so hard to come by?!) Flash is crying out for help! PLEASE SHARE! 🐑

@reachout_rescue wrote, "Flash has been with us since late 2015. We’ve had him featured on our Facebook several times already but our reach is not that great. Flash is currently in boarding as we don’t have a foster for him.

Flash is looking for a special home. But he has a lot to give in return! Over the course of his life he must have met enough people who were not nice to him because he can sometimes be unsure when he meets new ones. It’s a bit tragic because Flash LOVES people. His ideal home would be one with not too many people coming and going at all times as this could be stressful for him.
There are so many ways in which Flash will reward for this patience and understanding! He’s house trained, he’s loyal, he is experienced enough NOT to chew things up around the home, and he is an outstanding playing buddy. As soon as you get out a ball Flash will go into his playing stance, waiting for you to say 'Are you ready?' When you toss it he will happily run as fast as he can to get it. After a little of this he is ready to come in and hang out with you, his human! He’s a very chill dog around the house.
Flash has been getting along with most dogs but a slow introduction is best. There’s no reason to think that he wouldn’t get along with other dogs at this point. He’s a pretty calm dog.

He does not have any health issues. Other than he’s slowing down, getting older. Our adoption area is #Maryland, southern parts of PA (including the #Philly area), northern parts of VA, & the parts of DE, WV, and NJ adjacent to Maryland.” To adopt Flash, please email to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #TLC

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(near) PORTLAND, OR: Best friends. Besties. BFFs. Whatever you want to call them, Lucky and Glock are mom-and-son and bonded at the hip! And - you guessed it - they NEED a home together. This is a must! It would absolutely destroy them to be separated at this stage of their lives. Lucky and Glock have always lived together and were surrendered when their owner could no longer care for them. Sometimes life doesn't always work out as we all hope or plan, and Lucky and Glock most certainly could use a stroke of good luck right now. PLEASE SHARE! 🥜

A shelter volunteer wrote, "This mother and son duo are a bonded pair. They have always lived together and it would break their hearts to separate them. Glock, a male 8 year old Rottweiler/pit bull mix, is a strong boy, eager to walk as far as you’re willing to go. And he likes everybody he’s met at the shelter. Lucky, a female pit bull mix, is 11 and content to amble more slowly and then hang out with us in the sun. Whoever is lucky enough (pun intended) to adopt this duo is in for twice the love, cuddles, kisses, desire and most of all loyalty.

Lucky had some skin issues when she first came in and was a very patient girl during the several weeks when she needed daily baths. She was also well-behaved on trips to a specialist in Portland. Both dogs are very popular with the volunteers and we’re all hoping to find them a great home where they can spend their senior years together. As one volunteer says, 'They are pretty darn easy and just want to hang out. And they love their walks.' Glock is selective about other dogs, but Lucky seems to get along with most, as far as we can tell. If there are other dogs in the house, they will have to meet at the shelter.
They will need a fully fenced yard. The shelter requires all members of the household to meet prospective adoptees. We do home checks, but for those of you who live outside of the county, you’ll simply need to bring photos of your home, yard, and fence." To adopt Lucky and Glock, please email to apply!

@clatsop_animal_assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, #Warrenton, #OR. ❤️ #seniordog #Oregon #adoptdontshop

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Sara carried her special treat home from the pet store (one, of course, that does *NOT* sell puppies!) so she could savor it in the comfort of her living room. Sara, you are the cutest!! 😍 #dogsdothedarndestthings #loveyou #adoptdontshop

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(near) SAN DIEGO, CA: Why the long face?! Because there are no adopters in sight for Miss Pearl! This lovely lady is the total package - beautiful, even tempered, and friendly to all. So why hasn’t anyone submitted an application for her? Frustrating to say the least. Pearl is 8 years old and very calm and easygoing. Seriously, the MOST chill lady ever! Pearl is a dream doggy who deserves her dream family. PLEASE SHARE! ☹️☹️ @bff_pet_rescue wrote, "Pearl arrived at the shelter in December 2017. She became stressed and her health started to deteriorate at the shelter so the shelter staff considered humanely euthanizing her. BFF Pet Rescue decided to pull Pearl and her foster (@nocnursejuli) stepped up to offer her home thinking we would only have her a few days or weeks. But under her foster's care, Pearl has thrived. And because of SSD's sponsorship she was able to get the medical care she needed.

Pearl is very easygoing. She is fostered with Chihuahuas, pit bulls, maltipoos, etc! and she's been to other people’s houses and she has no problems with their dogs. She is overall easy. She just wants a decent meal, some scratches on the head, a comfy place to lay down and a short walk a couple times a day. She had most likely never been in a house, but quickly learned how nice it is and loves it. She’s 95% potty trained, we go a week or so and she might have an accident and we think it’s probably because of smell (she is fostered with lots of puppies). But for the most part she holds it until she is let outside. She would love to be in a home with someone that isn’t gone for long periods. And she likes being a princess, so she doesn’t care if they have other dogs or not at home.

Pearl is on apoquel for itching, CBD, and metacam. She will need these life long maintenance. Our adoption fee is $200. And distance is not an issue, the adopter would just need to cover the costs associated to transport." To adopt Pearl, please email to apply!

Pearl is located in #Temecula, CA - 1.5 hours from #SanDiego. ❤️ #seniordog #sochill #southerncalifornia #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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"THANK YOU SO MUCH for sponsoring Grady’s heartworm treatment a few months back!! When Grady first was pulled from a kill shelter he was withdrawn and unreachable. Having spent his entire life in a pen at the home of his elderly owner (now deceased—hence his surrender to the kill shelter). According to everyone at the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (M.A.M.A.S.) Grady WAS such a love and came so far from simple love, consistency, and attention he got while at the shelter!
A few months ago he was transported by a wonderful group of volunteer drives from M.A.M.A.S. in Bamberg, South Carolina, up to Maryland where he was lovingly welcomed into the foster home of one of the volunteers associated with a M.A.M.A.S rescue partner-- Reach Out Rescue & Resources. There Grady began to truly thrive, become comfortable with people, and learn that he LOVES walks and taking time to smell the roses in his yard! I am happy to report that last week Grady was adopted by a lovely young couple and has a new Aussie sibling! Yay Grady!

Thank you to all of the donors for making Grady's happily ever after possible!

Transport, Fostering, and Adopting saves lives! -Mary Ann Morris Animal Society" ❤️ #seniordog #heartworm #adopted #dogrescue #nonprofit

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