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I was wondering today if it would be possible to stretch time.
I’m leaving for Seattle on Saturday night to film more classes with @codyapp. I’m going by myself. For eight days...Eight days away from Akiva and Ezra.
And so, I was wondering today if it would be possible to stretch time...like stretching into my body.
And I breathed deeply into the moment. And there was no forwards or backwards. Only now and here, with you.
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We are each other’s home.
I love you @ezrabaderman. In this life and in all the others, and forevermore.
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I don’t want to be right. I want to be one with you.
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I got it from my heart.
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Remember when I went to Morocco with @freskincare?? Well they’re doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY right now...and if you win- you get a trip to Morocco!! Isn’t that so cool?! I had the best time visiting Marrakech and and the brilliant women’s collective where we all planted Argan trees together.
A trip of a lifetime.
Here are the steps to enter and win a trip to Morocco:
1. Get yourself the 123FRÉ set before June 20, 2018 23.49 EST. Use code Morocco to get 15 percent off!
2. Follow @freskincare
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4. Bonus if you repost this picture and tag @freskincare
Winner will be announced June 21st!! The first day of summer aka FRÉDAY😆🌞 Good luck everyone!! Can’t wait to see who wins!! Good luck!!!! #freday #giveaway #morocco #freskincare #women #empowerment #argan #trees #earth #vegan
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It doesn’t matter so much what you actually DO on a day to day basis. Whether you sit at an office, or paint walls, or take care of a child. It’s the way it’s done that leads to peace, fulfillment and joy. When things are done with a high degree of attention, care and presence, when we do them without any sort of attachment to a result or feeling they lead us to alignment, clarity and realization.
How do you do?
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Ezra and I both grew up and spent most of our lives in big cities (London and New York). From time to time we imagine moving to a little country side village...what do you think? Are we too deeply urban to settle in the country? (I think so...😬) Should we find a compromise where we occasionally retreat in nature? 😌
Where do you live? And would you rather spend your time in beautiful countryside or a bustling city?
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As soon as we meet someone, we automatically create an identity for them. They also create an identity for us.
Then these unstable (and actually nonexistent) identities (egos) interact with one another, often leaving us feeling insecure, inadequate or depleted.
It is rare for an individual to discern between their own eternal truth and self created illusion. Even more so, it is rare for two people to meet and immediately sense a spark deep within, past the illusion... Tomorrow, I celebrate three years since that special night when the world brought me to @ezrabaderman.
I opened my eyes and for the first time was seen.
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I trust myself fully. But only by extending that sureness to all does it become complete.
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Thanks for the fun lesson @gilbackman and thanks for this awesome photo @ezrabaderman
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Finding ourselves never happens outside of ourselves.
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When we begin the practice, we are full, sometimes crowded with feelings, pains and thoughts.
And yet, quickly, spaciousness is unveiled. Practice always and spaciousness is all that remains.
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Balance is the active extension of stillness.
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