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Time will pass anyway so we might as well practice:
1. Taking responsibility for our feelings.
2. Removing identification with our “successes” and “failures”.
3. Noticing HOW we do our work, rather than comparing it endlessly.
4. Using our hands like feet.
5. Being nice to everyone and for no particular reason.
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Thank you for the stunning photo @daveshwartz
All black, my favorite, by @aloyoga

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Ok, since you guys liked yesterday’s “did you know” post, I thought I’d keep it going with three more facts:
1. I’m 30 years old (a Pisces)
2. I’ve been plant based for about 20 years
3. I’ve never had any cosmetic “work” done, but I have nothing against it! Especially now as a Mama💁‍♀️
I love the feeling of healthy skin and I also LOVE the actual process of taking CARE of myself.
I use the vegan brand @freskincare and have been using it for 2.5 years now.
It completely changed my skin. No more breakouts. No more dryness.
It’s made with argan oil and argan oil complex which is some magic idk🦄! And they plant a tree with every purchase, I meaaaaan 😭
Anyway! I was begging the founders of @freskincare to make a skin mask! And they’ve finally done it and it’s B E A U T I F U L.
It’s simple. Natural. Vegan. And it works.
I put it on, make Akiva a snack, wash it off and look like that 🔝.
Lol minus the perfect lighting and angles and all that!
But it’s the way it feels. Clean. Pure. Gloweaful (can that be a word?)...Detoxified.
Thank you my friends at @freskincare For making the perfect, easy, kind mask.
I love it.
Try it with my 25% discount TALIADETOX now. Code is good for 48 hours. 🙀
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I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t know that:
1. I dropped out of School of Visual Arts where I was studying Fine Arts.
2. Starting to teach yoga was the scariest thing I ever had to do.
3. When I met Ezra, I was already in a seven year relationship.
No path is ever without its turns and crossroads...no end is ever without a beginning...no one is found without being lost. ✨🙏💛
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Photo @ezrabaderman
Wearing @aloyoga

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You’ll surprise yourself.
Your fears will surrender into the open palm of truth.
And you’ll have a hard time remembering what it was you were afraid of in the first place...
Afraid of losing something, maybe.
But we can only lose what isn’t us.
You cannot lose the truth-
it’s there inside your body, flowing onwards and outwards with your breath, twinkling in the light of your eyes.

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Akiva is almost 15 months old. He’s been walking for a couple of months and now loves to run with his arms behind him like wings. I don’t know where he learned to do that. It (the running with the arms back) reminds me of swan lake, but Ezra says he’s actually a superhero with a cape. 🤔
We all see what we want to see in any given moment I guess. Swan or superhero though, Kiki is a love muffin.
He loves walking up and down stairs ( I wish I shared this passion). 😭
He gives the best hugs and the sweetest kisses. He kisses his books the most. (Must get that from me🤓) He only eats if his toy animals eat as well, he makes sure they each get properly covered in food.
He loves doing downward facing dog to a round of applause (probably also got that from me tbh🤭). He doesn’t bat an eyelash when I’m in a complicated asana, but goes crazy for it when his dada rests in a child’s pose. 😸
He’s a magical bean. Full of wonder. And so much delight.
These little joys, I realize more and more deeply, are the hugest joys one can have.
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@ezrabaderman 📷

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Kiki road.
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Photo: @ezrabaderman

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Today on stories, I asked you guys what you’d like me to write about and there was SO many interesting requests. Everything from consciousness to marriage, motherhood and even my thoughts on sex. Ok! I’ll have to screenshot all those and get back to you! 😅
Today, I’m going to answer (the perhaps less exciting) topic of my daily practice since many of you asked and also because today I had a new hatha class launch on @alo.moves!
Perfect timing. If you want to see how I practice my asanas- this class, All is Love- can show you even better than these words can.
On a day to day basis I practice a non-flow (hatha as it is referred to by everyone) style.
I like to hold postures steady and feel life’s force (LOVE🤓) coursing through my inner body...I like to witness the spaciousness that is created when we are present.
I love a classic approach to yoga postures and I’m a bit of a traditionalist, especially as a teacher.
My only goal, for myself, and for you, is loving awareness.
I discourage all other “goals”. So there you have it- I’m a traditionalist in terms of how I practice my asanas, I dislike jumping around or moving too fast. I focus on an inner experience of loving awareness through the body and beyond.
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Click the link in my bio to try ALL IS LOVE for free.

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This is a moment of surrender.
Surrender. Like trust, but deeper.
Let go and be carried. When you do it enough, you can fly.
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Black cherry everything by @aloyoga
Flying with @kestyoga
Photo by @eladnissim

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Grace is concealed because what makes it grace is you unveiling it.
Can you see it, right now?

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Spending time with myself while Kiki sleeps.
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wearing @aloyoga 💗

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Just being, with Akiva 💛
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Rarely do we allow ourselves to walk lightly, free of concerns.
And it’s not just the heavy feelings we repress and deny. It’s the joy too.
Do you allow yourself knowledge of your own innate beauty? Do you allow yourself to feel good?
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Wearing the new @aloyoga Fall line which is out today!
With the just wonderful @gilbackman
Thank you for this beautiful photo @nir.itzhaki 🙏💛

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