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"After the Storm", by Steve Coons. Taken in Rockport, Tx.

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Balancing Act, by the Sandball Man himself, Kenneth Fain.

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Angie Birmingham's PINS nightsky. She says "Mars, PINS and the Milky Way make for a good night."

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"Bicycle Rider" by new member Shirley Laurence. Taken under the Horace Caldwell Pier, Port Aransas, Tx.

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Aransas Bay Sunrise by Christopher Rice.

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Seagulls, by Tammy Tims Davis.

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"Faithful Honrey" by Freeda Greene. Taken in Port Aransas, Tx.

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The old courthouse in Corpus Christi, Tx. by Lisa Mejia Torres.

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Photo courtesy of Christopher Rice. Taken at Copano Bay and titled "Water Color". #callingallphotographers lingallphotohraphers

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Photo by Ikenfly Jaschob, who says "Port Aransas has never been a one horse town. "

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Sunset, Rockport by Gary Glidden.. Join Texas Beaches on Facebook and share your favorite coastal photos.

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Submitted by member Captain Danny Gross, of Nephew Baby Wyatt, who is enjoying The 4th of July sprawled on a beach towel, naked and happy on a beach somewhere in Texas. #therealtexascoast
#callingallphotographers #bestjuly4thpics

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