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I don’t do rollercoasters. I do however do 3 day old corn dogs fairy floss burgers etc so here I am.

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What? He put me in here don’t look at me!

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Philly! Don’t u know when she says cheese u gotta open ur mouf like dis ready to catch de cheese!

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Busy Monday geez don’t know how I going to get everyfing done gosh so overwhelmed

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🎶 (sing along)
It's late in de evening,
I’z snuggling wif my bro,
He snoring v loudly,
and hogging all de pillow.
And den he wake me,
says do u fancy a bite?
And I say,
"Yes, snacks look wonderful tonight”

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Hey yo Fool! I mean....Mummy.... Bring me dem cakes I like u know de ones wiz de sprinkles and pink icing. 🕶🍰

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We had so much fun today first Dad wakes us up wiz huge breakfast den puts us in de car only to be taken to MUM AT DE AIRPORT YASSS SHES HOME 😭😍 Dennnnn dey drive us alllll de way down to dis v special beach and play wiz us alllll day we chased balls dig holes and we skinny dipped in de ocean a few times too no collar or nuffin it was so liberating omg. Now we just got in de car and trying to talk dem into pizza to top off de day we’ll keep u posted on how dis goes but omg best day ever!

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Ur inside my heart forever Philly and u always will be. 💜 Dazzy

The caption is referring to the fact that they are inside a blanky heart. They are in there together. Dazzy is just loving on his bro as usual. We would never be blasé if anything was wrong, this was just meant to be Darren telling his bro how much he loves him. 💜💜💜💜

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Not the bed next to the heater, not the couch, dis tiny tiny foot cushion is the comfiest place to sit and relax.

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Just been one of dose weeks. (Did nothing strenuous, ate what I want, didn’t do any work, but u know, exhausted)

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What type of workouter r u?

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Feeling super stressed from life u know? I mean today like we was playing and all and den out of nowhere dad brings out a second ball!? Out of nowhere like it waz all cool so like de ball I waz playing with but another one!! I waz mind blown at first but den I just got all stressy I mean where did dat ball come from are dere more balls does he have a secret room full of balls WHERES THE BALL ROOM!???
it killin me v v stressful. Sigh I just need to relax. Mum do dat fing u do where u make me into a burrito like u do w Philly dat always works. #breath #andrelease #darren

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