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Dear IG,
“Procreation is pretty fuckin’ amazing!”👶🏻👧🏻👦🏻
Celebrating the man who works so hard to give us a life full of MEMORIES. So happy to have mastered the art of leg locking and even happier for all the times he chose not to pull out😜
Happy Daddy’s Day to our favorite guy and to all you badass men who hold such a special title. In the words that TKM would choose, from our family to yours- DILLY DILLY🍻
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Dear IG,
“You’re lucky you’re my Mama or else...”😜
When you interrupt your daughter from her morning read to snap a quick photo, you end up with a stinky face. I’m assuming she’s not liking today’s news or she’s not liking the mamarazzi all up in her face! Either way, she’s just too cute not to share.😂
PS- Arabella put the glasses on her and we couldn’t handle it! She’s a little ham.
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[IT’S A BOY!!!]•
Dear IG,
“Until you start believing in yourself, you ain’t gonna have a Life.” - Rocky Balboa 🙌🏼
Troy and I had the incredible honor of hosting a Gender Reveal and Baby Shower for our Crank Family as we await the arrival of our
Godson, ROCKY!!!
I can’t thank everyone enough who took the time to celebrate with them as each person was hand selected by the family themselves. I owe so much to my team (you know who you are) as this day wouldn’t have been a success without your help! Three long nights of prepping was so worth it knowing everyone had a great time, most especially the parents of two to be!
@sarah.filush.camacho @frankthecrank and Kiko- we love you guys so much. Thank you for trusting us to guide your son. It’s the FINAL COUNT DOWN and we’re in your corner and ready when
Rocky is ready🖤
Swipe left to see all the details of this intimate “Star” themed baby shower I designed in my home!
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Dear IG,
“Happy hour is the BEST hour!”⏳
Oh how my happy hours have changed 😂 Mom life in full effect and I have @kfcguamig to thank this month as picking up food on our way home has been a life saver for this busy mama! May is almost over so hurry on by any KFC from 2-5PM and take advantage of their $5 happy hour specials!!! Happy kids make a happy home😊
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Dear IG,
“Be the Change you want to see in the World!”💯
R E P O S T & F O L L O W @lgmuddy
Our team believes in breaking the Stigma on Mental Health illness because a STIGMA FREE ME creates a STIGMA FREE WE! Incredibly grateful for the opportunity we had today to participate in a private Youth Mental Health First Aid training with @icareguam alongside another amazing organization @idreamstorm.
This training allowed us to see things in different perspectives, to include insight of an individual who may be battling a mental illness. We encourage each of you to BE AWARE and NOT afraid to learn the types of mental illnesses in your community and around the world. When we have the ability to empathize, educate and remind people that MINDS MATTER; only then will our world become a more aware, accepting and positive environment. With this being said, turn your volumes up as we Say it Loud & say it Proud- WE ARE YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH FIRST-AIDERS!💯
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Dear IG,
“She believed she could so SHE did!”😭🙏🏼🙌🏼
It was such an emotional weekend for me and yesterday was definitely the icing on the cake! The little girl I grew up with proudly calling my “twin” (even when she’d quickly disagree) turned TWENTY NINE & received her BBA International Business!!! SHE did it and our family is incredibly proud of her as she is also the FIRST of the grandkids to receive her college degree. For the first time, I can say, she is definitely one degree cooler than me😜
@jaylene_sn I have seen you work so hard your entire life. You have always been such an independent woman. I’ve helped you during your struggles, hugged you during you most trying times and have wiped the rare tears that you’ve shed. Yesterday, I have never seen you stand taller. All the sacrifices you have made even during your single parenting days truly paid off. Because I know all you’ve been through, there was no better moment to validate how ultimately you have control over YOUR life.🙌🏼
What you think, you become and yesterday you became a College Graduate of 2018. What you feel, you attract and yesterday you attracted all the ones who love you to celebrate such a milestone (We felt as if we received that diploma too🙌🏼). What you imagine, you create and yesterday you created a new page in your book of life and I can’t wait to see all you write in it!💯
I love you so much, Sissy! You deserved every moment of happiness yesterday and I hope you felt all the love. I’ll always be your number one cheerleader, rooting for your successes and picking you up when life knocks you down. It’s always been you and I since our younger years and it’ll always be you and I until we meet our Angel @rayflorabe in heaven. Happiest of Birthdays to my college grad and the only woman I ever wanted to be my Mary-Kate.🖤
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Dear IG,
“This is as real as it gets!”💯
@twentyonepixels took some footage during our Mother’s Day photoshoot. Mom life at its finest to include the mess in the background!😂
We absolutely love our scramble name from Bri @delgado.bri and we enjoyed putting it together! Thank you so much @delgado.bri for such sentiment. It definitely is a favorite addition in our Home that I love... almost as much as I Love my little rascals🖤
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Dear IG,
“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your Heart.”🍯
My Mother’s Day photo shoot was inspired by a photo my mother in law did with her kids back in the day. The kids were all dressed showcasing their current past time. To this day, it’s one of my favorite pictures of my husbands family.
I decided to capture the “now” this Mother’s Day using my mother in laws same concept. Apollo is my Football Player, Arabella my Ballerina and Mila just as is... my baby! I wish I looked as poised as my mother in law did but the truth is I was a hot mess this day... if only I could share the real behind the scenes😂 I seriously have Sarah from @twentyonepixels to thank for being such a badass photographer and not judging the chaos💆🏻‍♀️🖤
Hoping you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day weekend... I sure did👦🏻👧🏻👶🏻
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Dear IG,
“Mom- noun- One who sacrifices her Body, Sleep, Social Life, Spending Money, Eating Hot Meals, Peeing Alone, Memory, Energy and Sanity for LOVE!”💆🏻‍♀️🙌🏼
To all you Mommy’s, the Dads who play Mom roles and the women who care for children that aren’t their own- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, you badasses! Lord knows this title ain’t easy, but it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling. I wish each of you a day of “me” time and pure relaxation! Note that I said “wish” because I guarantee it won’t happen😂
Cheers to us and the many more chaotic moments with our crazy kids. Cheers to them- the ones we can’t ever live without. And to the Moms who are without a child, know that my family and I keep you in our prayers everyday. May you be given strength during days like today. Have a MOMazing Day, everyone! All our love🖤
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Dear IG,
“I constantly go between wanting you to be my baby forever and then being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in this life.”👶🏻
The truth: when I was pregnant with my third child, I desperately wanted it to be a boy because Apollo really wanted a brother. I decided to wait until I gave birth to find out the sex since I already had my pair. The day I gave birth, it was not at all as I had imagined. I was physically drained and when doc picked her up and said “IT’S A GIRL”... I was so sad (I know horrible Mom... I blame my hormones🙈).
Mila Makana- you are the only child I named. Your Daddy had full reign on naming your siblings. Because mommy had exposed your big brother and sissy at young ages on social media, I decided to keep you behind closed doors a bit so I could live in the moment with you and enjoy our time together. It has been the most rewarding and refreshing experience in keeping so much of your growth just between us. I love our daily routines and truly so grateful God gave me another daughter. Arabella definitely needed a sister and he gave her the perfect one. You have truly been my light of hope since the passing of your Uncle. I can’t imagine my life without your baby shark dancing moves or your stinkin’ cute stinky face. It’s my first Mother’s Day with you and you have made it a bit more special. I love you so much, Mils😘
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Dear IG,
“Being her Mom, means you’ll always be her first role-model and her first best friend”👯‍♀️
After having my Son and finding out we were expecting our second child, I wanted a daughter so bad and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. I wanted my pair and part of me felt guilt not wanting it to be another boy. God was playing with me when the first two times we had a check up, she was hiding so Doc couldn’t tell us her sex (she was head strong since the womb)!
My Arabella- The day they finally confirmed you were a girl, I left the clinic in tears; I was the happiest woman alive! The day you came into our world, was the day I saw your daddy fall in love all over again. His eyes lit up the entire room and I knew it then that he’d be wrapped around your fingers.
You are the most entertaining little girl to be around. Thank you for living the ballerina dreams I always dreamt of and being both girly and sporty. You fill our world with so much imagination and you make being a Mom so much fun. I would never trade your sass or diva of an attitude because you are also the most sweetest little girl I’m blessed to call mine. You’re definitely my daughter- you know what you want and won’t stop until you get it. We don’t live a fairytale life, but you sure are our real life Princess💕
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Dear IG,
“Still the most Magical day of my Life was the day I became a Mom”🖤
To my first born- my Sonshine, My Apollo; I’ll never forget the moment I brought you into this world or the moment I held you in my arms. As they laid you on my chest that feeling of my heart beating against yours was a feeling like no other. YOU gave me this beautiful title, “Mommy” that I’m so proud to own and I’m thankful each day it was you who shaped me to be the Mom I am today. It’s been seven years celebrating such an incredible occasion in which you’ve blessed me with. Since the womb and even after forever, you will always be my little boy. I love you so much my football star @apollonohea
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