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Dear IG,
“Loss and Heartache do not define you. They are part of your story.”🖤
My brothers death has taken a toll on me (like most of us) and since the beginning I’ve tried my best to be strong and to take lead in a lot of things. I felt that by keeping busy, I’d avoid the true heartache. But, that’s never the case because truth is, you can never escape the feeling of such a loss. I thought I was healing through all the “Talking it Up” I’ve been doing publicly (it has helped) but it’s just not enough.
I decided to seek professional help and will be starting a 7 week Grief Recovery program with @widowrising. Throughout this process I’ve also decided to cleanse myself and detox from social media (starting Aug 1st) and just focus on my overall health.
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to every single person that has been there for me and my family throughout this new change and I ask for your continued prayers as I begin this new journey.
Your love and support has meant and will always mean the world to me. Don’t give up on me... I’ll be back stronger than ever.
All my Love,
PS- This was a song we would sing together @jaylene_sn @xoxochess @loriannrabe @masonrabee growing up. My dad played his guitar and taught it to us. We rewrote the song to have it relate to our brother @rayflorabe and sang it one last time in his honor.😭
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Dear IG,
“Before thirty a woman looks younger day by day. After 30, a woman becomes downright GORGEOUS!”🤗
We’ve been through it all- the good, the bad and the beautiful disasters of a friendship. But none of that could ever break the bond we share. I’d never change a single moment we’ve encountered because it has only shaped us and made our love stronger. Despite our separate paths, our new built friendships- you have and will always hold a very special place in my heart and in my life. Best @katrinauntalan, I love you and can’t wait to celebrate such a milestone. You’re my Meghan Markle and today you deserve to Sparkle✨ Happy 30th you gorgeous soul😘
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Dear IG,
“Alive. Blessed. Grateful.”🙏🏼
I could never take full credit for anything in life as success is always shared with an amazing team! ⬅️ Swipe left to see all the little details that made our party extra special.✨
Huge shout out and special thanks to the following people who whipped up some scrumptious goodies for Mila’s special day: @djm88 who created Mila’s beautiful cake, gold mirrored cake topper from the best @nkpdfdesigns, @girlswhobake for bringing my classic sugar cookie vision to life (which traveled all the way from Hawaii🙌🏼), Popcorn from @_anaemma @_cgmq, Cotton Candy from Kaelea, my favorite Macarons made by the best @jalan.i_ and 160 small loaves of home made Banana Bread bake by my grandma!!!😋
And lastly but never the least, I owe so much to my wing woman @ryblasss_ for helping throughout the week and staying up until 4AM while we decorated AND then coming to my house at 730AM that same day to glam me... you truly are the REAL MVP in my life. Even when I said I didn’t need help, you came without hesitation🙌🏼😭😘
I love having activity stations at my parties. For this one I had kids color wooden frames after taking their polaroid picture with the iconic curtain from the Do Re Mi bed room scene, kids received flutes instead of guitars (super expensive🙈) from the living room set up, girls got hats from the bike scene, littlest of kids got books wrapped in brown paper and tied with string and also received puppets!!! I had the older kids plant actual Edelweiss flowers🌱 I try my best to have something for all ages and to keep things organized I made sure to have given every kid a “passport” that showed which station they were allowed at. Your parties will never go as smoothly as planned, but my best advice is to keep things as organized as possible, it helps a whole lot...pinky promise🤞🏼
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Dear IG,
“You create your Reality.”💡
I will admit this party had me racking my brains. I usually have people help me brainstorm to come up with ideas and details of parties I plan. THIS one was entirely different. It was inspired by a classic movie, (favored by many but remembering details were a bit hazy for most) trying to explain my vision was frustrating as no one was really understanding it or they claimed they did but really didn’t 😂
At the end of the day I’m so happy and proud I was able to execute every detail I had wanted. From her main backdrop imitating the puppet show- The Lonely Goatherd, the bedroom showcasing the scene- My Favorite things (I even placed a white dress with a blue satin sash and Whiskers on Kitten stuffed animal that belonged to Mila), the living room inspired by the scene where The Captain sang- Edelweiss and lastly one of my favorites, the scene where Maria rides bikes with the kids while singing- Do Re Mi!🎶 Oh and I also had a photo of each scene displayed at every station so people would know where I got my inspiration.☺️
Huge shout out to Joel @jbdesigns671 for always managing my custom orders and special thanks to Mike from @qmslighting and Jeff from @bellissima_florals_and_events for accommodating me so last minute😘
Custom Back Drop | @jbdesigns671
Furniture rented from | @dialrto
Bikes | @sundaysguam
Lighting | @qmslighting
Artificial floral | @bellissima_florals_and_events
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[do re MI LA la]•
Dear IG,
“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a Classic.”👒
And just like that, the ‘Sound of Mila’s 1st Birthday is over’! Thank you to family & friends near and far for making our Baby girl feel so special. She is our “RAY- a drop of Golden Sun” during our trying moments and definitely ‘One of our Favorite things’! And like an Edelweiss flower our only wish is that she “Bloom and Grow forever”. Mila Makana, we will enjoy every moment because before we know it, you’ll be “16 going on 17”🙈
We didn’t like saying “So long Farewell” to all our guests because as they’d agree, who wanted to “go and leave this pretty sight?!”☺️
Nonetheless, memories were created and moments were cherished. From the modern day Von Trapp Family, we bid “Adieu, Adieu, to You and You and You!”🎶 All our Love!🖤
Thank you so much to @sundaysguam for these amazing bikes😘
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Dear IG,
“Every birthday counts, especially the FIRST!”🎉
She’s her own little person and she has brought our Family so much happiness even in the most difficult of times. Her contagious smile & charismatic personality makes her such a joy to be around. She is and forever will be our Baby Girl. Thank you God for blessing us with our Mila. We pray she continues to grow in your Love and Grace. Mila Makana- we love you so much! Mommy thanks you for keeping me so strong these past months, You truly are my saving grace 🖤
PS- I got so excited for her to experience my morning birthday tradition that I do for my entire family. I still can’t believe she’s one😭🙈
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Dear IG,
“We travel not to escape life, but for Life not to escape us!”
Traveling is never easy, most especially with our little rascals. The amount of luggage’s we lug and the car seats & strollers adds to the chaos! Troy and I always need a vacation from vacation, haha! But, nonetheless, I’d never trade all the hassling and petty arguments out of frustration for anything else... because when we get back home and settle into our normal routine, we look back and laugh over the useless fights and smile over the wonderful moments we created with our kids. Sad to say our vacation is over, but happy to get back to the place we proudly call Home🖤
Little reminder to do all you can as a family, create memories no matter the hassle. Kids grow too fast and we parents grow older too. Time is forever ticking, so make every tick worth it!🙌🏼
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Dear IG,
“Being Happy makes the biggest impact on your physical appearance.”🙋🏻‍♀️
This trip has definitely reminded me just how much I miss making myself presentable on the daily. I always used my kids as an excuse in not being able to do my hair or make up and finding that a quick bun, ponytail or hat was easier and most convenient. Or I’d constantly sulk in the up and down emotions of losing my brother that I stopped caring about my physical appearance. Yes, physical appearance does not define you, but when a person “feels” nice on the outside, their entire demeanor can change. It felt unbelievably uplifting to doll up and feel like “me” again.
I want to remind everyone that YOU are just as important as your partner, your kids and your job. Invest in yourself. Invest in what makes you happy.🖤
@zara from head to toe.
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Dear IG,
“You can take the boy from the island, but not the island from the Boy!”🌊
Forever my island babies! Enjoying their last few days of vacation soaking up Hawaii’s beaches- Cool breeze, fun waves & perfect sand for building castles & forts!🌴
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Dear IG,
“The person you Love should be where you can calm your Soul. They should be your safest place to be yourself. Life is hard enough. That person should be your Solace.”💯
THEY are my safest place! The two of us created many memories together, but now that we’re 5, the adventures have gotten crazier and our patience has drifted to bare minimum. Through it all, life has been filled with greater memories; ones that have us laughing, crying and smiling. My kids and I are selfish because we love vacations and having Troy all to ourselves! We love our quality time and are dreading giving him back to work. Count down begins until we are back to reality... until then we wish you all a beautiful weekend and remind you to spend as much time with the ones you love- make the most of everything even the bad🖤
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Dear IG,
“Distance means so little when SOMEONE means so much.”🖤
I’ve known this woman 15 years now and she was one of my very first friends when I moved to SD. Her family took me in as their own and I was the sister she never had and she filled the void in my life, being so far away from my own sisters.
Distance never broke us and she has been by my side during my most memorable milestones. She is an amazing Godmother to Apollo and the sweetest aunt to my two girls. She never judged my relationship with Troy and had my back even though miles away through all the bullshit. Our family is so lucky to have her loving soul in our lives.
@lindabonita06, happy 30TH birthday Mamas!!! I only wish your 30’s bring you more happiness. Let’s get married and pop out them babies🎉 Love you so much my favorite Mexican🖤
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Dear IG,
“A Sister is a Gift to the Heart, a friend to the Spirit, a Golden thread to the meaning of Life.”👯‍♀️
I never dress my girls in the exact same outfit, BUT, Arabella couldn’t resist matching her little sister. These two are my absolute opposites- ying & yang. I only pray they grow to always have each other’s backs and that their loyalty always comes FIRST!
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