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“Without a model, you are nowhere. A nation that can’t make models is a nation that doesn’t understand things, a nation that doesn’t live.”
Visionary artist Bodys Isek Kingelez’s utopian model for the future opens to the public tomorrow! Explore his dreams for his country (then-Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo), his continent, and the world, through his sculptures of imagined buildings and cities in #KingelezCityDreams, on view through January 1, 2019: 🇨🇩

[Artwork details: “Ville Fantôme” (detail). 1996. Paper, paperboard, plastic, and other various materials. CAAC—The Pigozzi Collection, Geneva]

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It is estimated that over 90% of silent films have been lost. Ernst Lubitsch’s first American film “Rosita” starring Mary Pickford was thought to be lost forever until a bootlegged reel was found in the Soviet State Archives. MoMA curator Dave Kehr explains what went into the three year-long restoration of “Rosita,” in the newest episode of HOW TO SEE. Watch now at
🎟 Get tickets for tonight’s restoration premiere of “Rosita” at (link in bio)

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The application deadline for @momateens’s In the Making summer courses is a few days away! Don’t miss out on the chance to spend the summer in free hands-on studio art courses exploring everything from large-scale sculpture, ceramics, abstract painting, audio/video production and more. Meet new people, learn art-making techniques, experiment with new materials, and explore the world of modern and contemporary art. No previous experience necessary! Apply at

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Adrian Piper's “Self-Portrait as a Nice White Lady” (1995). Now on view in our #AdrianPiper exhibition.
[Artwork: Oil crayon on black-and-white photograph. The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Barbara Karp Shuster, New York. © Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin]

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⚡Warm Up is coming. @MoMAPS1’s pioneering outdoor music series returns for ten summer Saturdays, June 30 through September 1. Experience more than 75 artists representing the best in experimental music—emerging and established, local and global, across genres. See the full lineup at (link in bio). Tickets for all dates available now.

Highlights include: Cashmere Cat (@cashmerecat), Maxo Kream (@maxokream), A-Trak (@atrak), Discwoman (@discwomannyc), Lizzo (@lizzobeeating), Gang Gang Dance (@ganggangdance), SOB x RBE (@sobxrbeofficial), HoodCelebrityy (@hoodcelebrityy), DJ Kass (@djkassny), Starchild & The New Romantic (@thisisstarchild, @newromanticworld), and many more.
#WarmUp2018 is organized by curators Eliza Ryan (@eliza__ryan), Naomi Zeichner (@nomizeichner), Taja Cheek (@turrelljames), Dean Bein (@truepanther), Isabelia Herrera (@jabladora), Jonas Leon (@mrjonasleon), Venus X (@venusxgg), and Matt Werth (@rvngintl). Animation by Topos Graphics (@topos_graphics).

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Member previews are on now! Step into Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez’s incredible vision for the future in “Bodys Isek Kingelez: City Dreams.” Created in the wake of his country’s newfound independence, Kingelez’s sculptures of an imagined utopia explore urgent questions around urban growth, economic inequity, and the rehabilitative power of architecture. #KingelezCityDreams opens to the public this Saturday, May 26. Learn more at

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Curator Sarah Meister speaks on the inspiring tenacity of photographer of Helen Levitt who never shied away from experimenting with new mediums and approaches to her craft. Levitt’s late-career color photography is now on view in #TheLongRunMoMA.

#ArtSpeaks is a day of community and conversation led by Museum staff on the last Tuesday of every month. Full gallery talks are on our Facebook page at

Curious about how the Museum acquires, preserves, and displays photographs? Join Sarah for a live Q&A tomorrow, May 23 at 3:00 pm ET on

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While repainting an apartment, artist John Baldessari was struck by a conceptual exercise: “I used to occupy my mind as I was painting the wall just by saying to myself, now I'm painting a wall, now I'm making a painting...The physical activity was the same, I was just calling it differently each time. So I began to think about, well, what separated one from the other? Why was one different?” His video work, “Six Colorful Inside Jobs” (1977) explores the concept further, compressing six re-paintings of a room into intervals of about five minutes.
Experience this work in #TheLongRunMoMA
[Artwork details: John Baldessari. “Six Colorful Inside Jobs.” 1977. 16mm film transferred to video (color, silent). 32:53 min. Gift of Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine G. Farley, Anna Marie and Robert F. Shapiro, and Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis. © 2018 John Baldessari]

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One of the earthworks artists of the 1960s and 1970s, Robert Smithson manipulated the natural landscape in his work—sometimes drastically, with a bulldozer, and sometimes simply and temporarily, through mirrors, as in “Corner Mirror with Coral” (1969).
Experience this work in #GundStudioVisit, our exhibition celebrating gifts from the remarkable Agnes “Aggie” Gund, a longtime Trustee of the Museum. While viewing this artwork Aggie noted, “I always like the Smithsons that are mirrored. Obviously they're very captivating and they show another see out differently when you have a mirror. A mirror makes it bigger, smaller, taller, higher.... I think Smithson's idea of putting heaps of things there and having them reflected, it was quite wonderful.”

[Artwork details: Robert Smithson. “Corner Mirror with Coral.” 1969. Mirrors and coral. Gift of Agnes Gund in honor of Ann Temkin]

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Tarsila do Amaral’s “Calmaria II (Calmness II)” (1929) is a unique exercise among her work from the 1920’s. Dreamlike mirrored geometric forms reflect the influence of the enigmatic paintings of #GiorgiodeChirico, who left a strong impression on Tarsila during her time in Paris. Coincidental to the title of this work, de Chirico compared his style to “the flat surface of a perfectly calm ocean. #TarsilaMoMA

[Artwork details: Oil on canvas. Acervo Artístico-Cultural dos Palácios do Governo do Estado de São Paulo]

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In celebration of #nationalphotographymonth, this month's LIVE Q&A will take you behind the scenes on a live tour of MoMA's collection storage, where many photographs are stored, followed by a Q&A with MoMA curator Sarah Meister (@themomameister).

Curious about how curators choose which photographs to acquire and display? Is there a photograph in MoMA's Collection you'd like to see up-close? Submit your questions or a work you’d like to see in the comments below, or live during the Q&A ‪on Wednesday, May 23 at 3:00 p.m. EDT‬. Links and more info at #photography

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“...the basis for each image is the universality of our human experiences. I have chosen to share this message by using my personal cultural heritage and encounters with it as inspiration...” —Aida Muluneh (@aidamuluneh)
How do you use photography to investigate the self? We asked photographers now on view in “Being: #NewPhotography2018" to share the ideas and techniques that influence the exploration of personhood in their work. See their responses at

[Artwork details: Aida Muluneh. “Strength in Honor.” 2016. Pigmented inkjet print. Courtesy the artist and David Knut Projects, New York and Johannesburg. © 2018 Aida Muluneh]

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