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Hi friend 👋🏼

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There’s a whole bunch of spots across this country that make my heart sing, sometimes I catch myself day dreaming about em. I figure if I was rich I’d live in Malibu right on the sand. The Oregon coast is so wild, I fell in love with that place the first time I saw the Goonies. Wyoming will win ya over when you see an open field and cowboys running cattle. But none of them are home, I guess I can’t shake the South, it’s what made me.
Yet we’ve still got a whole bunch of work to do down here. My grandma’s cooking was amazing because her kin owned slaves, that’s real and something we still have to resolve and heal. And likely acknowledge a bit more.
But I’m hopeful about the South. I’ve seen with my own eyes it change and evolve and become something better. It’s full of open doors and good dogs ✨

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There’s a song by Lord Huron that I adore, I heard them play it a few years ago here in Nashville at the Ryman, it’s a story about a traveler and the night he met his love. It’s so haunting and beautiful and feels like it was written to me.
My favorite line is: I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you
Dang that one hits me right in the middle. It makes me think about love that passed through my life. It’s such a lovely place to land when you can think about past love and smile over moments shared. Simple things sitting in a truck at a stop light or exploding dumplings full of soup. I guess what I mean is that it’s great when you can go look at an old love’s Instagram and see that they are thriving and deeply in love with a new story, and feel nothing but joy for that. That’s a really cool place to end up.
A friend once told me some people are meant to be apart of our lives for a short time but others are meant to be with us the whole journey. I like that a lot.

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I love being home so much, my own little slice in the world. It’s hard to write about my feelings on what owning land is like, but it’s deeply satisfying. Not even from an investment perspective, we might even be too wrapped up in that thought, but it seems it’s more of saying this is a place I love and I’ll care for and while I’m here. Maybe that’s something good my granddaddy taught me, to be a steward of the place that gives you life ✨

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Everything I love about Nashville ❤️

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Homeeeeeeeeeeee ❤️

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Driving across Kansas is lovely if you avoid the soul numbing Interstate 70. I can’t bring myself to drive it anymore, it literally will crush the life out of you. But Hwy 24 or 36 across the state pass through some charming little towns. I like those sort of towns. They have bits that feel like a time capsule, nooks in the town someone was wise enough to save. All mixed in with new shiny bits that are bright so you know someone’s still around & thriving ✨

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I read a little codependency book every morning, short meditations to ground a mans feet for the day. Today was about how the hardest part of recovery is letting go of what’s familiar. Truly leaning into the unknown. The grey space. Let me tell y’all this...that is one the most difficult lessons I have ever embraced. For years it was my coping mechanism to try to control and hold tightly onto everything in life. The fear of abandonment ran so deep in me.
But the joy of recovery is we are moving forward even when we’re in those in-between times. A dear friend of mine instilled this idea into me and I live by it today: Everything is on schedule ✨

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Slow mornings & fire escape hangs ☕️ I’ve always enjoyed spending time in quirky places and going where most don’t. It really is the simple places that stir my heart up ✨

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It’s good for a man to travel with a dog. Who else would remind us so persistently to be present and slow down ✨

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The Log from Tierra Del Mar: A Leisurely Photo Journal of Travel and Research

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Was such a lovely project, driving down the coast in Garret’s convertible, from SF to Big Sur on a project with @MarriottRewards and @Chase #ad, shooting photos and staying at their dog friendly properties along the way 😊. These days I’m carrying my @MarriottRewards Premier Plus credit card on all our adventures, so we can get 2x the points on every purchase from gas to restaurants. #InspiredByYou

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