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Accepting and feeling the beautiful moments in the world is one of my biggest vulnerability challenges. I have dear friends that can cry at a sunset and feel it in their soul. But many days I just can’t, it’s easy for me to mix up weakness and vulnerability.
Often when I’m looking at my phone about to post an image I sense inside me: “Oh wow Theron, another photograph of your dog. Very original.” But then there are other moments I deeply feel: “What greater gift and celebration of a beauty can there be than to honor the life of creation? To say that I love them.” .
So take this one how you will. Another Maddie photograph or an image celebrating a life that brings me joy.
I know this is why I photograph the world and all the light at sunset. So I can let go and feel it just like my friends who cry and sunsets.
If we were talking in person this is where I’d make a joke to break the vulnerability

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On the road to California! And very glad to be nearly done with my truck project, Delwood 😊(after my granddaddy). I grew up in the South and the coolest trucks around when I was a kid were the jacked up 4x4’s with big mud tires. I guess I had it in my system! Well, this is my mild overland version of all that.
If you’re a vehicle nerd here’s the base of my build:
1995 F350 (was an F250)
Toyota FJ40 beige paint
7.3L turbo diesel
D60 solid axle swap
ARB front locker
4.10 gears
Sky shackle reversal 4” lift
Super Duty V & B springs
Detroit rear locker
315/70r17 K02’s

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If there’s a dirt road I’m gonna find it, ever since I was little I wanted to see what was on the other end. These days getting out to places like this, little bits of the wilderness, reminds me that life is way too short for bullshit. It’s dead easy to live in the daily like we’re never gonna run out of moments

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A few of my friends threw in on this ole 1977 19’ Sea Ray to share this summer, a boat who has seen a few stories just still is running just fine. It’s part of the best summer ever! I don’t have too many good words for this but I love being on the water. Just floating out in the middle of a lake in July and driving off the bow is my heaven. ✨😊

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How have y’all been? Past few weeks I’ve been helping my buddy get his new lawn care business up and running. It’s been humbling waking up at 6am everyday to mow grass. But last night I had the chance to borrow my buddies Blazer and make it down to the water and let Maddie swim.
I also haven’t had my truck for 4 weeks now! It’s a strange feeling to be sort of stuck and not have the freedom to roam like I’m use to. It’s off getting a new lick of paint, a lift for 35’s, lockers, and all those little truck details I nerd out on.
Anyhow, hope y’all are thriving out there 😊 I’m feeling so good about summer

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Headed to California in June to work with @MarriottRewards and @Chase, I’m traveling up the PCH for a rad project for the launch of the new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card. The new card is all about making travel more rewarding with more points on every purchase & I’ll be visiting and photographing their pet friendly hotels with Maddie along the way.
I’m still planning the route and which hotels to stop at so if you have any great spots I should hit let me know (I’m also sure we’ll do a happy hour meet up at one of the beaches along the way too). #InspiredByYou #ad

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The earth is what we all have in common. It’s such a joy to find these little morel mushroom gems in the forest. It takes time and patience...all things this Southern boy desperately needs more of everyday.
I like that it feels honest to eat off the land, to be directly nourished by the earth. It’s a delicious note from nature that says “Hey. I’m glad you’re around, let me help you today”

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She keeps me warm

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It’s simple but so important to take your boots off once in awhile and just feel the Earth under your feet. Or see how long you can hold your hand in an ice cold stream. Makes ya feel connected and alive. Sort of in the way of how breathing is the centeredness of life.
It’s interesting how I was never taught things like that as a kid. How if you’re feeling off kilter to focus on your breath, the inhale and exhale, how that is the basis of life. The same seems true of a stream. When your hand is feeling numb from the cold of melted snow that came off the top of a mountain, that once was a snowflake that landed there months ago, that once was a drop of water in a can’t help but feel centered.
Anyhow, I’ve been laying low and enjoying it all recently, doing a bit of off the grid camping with my dear friend Josh and Maddie. There’s a lot of lovely forests out there, but old growth Idaho cedars are my favorite 🌲

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Been spending my mornings in Idaho foraging for little morel mushrooms. I’ve always loved spending time in the woods...such a simple pleasure watching your dog run around having the time of its life & seeking out these little gems 🍄

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Steichen said a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it. It’s important to document and tell the stories of those we love. Our little details matters ya know?
I know one day if I’m lucky enough to be an old man I’ll look back at all these images with joy.
If you’re not busy today point your camera towards something you love. Photographs have this beautiful ability to age so gracefully.

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Ready for summer, but it’s lovely to see snow again ❄️ enjoying the little things, the in between things

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