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Alright, it's two wheels, not four. But there's nothing else on the planet quite like it.
After spending a long weekend at this year’s TT, experiencing its intoxicating highs and infamous lows, I can’t think of a more enthralling motorsport event on Earth. Including those with the correct number of wheels.
Practice and race sessions stretch across two weeks, with a slightly dizzying array of bike classes that might befuddle the casual onlooker. But you’ve no need for expertise to have your jaw dropped by the physical rush of bikes blitzing past your face at up to 200mph, nor their stomach-churning skips and squirms over crests or joyous little wheelies as they accelerate hard at corner exit.
Read the full Big Read "Why the Isle of Man TT is the world's greatest race" at now.
Words: Stephen Dobie
Images:, Getty, Honda, Stephen Davison
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“There’s a reason why Tesla doesn’t operate by the rules. Because it doesn’t give a monkey’s about the rules. Musk’s mission isn’t to turn a juicy profit – although that’s a necessary by-product – it’s to electrify the world, to turn us all onto the idea that electric cars can be fast and sexy and practical, too….”
Tesla is hell bent on putting a Model 3 on all our driveways.

Can a car really change the world?
This month’s Top Gear magazine is the Future Issue: a petrolhead’s guide to the world of tomorrow.

Words: Jack Rix
Photography: Jeremy Cliff

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One of the stars from this month's new #TopGear magazine is the #Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. A #Lambo for the 3rd millennium with bodywork that will be capable of healing itself…
The #Terzo team is currently exploring the potential of using nanotechnology to thread billions of tiny copper anodes and cathodes into the carbon weave, turning the whole body of the Terzo into an energy-storage system. In addition to this futuristic concept, the team is using aerospace polymer technology within the bodywork to allow the carbon fibre to self heal minor imperfections.
Take a closer look at the details in this month’s issue of #TopGearMagazine
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The Jaguar I-Pace could change everything. In this month’s #TopGear magazine we put it through a five-point workout to see if it’s ready for the real world.
Can it win over the petrolheads?
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The Future Issue has landed. The July edition of Top Gear magazine is a #petrolhead’s guide to the world of tomorrow.
To begin it’s Jaguar vs Tesla: would you rather the I-Pace or the Model 3?

Download this month's issue on #iTunes and #Android or grab a copy now.
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We set out to find the abandoned cars of Fukushima…
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"A bleached-out calendar hangs open on 11 March 2011; on the floor, plastic baskets and metal pachinko balls are scattered everywhere, forcing you to pick a careful path through the debris.
The sense of loss and upheaval is palpable. You can taste it in the dank, cloying air. Outside the gambling parlour a kid’s bike lies on its side, now rusted through, perhaps in the same position it was tossed seven years ago when its owner dropped everything and bolted. Across the car park, a silver Audi A4 Avant – seemingly in perfect condition – is being consumed by the weeds, sucked back down into the earth from whence it came.
This had started as a fairly last-minute, light-hearted idea. I was in #Tokyo anyway, so why not ask Honda to lend us their silliest Kei car and take a three-hour roadtrip to the now partly open nuclear-exclusion zone surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station? There had been reports and shots from a few intrepid photographers of abandoned vehicles everywhere, and given the depth of car culture in Japan, there was bound to be some interesting stuff left behind in the mass exodus. Our motives weren’t sinister or discourteous, but born of curiosity…”
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Words: Jack Rix
Photography: Rowan Horncastle @Rowan_TopGear

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@harrismonkey puts the latest special series Ferrari to the test at Fiorano
“This is dynamically the best car Ferrari has ever made, and its powertrain sits at the heart of the success…”
Depending on your outlook and financial status, it’s either the latest mid-engined wonder by Ferrari, crammed full of tech and astoundingly powerful. Or it’s another special series Ferrari to lock away with your other unused special Ferraris and tell people about on an Internet forum.
Full review on now
Words: Chris Harris
Photography: Rowan Horncastle | @rowan_topgear .
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Can Jaguar really take on the mighty Tesla?
Jaguar’s £60,000, 394bhp EV has finally arrived. But is it any good?
Read the full Jaguar I-Pace review at
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The June issue of Top Gear Magazine is here, and there’s only one car taking centre stage this month – the brand new Ford Fiesta ST. The latest in a line of TG favourites, we send the three-cylinder supermini on a themed tour of the UK: Scotland, Wales and England, with a typical mix of Scottish, Welsh and English weather to accompany, across road, track, and even sand. 1,850 miles later, does the 197bhp Fiesta ST live up to its reputation?

For a road trip with a little less rain, the new V6 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon gets the ultimate American treatment. We aim for the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, but get a little distracted on the way…

Download this month's issue or grab a copy now.
Digital edition: #iTunes or #Android

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Would you take a drive in a Tesla Model 3?
Step inside Tesla’s brand new model and journey with us as we take it for a very, very long drive across New York.
Watch the full video on now | Link in bio
Photographer: Jeremy Cliff
Featuring: Jack Rix
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No amount of words can do the N24 justice, so here are many pictures captured by photographer Mark Riccioni instead.
There’s no race quite like the Nürburgring 24 hours. Like a rough and ready music festival crossed with an endurance race, it’s about so much more than the 24 hours of racing that’s the centrepiece. Many locals rock up a week beforehand to build huge structures in which to camp, party and perhaps watch a bit of racing.
Click through the album above and then try in vain to resist booking a trip to next year’s event…
For the full gallery of even more moments from the Nordschleife head to
Photography: Mark Riccioni | @bilstein_inside
Words: Stephen Dobie
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I try to fathom how my life has led me to this particular moment, stood in a dusty car park in Pune, India, surrounded by cameras and slightly disappointed faces, and can’t. So let’s start from the start, where we find an acorn of an idea. Early 2017, and Peugeot has just purchased the rights to the Ambassador name from Hindustan in a deal worth around £9m. The Hindustan Ambassador, if you’re not familiar, is the car that got India rolling – based on the Morris Oxford and built between 1948 and 2014, it received various mechanical upgrades over the years, but kept the same delightfully old-fashioned three-box body.
Where once they choked India’s cities, now, just four years after production ceased, Ambassadors are rarer than McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, used only by a handful of nostalgic private owners and government officials. I digress. The point is Peugeot’s acquisition sparked a memory, a recollection of elephants and sledgehammers and a stirring Indian soundtrack. You may recall a Peugeot 206 advert first shown in 2003, where an Indian chap takes a shine to the 206, so he sets about smashing and crushing a Hindustan Ambassador with the help of a large animal, a wall and various tools until it’s an approximation of the 206… at which point he drives around town grinning like a dog with two appendages.
Can a Hindustan Ambassador really be reborn as a Peugeot? Yep, and we've got the advert to prove it | Read the full story and watch the video at
Words: Jack Rix
Photography: Rowan Horncastle | @rowan_topgear
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