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Leaping into your heart like whoa! Seriously please tag, text, email someone that could use some joy today via this picture 😍 #tbt #joytown

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Who wore it better? Tuna or his ring (twin)? Haha. 💍 by my friend: @lascollective

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Now that’s art!! In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s a masterpiece!!! @artjamiemorris’ incredible #tunainterpretations of “The Tuna with the Pearl Earring”. #tunartuesdays

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Mondays are meant for staying under the covers and giving your mom dirty looks when she tells you otherwise. #fair

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So many of my most favourite photos of Tooney are from #thetunabook, so I decided that I’m going to start sharing them with you on occasion since not everyone owns the book. ☺️ Here’s one of him grinning like a balone in the grass.

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When your mom calls you 3 times for dinner but you refuse to get off the sofa because you’re binging on Netflix. #relatable? #shrivelneck

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Last August, we were invited to visit Avon, Colorado to watch the eclipse at the @ritzcarlton #bachelorgulch. Tuna didn’t end up viewing it (for obvious reasons) but he did come prepared with his adorable goggles. 😍 For more photos on our trip there this week, follow along at @thetravelingtuna

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That awkward photo when your neck upstages your face by about 42%. #shrivelneck

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Tuna was a test subject for the new #AXLMovie and was given special A.X.L. vision from his P.O.V. for the part. This story about a top-secret, robotic dog who develops a special friendship with his new human pal is out in theatres August 24th! So excited to see it! #ad

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I had an idea last night! Let’s all spread the word HARD about #adoptdontshop. I challenge EVERYONE, today or tomorrow, to post on your own page (including stories) about the importance of adopting and fostering (all ages, all conditions). Get creative with your posts and your captions. Tell your own rescue story or encourage people to rescue/adopt/foster/volunteer and/or donate money or supplies to a local shelter or one they already support. Also mention spay and neutering. Let’s use this platform to inform! We all have influence and this is important! Tag a shelter or rescue you support, and hashtag #supportrescuing and #adoptdontshop. AND tag friends so they will do the same! Let’s make this spread. Ready, set, go! THANK YOU! Ps: Feel free to repost this if it’s easier.

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Friends! Please consider fostering and/or adopting! I was thinking of the importance of it last night and planned on posting about it today. Then, just now, I saw a post via @alextcooks about how LA shelters are overcrowded and hundreds of animals are in danger of being euthanised. This is not an isolated incident and happens all over the world. Please please PLEASE consider adopting as opposed to buying from a breeder. These sweet animals need a home, just like baby Tooney once did. #babytuna #adoptdontshop

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To hopefully propel you into a really great weekend, here is my most favourite picture of Tuna of all time. You’re welcome. 😘 #cheerstojoyandlaughter #weekendinspo #fbf

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