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last month, i explored LGBTQ+ activism & joined @Voices4_ at their powerful NYC demonstration for Chechnya. the pink hoods represent the many LGBTQ+ victims of extreme violence and torture by the Chechnyan government and their own families. it is our responsibility to help our community all over the world, as Voices4 says: “Queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere”
[video at youtube.com/tyleroakley]

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remember forever
remembering and learning about our queer history is important - the AIDS crisis had a major impact on our community, and it’s our job to pass on the stories of those who can no longer do so themselves. here is our fourth #ChosenFamily pin (designed by me & @adamjk) - proceeds benefit @gmhc & their work supporting  HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Get yours now at chosenfamilypins.com and make sure to share your pics with #chosenfamily #pride

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NEW VIDEO!! for this episode of #chosenfamily queer people around the world face discrimination, imprisonment, & even death simply for being who they are. in the latest #ChosenFamily episode, i introduce y'all to @voices4_, an activist group standing up for queer people worldwide &I joined them at a NYC action. [Watch now! LINK IN BIO]

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Inspired by the second episode, where we held a cute ice cream social with LGBTQ+ activists & elders, here is our third #ChosenFamily pin (designed by me & @adamjk) - proceeds benefit @sageusa & their work supporting LGBTQ+ elders. Get yours now at chosenfamilypins.com and make sure to share your pics with #chosenfamily

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NEW VIDEO: With @sageusa we held a cute little ice cream social with queer youth & elders. Witnessing multiple generations of queer people giggling & becoming friends warmed my little gay heart. PLUS special thanks to @biggayicecream for providing our delicious treats for the day. Link in bio!! #ChosenFamily (📸: @danielseunglee )

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happy pride!! 🌈(art by @adamjk )

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so grateful to have spent an afternoon with @alexandragreyofficial to learn about her experience with homelessness. I love making #ChosenFamily because of the different queer experiences I get to learn about, and getting to share them with you makes it even more special. watch our video (link in bio) and tag a friend in the comments below you want to share these stories with!!

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Inspired by the first episode about LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, get this one-of-a-kind #ChosenFamily pin (designed by me & @adamjk) - proceeds benefit @LALGBTCenter & their work supporting LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness. Get yours now at chosenfamilypins.com and make sure to share your pics of them on your #pride outfits!

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NEW VIDEO: in the first episode of #chosenfamily, I spent the afternoon with these incredible minds from the @lalgbtcenter & they warmed my heart. i feel like i had so many ah-ha! moments listening to them discuss their experiences with homelessness & my biggest goal was to share their stories of bravery and tenacity. LINK IN BIO!!

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ChosenFamilyPins.com - all month long to celebrate Pride Month & #ChosenFamily season 2, i’m selling enamel pins that i designed with @adamjk - each corresponding with the latest episode, with proceeds supporting a related LGBTQ+ charity. this one is available now!!

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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! to celebrate, i’m launching #ChosenFamily - a month long series on youtube.com/tyleroakley highlighting the many different ways to be queer & the unique experiences & stories within the community. watch the trailer now on my youtube channel - LINK IN BIO!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Chosen Family is back for season 2!! watch the trailer - link in bio!! Tag 3 LGBTQ+ people who are in YOUR chosen family in the comments below!! 👇🏻🌈 (art by @adamjk)

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