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Your big booty is…booty-ful. Your rolls are HOT ‘n Steamy sexy. Your moles are Holy-Moly-Major! You feelin’ me? Your flaws are Flawsome! Learn how to love that beautiful self you are, and let me and my Mama teach ya a few things along that curvy, straight, bumpy path to self-love! Get a copy of #PerfectIsBoring now. #LinkInBio 💛

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Dancin’ like no one is watching, even though Mel, Heidi, and Howie are looking at me like “she cray!” @AGT starts in 5 days! 💛

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Reflecting today on my time teaching at @StanfordGSB. You could say I’m looking out the window, but really I’ve got my eyes focused on the future. We should always look forward into the light, and should always be thinking, “Ok, What’s next?!” #ProjectBRANDYOU #gsblife

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This makes me smile. Best photo goes to...@danaigurira.

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Ok y’all, @SimonCowell is NOT mentioned in my book #PerfectIsBoring, but look at that Zaddy!
Have you read Perfect Is Boring yet? Get it now, before @AGT premieres in 6 days! Link in my bio boo! 💛 📚 📺

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Like Nelson Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. My students at @stanfordgsb are going to be part of that change, I will, and so can YOU! #BrandPROJECTYOU

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America’s Got Tyra...in just one week!
@agt is gonna be fiercer than ever! 💛

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Last night my heart swelled up with pride every time the crowd at the @BBMAs yelled like crazy for @bts.bighitofficial! It’s major for so MANY reasons. The world is celebrating 7 beautiful, sexy, talented, and fun-loving Asian men and their fierce, fine talent. These seven talented Singing Smizers made me part of their #BTSArmy for life! I can’t wait to see their careers blow up to even more stratospheric heights! The world has been waiting for them and didn’t even know it. Get ready everybody, KPOP is about to take over the USA and the rest of the world. The screams heard around the world will be deafening. Music is universal and love is universal!

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It’s Janet...Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty! First BLACK WOMAN to receive the #BBMAs ICON award! ✊🏽

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It was a next level fierce night. #bbmas 💛

That Dress: Marc Bouwer - @marcbouwer
Those Jewels: Jared Lehr - @jaredlehrjewelry
That Face: @samvissermakeup
That Hair: @misscopeland310
That Style: @jstylela

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Meeting BTS is... Better Than Smizing 👀@bts.bighitofficial

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Taylor and TyTy so Tall Tall! 💛 #BBMAs

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