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Did you know? UNICEF reached a record 123 million children with life-saving vaccines in 2017 — almost half of the world's children. #VaccinesWork 📸: Abdullah Bafaqueh / @unicef_yemen

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#⚽️, rain or shine! Rohingya children show off their skills at a Child Friendly Space in Cox's Bazar. Though monsoon season looms, UNICEF is working to make sure #refugee children are able to still have fun while staying safe. #ForEveryChild, the right to play! 📸: @unicefbangladesh

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In #ElSalvador, 9-year-old Arnold has been playing soccer for three years. He says gang activity can be a problem in his neighborhood of San Marcos. Playing soccer at this UNICEF-supported pitch gives him a place to escape violence and just be a kid: “It's something that makes people happy, to help you get along with others, even though I play on defense." #AChildIsAChild 📸: Shaulan Chanlewis / @unicefsv

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Ready for school, ready for life! #ForEveryChild, education

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Children often migrate as an act of desperation to escape everything that is broken around them. We can’t fail them. #AChildIsAChild #ChildrenUprooted 📸: @unicef

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With the support of UNICEF USA, 82-year-old great grandmother Gladis (front-left) has a new roof over her head. For the first time since Hurricane Maria swept through #PuertoRico, she won’t have to line the floor with buckets to catch rain water coming through the old tarp that protected her house from frequent tropical rains. In partnership with @suny, #CUNY and New York State, UNICEF USA is empowering 500 NY student volunteers to work side-by-side with skilled workers to fix or replace hundreds of roofs throughout the island. Gladis’ great grandson Roger, 10, is now living in Florida with relatives and his brother Adrian, 6, (not pictured), but he visits her frequently in Isla Verde. He says that he feels better about coming to visit now that things don’t get damaged by rain water. #NYStandsWithPuertoRico 📸: Cathy Craft, SUNY multimedia specialist for UNICEF USA

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A very happy 21st birthday to this world-changer! Thank you, #MalalaYousafzai, for speaking up for every girl's right to education and gender equality. #MalalaDay @malalafund 📸 : Fati Abubakar / @unicef_nigeria

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The days following Hurricane Maria were a scary time for 9-year-old Paola, from Isla Verde, #PuertoRico. Not only was her house badly damaged by flooding, but she was very worried for her older neighbors. “Their kids could not bring them food to help them,” she says. However, this summer, @suny and #CUNY students are helping to repair damaged homes as part of a UNICEF USA-supported recovery effort in partnership with New York State, and Paola’s outlook is much brighter: "Now I see people fixing the roofs and the walls and helping people so that they don’t get so much sun."

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#ChildrenNotSoldiers: Some good news from Maiduguri, #Nigeria as 183 children were release from Nigerian Armed Forces this week after being cleared of ties with Boko Haram. “These 8 girls and 175 boys are first and foremost victims of the ongoing conflict and their release is an important step on their long road to recovery,” said @unicef_nigeria's Mohamed Fall. Since 2017, #UNICEF has supported reintegration of more than 8,700 children released from armed groups, helping trace their families, returning them to their communities, and offering them emotional support, education, and vocational training to help them rebuild their lives.

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“I have just come from Aden and Sanaa and I saw what three years of intense war and chronic global indifference can do to children. Today, 11 million children in #Yemen – more than the entire population of Switzerland – need help getting food, treatment, education, water and sanitation. There is no justification for this carnage." @UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore is calling for peace, and a political solution to the ongoing conflict in #Yemen. UNICEF remains on the ground, and this year has provided 9 million families with cash assistance, 4.6 million with safe water, treated 80,000 children for malnutrition, and reached 500,000 children with primary healthcare. 📸 : @UNICEF

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The love of soccer goes beyond borders — what excites us, unites us! ⚽️ #AChildIsAChild 📸: @unicefafrica

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A sweet story for #NationalSugarCookieDay: Zevar and her friends learn to prepare cookies during a cooking class at a #UNICEF-supported school in #Tajikistan, where UNICEF has been working since 2009 to increase access to quality education, especially for girls.

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