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Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes... so grateful for you all.
All love.

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Grateful and blessed...

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Let’s play...

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Her favorite songs are her daddy’s... life is good.
All love

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Welcome to the Xander Zone!

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Of the many blessings in life, one of the greatest is you... will love you to my grave.
Happy Birthday!!!

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I really do love this planet... random I know, but true. Haha. Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful summer.

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Happy 4th!

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So many layers to creating a character, but often only the physical is captured in a photo. Deep in thought... what will I learn from this next venture... How will I grow from the process... as always I am grateful for the opportunity to make magic. Blessed.

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Such a proud uncle... one graduating preschool, the other graduating college with honors... I’ve been given no greater gift... than family. Blessed.

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A month away from the start of principal photography... exciting!

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