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All love...

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Building a film character is like anything else... one day at a time.

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With the xXx team working feverishly on the next installment... My lil Bro Kris just keeps on making us proud. Love when my team shines. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Happy Birthday to my on and off screen sister @jordanabrewster
You have always enriched the lives of the people around you... love you.

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Star Lord and Groot... if we’re using our made up names. Haha. Great premiere last night.

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Happy Earth Day!

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April 27th will be a very special day for cinema... Congratulations to Disney and the whole Marvel universe for making it happen. Proud.

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And so it begins...

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Proud to be a part of this!!!
Excited. #Groot

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Full Congratulations Remix on my Facebook page... Happy Easter!

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