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Strike a powerful pose inspired by eyewear queen @GigiHadid. Top it off with sleek frames and you’ll be ready for anything. #GigiForVogueEyewear #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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#GigiForVogueEyewear is made for first, second, and third impressions. Make it count in small but cool cat eye frames. #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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On cloud 9 with transparent #GigiForVogueEyewear optical frames. It’s a light and trendy look you won’t be able to resist. #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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Gorgeous, glowing, @GigiHadid. Harness your inner goddess with #GigiForVogueEyewear. #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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Summer vibes and major style moments you won’t be able to resist. #ShowYourVogue #GigiForVogueEyewear. 🕶️ VO5236B

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Keep your style fresher than a summer breeze with @GigiHadid’s newest collection. #GigiForVogueEyewear #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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Playful, smooth, surprising. Which side of your personality will you show off in #GigiForVogueEyewear? #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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A little shine, a whole lot of look. Reflect the real you with Swarovski dotted cat eye opticals from #GigiForVogueEyewear. #ShowYourVogue 🕶️ VO5236B

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Keep all eyes on you with @GigiHadid’s newest collection. Her subtle cat eye is destined to impress. #ShowYourVogue #GigiForVogueEyewear 🕶️ VO5236B

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Black, red, havana, clear –how will you choose? With so many colors, it’s easy to #ShowYourVogue. #GigiForVogueEyewear 🕶️ VO5236B

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Add a dramatic cat eye for a look that’s picture perfect you. #ShowYourVogue #GigiForVogueEyewear 🕶️ VO5236B

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Moments of wonder can happen in the most unexpected places. Find yours when you #ShowYourVogue. #GigiForVogueEyewear 🕶️ VO5236B

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