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BIG NEWS! We are thrilled to announce that @trewrussellbrand​, comedian, actor, radio host and bestselling author, has joined Wellspring as the keynote speaker. Link in bio for more information and tickets. ⥈
From Russell
“When are you going to recover the person you were born to be? I’ve spent over fifteen years understanding where addiction comes from, how it masks pain and sends us running in the wrong direction, and in many different forms. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with intimate details about my own story and journey of recovery, including personal details of my day to day — how I cope, how I find deeper meaning, and how I moved through inner turmoil using a specific set of daily intentions and practices. We are living in the most quietly addicted time in our culture; everywhere anxiety, depression and addiction are consuming us as a culture. I am fortunate to have transformed my life and I look forward to helping others do this same.”
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Wednesday Mantra: I’ve got me, but I got you too! 👯 Tag the friend who always has your back 👇

Only 2 more days until #Wanderlust108 Boston! Who's ready for a wicked good day of yoga? Link in bio for tix.

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When you're physically exhausted, endurance powers your mental and emotional state. Find the strength to move forward even when the going gets tough. #adidaswomen
h/t Chicago-based yoga teacher, @laurenellis_y

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Portland you stepped outside your comfort zone and into the rain and found strength in community. Talk about slaying a Saturday!

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We’re inspired by organizations like @igrowchicago that are using the practice to serve their communities for the better. Follow along with @livebeyoga and @yogajournal as they travel the country sharing stories of positive change through yoga.

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Crystals, getting my weekly tarot reading, drinking intention water you name it! 📿🔮✨
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Many of us are so obsessed with perfection that we lose sight of what makes us truly happy. The mat can provide a safe space to shrug off the expectations we impose on ourselves, allowing us to be present in the moment—and in our bodies.

What brings you to your mat? Comment below!

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We all know adventure is always better when you have a friend to share it with. Especially those you meet at Wanderlust! Tag a friend you would adventure with.
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The poses are easy when the view is this good. #wanderlustfestival #wanderlustwhistler #findyourtruenorth (📸 @chriseckertphoto)

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The many faces of Whistler. #findyourtruenorth #WanderlustFestival #WanderlustWhistler (📸 @chriseckertphoto )

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It’s important to have your friend’s back here in Whistler. #WanderlustFestival #WanderlustWhistler #findyourtruenorth (📸 @chriseckertphoto)

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We love to look at things from a different perspective here in Whistler. 🙃 #WanderlustWhistler #WanderlustFestival #findyourtruenorth (📸 by @chriseckertphoto)

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