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The sun can make you feel happier and more adventurous—but don't get burned in the process. 🤣 We learned our lesson with @caleyalyssa as she tried SUP yoga for the first time.

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Not ready for Monday? Yin and bear it with @marybethlarue.
Link in bio for classes.
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Saturday goals. 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️Can't wait to be here next weekend!
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📷: @jtsuhar

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Wanderlust Stratton feels so close we can almost reach it. In less than a week we'll be in Vermont. Will we see you on the mountain?
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📷: @kylie.fly

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Food is powerful. It bring us together, tells our history, offers us the opportunity to feed and care for the people we love, and fuels our body so we can accomplish extraordinary things. How does eating well improve and impact your life? Comment below!
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📷: @kylie.fly

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Energy can be an information highway to finding your best self. What fires you up and energizes you?
h/t Miami based yogi @jenniferpansa

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Sunburns are a beach. Here’s a friendly reminder to practice your salutations safely while enjoying the summer sun. 😎
h/t @caleyalyssa

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Wishing we could live in this moment forever. Thank you Snowshoe you've been amazing!
Feeling some serious FOMO after following all of the Wanderlust fun? There's still time to join us at one of our other festivals! Link in bio for more info.

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📷: @allisonzaucha

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🎶High on a mountain top
We live, we love, and we laugh a lot
Folks up here know what they got
High on a mountain top
High on a mountain top🎶
- Loretta Lynn
📷: @allisonzaucha
#WanderlustSnowshoe #WanderlustFestival #FindYourTrueNorth

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How we feel when festival season officially begins. 🙌 So pumped to be here with you at Wanderlust Snowshoe!
Couldn't make it IRL? Follow along via our story! #WanderlustSnowshoe #WanderlustFestival #FindYourTrueNorth
📷: @allisonzaucha

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Road tripping to Snowshoe. See you on the mountain tomorrow!
#WanderlustSnowshoe #WanderlustFestival #FindYourTrueNorth
📷: @melissagaylephoto

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Get a leg up on your practice! With a world class line-up of Wanderlust Festival favorites, Wellspring is THE place to practice well. #ExperienceWell #WellspringWednesday #practiceandalliscoming
📷: @Rasielpty

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