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This #lucky bottle makes me feel extra lucky 🍀☺️ Reminds me of a good life is assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how lucky you are. 🤞🏻
Have a good Sunday 💕


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As we become more conscious beings and realise the importance of regular relaxation in our lives, the significance of finding a perfect scent helps to set the body and mind ready for the day!

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Never hesitate to send people your love 📝 💕

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La vie continue. #wmykitchen

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❤️ I think he has very pretty hands #fangirlforever #longtimenosee

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今日返工受氣? 醒你飲支sleeping mask!
#LANEIGECollagenDrink #飲得到的SleepingMask #綠茶GABA #膠原蛋白 #LANEIGEHK @laneigehk @ipshkg

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有人話我手臂靚咗fit咗…多謝 @elyzehk 😚✌ 其實好多女仔只係追求輕咗幾多磅,唔理係咪真係減走脂肪,亦控制唔到瘦咩位置,影響咗整體線條…如果想好似我咁shape靚難減細位,去 http://bit.ly/EIGPO0718F 了解吓啦!

#elyze定位修形 #CoolSculpting冷凍溶脂 #1次去脂22%

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Be with someone who is proud to have you.

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The 23rd Made In Hong Kong Film Festival. It’s a honor and pleasure to represent our film to the audience in D.C. !!! I had the most wonderful time there. Thank you all! #今晚打喪屍 @anguslcchan @kubricklo 📸 @arloklam

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Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it. 👒

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🍦soft serve

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Jet lag. Flea market. Sun. Coffee. Pancakes. Saturday.

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