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We depend on #nature for many things - from oxygen to daily items. For instance, #DYK bottle corks come from the cork oak tree? These trees also provide homes for many endangered #species such as the Iberian Lynx - photographed here. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

We’re all connected on this one home we share💚🌎Find out how you can help safeguard #nature and #Connect2Earth. Link in bio.

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#DYK that red pandas play an important role in our ecosystem? These friendly mammals eat mostly bamboo and insects, which helps to control insect populations!

Everything on🌎is connected. Join the conversation to protect our home & #Connect2Earth today! link in bio. #idb2018 #biodiversityexplained

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We’ve only got one home. Let’s keep our birds chirping and our sunsets pollution free. This International Day for #Biodiversity, #Connect2Earth & help us safeguard #nature. Don’t let it go unheard - more in our story. #idb2018
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Home to over 25% of all #marine life on the #planet, our #coral #reefs are vital for the #ecosytem. However without urgent action to address climate change, pollution, overfishing amongst other threats, we could stand to lose them. Be a part of the change we need to save our home and spread the word on saving our coral reefs today. Tell us how you will #Connect2Earth today.

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Discover the amazing stories of mothers in the #wild! We hope you have a lovely celebration this #MothersDay!☺
#DYK that:
#Polar bear mothers have to double her weight or else their bodies might absorb the baby.
#Orangutan mothers for the first 4-months never break contact with their infants.
#Elephant mothers endure carrying their unborns for a whopping 22-months.
#Tigers are known to be especially benevolent mothers.

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#DYK migratory birds provide a huge range of benefits? These include pest control, pollination of plants, and even guano - seabird droppings which are extremely rich in nutrients and perfect for growing crops! 🌽 Migratory birds are also amazing to watch when they fly across the skies, and watching them helps us get in touch with #nature and our home 🌎 Every being on Earth is deeply connected, and we all depend on our environment to survive 🦆 Discover more in our IG story & #connect2earth with us. #WorldMigratoryBirdDay #biodiversityexplained

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50 cities, on 5 continents representing over 100 million citizens. Do you live in a city? Over the next week, join us as we discover #cities that have shown a strong commitment to embark on the #sustainability journey. Together, we can #Connect2Earth! More in our IG story.

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Nina Gualinga, ​24, ​an #indigenous leader of the​ Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the​ Ecuadorian #Amazon, is the 2018 winner of the WWF International President’s Youth Award!

She has been an advocate for #climate justice and indigenous rights since the age of 8 and this award recognizes her relentless efforts to #protect #nature and communities in the #Amazon. Your courage, determination and leadership towards your community is an inspiration to us all, thank you Nina!

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Madison is only 12 years old but when its comes to protecting the Belize Barrier Reef, she's a superhero.

For the past three years, Madison has been the leading voice of the young generation of Belizeans, advocating for the protection of the reef. This passion and dedication is recognized at the WWF International President’s Youth Award ceremony today.
Hip hip hooray to Madison! Meet her on our IG Stories!
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#WeLoveCities has officially kicked off! #DYK that #cities are home to over half of humanity? This makes them vital in our efforts to protect our planet! #Connect2Earth today and tell us which city is leading the path towards a #sustainable future! Check out IG Story and discover more.
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The Pondo forest clearings in Boumba Bek National Park continue to stun us with more captivating and
breathtaking camera trap images of wildlife presence like never before. Like an animal parade, more and
more species show up now during the day in the clearing. It is truly exciting to see these animals sharing the same space.

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The International Tourism Partnership, has set a goal to embed water stewardship programmes across their hotel portfolios to reduce the number of people affected by water scarcity. It's time to realize that the relationship between hotels and water goes beyond just cleaning a few towels.

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