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Did you know that orangutan means 'man of the forest' in the Malay language? They're often labelled as the gardeners of the forest, as they play a crucial role in dispersing seeds and maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem.
Today it's #InternationalOrangutanDay 🐵

Here at WWF we're doing all we can to support the endangered orangutan population. We're encouraging brands across the world to use sustainably sourced palm oil, which has seen a 500% increase in sales in the last 5 years.

This is just one step in trying to protect this magnificent species. Find out what else WWF is doing to help and how you can help at the link in our bio.

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Today is #WorldElephantDay 🐘
Elephants are nature’s landscape designers, creating gaps in dense vegetation as they graze, feeding on tree sprouts to keep the savannas clear, and spreading seeds and fertilising the earth with their dung. Elephants are essential in balancing forest and savanna ecosystems, but their habitats are shrinking. African elephant habitat has declined by over 50% since 1979, while Asian elephants are restricted to just 15% of their original range. Do your bit and say no to elephant ivory products this #WorldElephantDay

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August 12th is #WorldElephantDay! 🐘
Elephants have an important symbolism around the world, representing strength and power in many African cultures, and wisdom and eternity in some Asian cultures.
An elephant with its trunk up represents good fortune in feng shui #🐘 #WorldElephantDay #Elephants

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It’s #WorldLionDay 🦁

Head over to our Instagram Story to test out your lion knowledge with our quiz!

Did you know that three quarters of all lion populations are in decline, with habitat loss being one of the greatest risks? This causes lion populations to become smaller, more isolated and reduces their range.

The demand for lion parts has increased in recent years for use in traditional Chinese medicines, serving as a substitute for the banned trade of tiger parts.

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Some of our reasearchers have spent the last few summers in Arctic Canada, to uncover the secrets of one our ocean's most mysterious animals.
Often called 'The Unicorns of The Sea', the narwhal is particularly difficult to track and monitor as they spend their lives in the high arctic oceans, submerged by thick ice to protect them from predators. Researchers have made remarkable breakthroughs in recent years, capturing stunning, never before seen hunting behaviour.
They discovered that narwhals are able to use their ivory tusk to stun and hunt fish - behaviour that no one has ever captured before.

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The reefs of Manado, Indonesia, are spectacular & a source of livelihoods & nutrition for local communities — reefs like these could also be a key to reviving other coral reefs.

With support from @vulcaninc, scientists from our partners @uniofqld are using scooter-mounted 360-degree cameras to resurvey reefs after a global bleaching event wiped out a large number of the world’s shallow-water corals.
The healthy reefs they’re finding in the Coral Triangle are sparking hope for the future of the oceans. #IYOR2018

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Today is #EarthOvershootDay. We only have one planet, but we’re using resources as if we had 1.7.
By eating less meat, building a capsule wardrobe, or changing your commute to work you could help to #MoveTheDate. Make your pledge today.

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August 1st is #EarthOvershootDay 🌍 The date humanity has exceeded the amount of resources that planet Earth can renew – our demand on the planet has never been greater.
But how can you make a difference? Find out what impact you’re having on our natural resources, and some of the changes you can make to help #MoveTheDate at the link in our bio.

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To mark #WorldRangerDay, we’ve released the first results from the largest survey ever on ranger employment conditions and welfare.

The survey was completed by rangers working in Asia and Central Africa, the most dangerous regions due to the levels of poaching and demand for illegal wildlife trade of animal products.

86% of rangers surveyed think their job is dangerous due to the risks involved when encountering and confronting poachers, with 14% being seriously injured over the past year.

In the last year, 107 rangers lost their lives in the line of duty - that’s up from 101 in the previous 12 months.

The total number of reported rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty is 871 since 2009. However, experts believe the actual number to be much higher than the reported figure.

WWF is calling upon governments to urgently review and improve shortcomings that are endangering the lives of wildlife rangers - http://wwf.panda.org/?332070/We-had-not-realized-the-dangerous-nature-of-his-job-until-the-day-we-got-the-news-of-his-death

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This #GlobalTigerDay 🐯 we’re delighted to present this never-before-seen footage of tigers breeding successfully in Sumatra.

Meet Rima and her cubs 🐯

Visit panda.org/connect2tigers and tell their story #connect2tigers (c) Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia / WWF-Indonesia

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Tigers are an iconic big cat but there are only around 3,900 left in the wild. Illegal poaching and habitat destruction are threats they face every day.

This #GlobalTigerDay, get connected and tell their story in the wild panda.org/connect2tigers 🐯 #connect2tigers

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From providing homes to many marine and fish species to protecting vulnerable coastlines from storm and erosion, #mangroves provide a vital service to our planet.
Unfortunately, they are being wiped out across the world at an alarming rate 😟 There are many reasons to care about #mangroves, and you might be surprised by how much they do for people and #nature. More in our IG story.

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