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I just tried these, and my hips/legs feel GREAT. 👌🏽 Not only that, they’re fun. Tag someone who would find this helpful! 💕 📿From @yoga_scoop ~ "Here we work active mobility, using our own strength to move through ranges of motion. As well as long hold passive mobility, using our weight and gravity to move into our range of motion. Used in conjunction with each other helps the body open up a lot. Do 3 sets of this sequence and see how much your hips love you!" 🤸🏽‍♀️

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Open minds, open hearts. 💕 #Tagore 💫

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lmao that's what my reiki circle looks like 😂 Tag someone who enjoys reiki 🙌🏽 via @yogimemes

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📿 From @hana__yoga ~ Excellent tutorial showing how to gradually work your way into splits. Take it slow and gentle! Splits are no joke. Some take weeks to get into them comfortably, some years. We're all different bodies. 💕 Enjoy! 🧘🏻‍♀️Hana:
Some tips speed 2.3 x
1. Hamstring push-up you going to wrap your hands around your feet. You going to sit down in this position, feel the stretch in the groin 20-30 total
2.Lunge try to keep back leg straight and hold it.
3.Hamstring stretch extend front leg out.Knee straight hand on the ground and
you feel stretch hold it. Or if you have more flexibility you can get all the way down and hold it .
4. Fish hook: try to get your feet to touch your thing.
5.Straddle stretch try to pressing leg closer to the ground .
6.Pull the fingers in the way legs into happy baby
7.Supported stretch
You are new to split so you might have more 2 pillows, maybe you need more then 2, you put it under your leg .Extend that front leg and back legs out .You are going to sit here
If you could take one pillow out to bring you a little closer to the ground
It might take some time to build up to this but there you go🙇 *&*make sure you repeat on other side!

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Twinning is fun though! 😁😂 Tag someone you enjoy twinning with 💕 via @yogimemes

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Some great instruction from @miss_sunitha showing some beneficial chest-opening sequences. With every backbend, always take the time to warm up the spine. Tag someone who might find this useful. 💕
1⃣ Cobra Pose
Instead of trying to find height in this pose, try to find length. More specifically:
• keep the toes grounded on the mat
• try to extend the spine and chest forward and up
• keep the palms touching the floor, but keep the palms light.
2⃣ Bridge Pose
Similar to the last pose, don’t worry about finding the bend in the back. Instead use the power of the thighs to lift the chest up and closer towards the chin. Focus on:
• press the feet toward the mat - feet are hip distance apart, and foot and heels point to the same direction straight forward
• lifting the thighs up
3⃣ Camel Pose
If you’ve never done this pose before, refrain from bringing the head all the way back. Keep looking forward instead. Once you’re a little more comfortable with other yoga poses where the head is below the chest, then you can try bringing the head back. Few things to focus on:
• keep the knees and feet hip width distance apart
• press the palms flat against the block. Feel free to stack up more blocks.
• focus on lifting the chest towards the sky
• don’t worry about leaning back, instead keep the hips above the knees and think about keeping the chest lifted
As you work your backbends, you shouldn’t feel compression in the lower back. The idea is to always lengthen the spine and then create the movement. If you feel it in the lower back, back off a little, make adjustment and maybe try again.
Make sure to spend enough time doing some counter poses. Engage to lower belly in the first 2 counter poses shown here - think about bringing the lower belly all the way down to the base of the spine, and keep the lower back on the mat.
via @miss_sunitha

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It's been this kind of day and I love it. haha... 😂 Happy Saturday all! 🐶💕Tag someone to help them relax 📿🙏🏽

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Today’s doodle ❤ via @buddhadoodles 📿

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Beautiful @crazycurvy_yoga just had a baby 💕 She's slowly getting her strength back and getting back into yoga, enjoying a nice stretch and giggle session in the sunshine with her girls ☀️🧘🏼‍♀️💕#somuchlove

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✨From @omniyogagirl ~ "This month we are building up to Side Crow, & our first pose is Revolved Lunge with prayer hands, or Parivrtta Anjaneyasana 🎓 Revolved Lunge strengthens the legs & abdominal muscles. It helps with balance, stamina & digestion, & also improves flexibility in the spine. 🎓

Revolved Lunge with prayer hands Alignment Cues:
1. The front leg is at a right angle, with the thigh parallel to the mat, & the knee stacked over the ankle
2. Tuck the toes of the back foot under, & press through the lifted heel
3. Pull up the kneecap of the back leg & keep the leg engaged
4. Draw the naval in to make room for the twist, & to stabilise the pose
5. Press the palms together in prayer position, & use the left tricep to press against the outer edge of the right knee for a deeper twist
6. Keep the shoulder blades broad & away from the ears
7. Think ‘collarbones wide’ to open the chest
8. The drishti, or gaze, is towards the sky" 💫

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Aww... 💕 Tag someone who could use a little lift ✨
via @4amshower

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer 💫
via @stardivakhushi

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