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FLOW! A complete practice... Videos 1, 2, 3 (swipe to view from beginning to end!). This was about 45 minutes on the mat First section is grounding, gentle warm-up, hamstrings, shoulder opening, twists. Second is standing poses, warriors, hand balances, hip openers. Third is core work, inversions, backbends and Savasana. And cuddles with the dogs, obvi😍
When I get on the mat I rarely have a plan but try to listen to what my body needs that day. What’s tight? What hurts? Is there stress in my body? Do I need to sweat? Strengthen? Soften? Cry? I listen. Then, I move. If you need structure in terms of sequencing and what to do, the above is a good place to start❤️ . .

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GO SWEDEN GOOOO!!!! 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 #worldcup #sweden #sverige #KÄMPAPÅ!!!

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Be still, my heart❤️ So it’s #ProjectAloneTime Day 4 and my entire being is itching to hug these two. Especially when @dennisfromsalad sends me things like this - them watching one of our Instagram videos and her pointing her tiny finger at me on the screen😭😭😭 Mammamamma😭 But - only two more sleeps! And I’m still enjoying myself and my alone time. I swear. I am! (but I may have watched this video 500 times)🙈 I’m getting a lot done but also not doing anything at all. Practicing a ton of yoga, organizing the house, cooking, reading... I’ve only left the house to walk the dogs since I got here and once to go to the studio. I feel a sense of calm that’s very unlike me - I simply have nothing to do! A break from everything. No work. No place to go. Nothing to fix, build, decide... It’s just me. And turns out, I’m pretty good company😌
My plan for the evening is my bathtub, a Carlos Ruiz Zafón book and a coffee body scrub. So odd, this practice of doing nothing. Makes me realize how much of my regular time is spent doing everything.
Do you have a self-care practice? What does it look like? Do you have a hard time fitting it in? Share, share. x 🌷 .

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Happy Father’s Day @dennisfromsalad !❤️ I tear up trying to write this so I’ll let these photos speak for themselves... Thank you for being calm when I panic, easygoing when I’m tense, fun when I’m serious, steady when I waiver. Watching you and Lea together... You are the family I spent my whole life looking for.
Thank you for being there for everything and more - I don’t know any other dad who joyfully asks to travel across the Atlantic with a 1-year old by himself so that Mom can have some alone time. Oh, and parenthood looks so damn good on you🤤 Now please come home!! i love you. xx .
#fathersday #fatherhood #parenthood #family #dad #gratitude #bestdadever #infinitelove #soulmate

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You got this. Whatever you’re working through. You’re good. You are. Learning, growing. Fucking up. Doing your best. Falling down and bouncing back. Trust me on this: it wouldn’t be worth it if it came easy. Everything worth fighting for will push you hard enough for you to remember just how badly you want it. So. KEEP GOING! You got this. All the way. x .

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#ProjectAloneTime Day 3 started off rough. FaceTimed with Dennis and Lea Luna and she kept reaching for the phone saying Mamma Mamma Mamma until she got so upset she started full-on crying😭 Being alone has been good but I think it has to be a little bit out of sight, out of mind. I cried for a second but thankfully @dennisfromsalad is a fantastic husband and immediately sent me videos of her running around laughing just a few minutes later, reminding me emotions are fleeting. Here and mine. So I pulled myself together, got on my yoga mat and practiced for a good 90 minutes. It started raining in the midst of it but I stayed outside and it was lovely. Then, this. A perfect breakfast. The key to a perfect breakfast is timing; all the pieces have to fit together perfectly. Avocado mash has to be done first (one perfect avocado, squeeze of lemon, lots of sea salt, dash of pepper some red pepper flakes), toast waits patiently in the toaster until everything else is ready, grind coffee beans, make espresso, get the toaster going exactly while beginning to steam the milk (half oat half soy because I’m almost out of Oatly and need it to last longer!) - it takes the same amount of time. Pour green juice, spread avocado mash on toast, finish latte, go outside, take picture of perfect masterpiece - piping hot latte, cold juice, warm toast, sun is shining, I miss my baby but here I am. I can miss her and enjoy this aloneness. Longing and living. Loving. Grateful for all.
Wishing you a beautiful Saturday🌸 x .
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This has been an amazing day. Absolutely amazing. (as long as I don’t think about Dennis and Little Moon too much). .

Today was completely uneventful and absolutely extraordinary all at the same time. I slept 9 hours. All the way through. Woke up at sunrise and had - get this - a TWO HOUR YOGA PRACTICE. Say whaaaat?! I haven’t been on the mat without interruption or a time limit in forever. I did all my @naprapatjonas and @lara.heimann homework AND my home practice AND self massage AND meditated. Normally I choose one of all of those things and squeeze it in between meetings with an eye on the baby monitor. Today, it was just me. All by me lonesome. So yummy. Then, the slowest breakfast. And I mean the slooooowest. I like to eat breakfast the way Lea Luna feeds her lunch to the dogs; little bits at a time and then all at once. I’ll have a cup of tea when I wake up, then a juice, then a break, and then a piece of toast and suddenly, a feast. Yoghurt granola pancakes tofu scramble oatmeal, I want it all. (I may be the reason Brunch was ever invented). Breakfast should last all day!

After my super meal I unpacked all my luggage. Wrote a to-do list for later to clear my head. Lounged by the pool. Swam. Read a book (for fun! Not for learning!). (A Marian Keyes one). A sharing. A nap. I’ve done nothing but it’s been everything. I just walked the dogs and stopped for a handstand break at our secret spot. Now, heading to yoga practice at the studio and then dinner in the studio garden. And before bed... I MAY DRAW A BATH. Holy shit man. I can’t believe I had literal anxiety about being on my own when it’s full on heaven! (again, can’t think of baby. But still)! Who knew I would turn out to be a pretty epic person to hang out with?? Hm. I might just have to do this more often...🤷🏼‍♀️🤗❤️ PS @dennisfromsalad I love you so forking much❤️ #ProjectAloneTime #aloneness #rest #restore #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #ocean #beach #joy #sky #inversion #strength #trust #universe #GRATITUDE

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Day 2 of #ProjectAloneTime and it’s also podcast day! I recorded this weeks episode late last night, jetlagged and mega tired but also mega clear about what these days without the family is all about. Listen in to hear about guilt connected to motherhood (I’m not alone in this!), fear related to being alone, self-care and why I lied to the cab driver who took me to the airport about why I was traveling without my baby🙈 Link in bio⬆️❤️ (oh and who took the photo of me in the bathtub yesterday...?)🤔😂 #ringotookit #mysteries #yogagirlpodcast #projectalonetime #selfcare #loneliness #motherhood #life

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Home😭❤️🌙 .


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You can’t tell in this photo but I’ve been crying my eyes out. I’m on my way home to Aruba now, leaving little moon and Dennis in Sweden for another five days. I’m calling this Project Alone Time - I’ve been struggling with my wellbeing this trip and have desperately wanted to go home. I have 23 days of yoga teacher training coming up and feel a huge need to ground. My husband on the other hand feels the absolute opposite and wants to stay in Sweden for as long as he can. A few weeks ago we decided to stop arguing about it and to give this a try: me, alone at home to rest and restore and prepare for YTT and baby and baby daddy continuing to adventure and be with family for an extra few days. It sounded good in the moment - five whole days alone to meditate, practice yoga, get some work out of the way, clean the house... But I’ve had massive anxiety about leaving Luni over the past couple of days. Cried myself to sleep last night. And now I’m in a cab wondering what the hell is wrong with me😭 What kind of mother leaves her baby for five days for no reason? There were many but I can’t remember a single one right now. I feel so guilty. Forgot what the point was. Miss her so much my whole body aches. If I think about her I cry. I’m trying to make this into something good and to not let my head spin out of control - it’s just a few days and soon I’ll we’ll all be home together - but this feeling is AWFUL. Like I’ve lost a limb. And somehow because it’s “for me” I can’t shake the guilt! If it was purely work I would feel better about it which is so messed up in a lot of ways.
At least I have Ringo. The OG baby. Amsterdam next. Almost home. x

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At the end of the day when all is said and done... The only thing that matters
is how much
we love.
Its taken me 15 months to get truly comfortable with the love I feel for this little girl. When she first arrived I kept waiting for someone to tell me it was all a big mistake; that it wasn’t real, that I wouldn’t get to keep her. I was almost waiting for someone to take her away. Because how could it be true, a love like this? We accept the love we think we deserve and for me, this was just too much of it. It dawned on me recently: I don’t think I’ve ever loved myself the way I love her. So when she was born... She had to teach me. Loving her has taught me so much about loving me. About being in love. Dwelling in love. She’s helped me peel away things I was conditioned to believe were prerequisites of love; that I had to act in a certain way or be a special person to receive it. She’s taught me that the love I hold in my heart for her - and it’s an infinite amount - I can also hold for myself.
For these past 15 months I’ve been in training. And every day, Love gets a little easier. I let my belly soften even when I’m wearing tight dresses. I don’t lie awake at night thinking about mistakes I’ve made. I ask for help much more often. I’m more gentle with myself and that little voice in the back of my head telling me I don’t deserve... It gets a little bit quieter each day. .

And, also: I’m no longer obsessing over the ways in which I might lose her. We are here because we’re meant to. Love is here because it’s meant to. And maybe thinking I wasn’t worthy all along was here because it was meant to, too. .

Maybe I needed of lifetime of finding my way to figure out
I was already home.

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