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In this last episode from Bali, we visit our amazing friend @meghancurrieyoga in her beautiful home, where @sofiephoenix creates her first masterpiece with the help of Aunty Meghan. We hang out for the day, playing, cooking, making art; and Meghan tells us all about 'The Plastic Project' that she is getting ready to launch. We talk about the different ways we can all help and how to get more involved. We visit a local river and see first hand the devastating plastic epidemic in Bali. Time to do something about this!👊🏼 Check out the episode and let us know your thoughts about plastic waste and what we can all do about it. 👆🏼LINK IN BIO👆🏼
Here are some great organizations to follow @byebyeplasticbags @4ocean @theoceancleanup @plasticoceans @lifewithoutplastic @nrdc_org
Amazing cinematography by @drishti_videography 🎥🎨

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#HappyFathersDay 👏🏼 Wishing all you dads out there an awesome day with your kids and fam!
@SofiePhoenix has entered a whole new stage of her development that can be best described as carbs carbs carbs and more caaarbs! This little carbo-loading machine is growing like crazy! Lately, she has also found her tastebuds for raspberries, strawberries, mangoes, avocados and spirulina, which makes superfood-mama & papa super happy. How cute is she making breadcrumbs look fashionable?! #parenthoodrocks

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Thank you all for your heartfelt messages of love and support. Apologies for the radio silence. We have been in New York for the past few days supporting our family. Mimi has a difficult journey ahead, but we all remain hopeful. Adjusting to a challenging new reality is painful, but nothing is as painful as seeing someone you love, stuck somewhere they don’t want to be... be it a hospital bed or some scary dark corner of their mind.
It’s easy to let ourselves feel the “good” emotions, but when it comes to sadness and fear, most of us instinctually try running away. It takes courage to let ourselves feel the darker spectrum of emotions without putting up walls and resisting the uncomfortable. It seems pretty clear that to live life fully, one has to accept all of it fully... so that’s what we’re doing. Time to practice real yoga. 🙏🏼 H.
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There are times I wish I could read what is written in these palms... today is one of those times. Just as we thought we got over the hump, life decides to throw yet another curveball. My mum has been hospitalized and will need all the support she can get to fight this battle. We’re cutting our trip to India short and flying to New York to support our family. We want to respect her privacy and prefer not share any more details about her condition at this time. Thank you all for your love and ongoing support of our journey, our family, our life. We have never met most of you in person, but we consider every single one of you our extended family. If you feel inspired to help, please pray for Mimi, she will need all the good juju she can get. Sending much love and blessings to all of you out there in need. 🙏🏼💙 C+H+S
FYI for those of you coming to our #BeyondBryce 300hr YTT that starts next week in Thailand, please rest assured that we’re still coming and we look forward to meeting y’all.
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Something amazing happened on our drive back from Vashishta’s cave. We saw a leopard! A big, beautiful, wild leopard!🐯As we stopped the car, he paused on the side of the road for a moment and stared straight back at us. It was so surreal. Not sure whether it meant anything, but it sure felt likes a damn good omen. Seeing a leopard in the wild is definitely a tick on our bucket list and even @SofiePhoenix thought it was a pretty kitty when she screamed “meow meow”😻
om top from @aloyoga

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EPISODE 10 IS LIVE! 👆🏼 link in bio

In this episode we visit the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) and get to spend time with the incredible woman behind the cause, Janice. We venture to a local Bali school to watch BAWA in action and giving their educational classes. The next day we climb up an active volcano to feed 250 abandoned dogs and get very emotional learning about the aftermath of the eruption and what the locals are going through.
Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a non-profit organisation based in Bali, Indonesia. BAWA works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Bali and beyond. BAWA directly relieves the suffering of animals by providing emergency response and rescue, food and medication, rehabilitation and adoption. BAWA practices humane population control, disease control and runs intensive education and advocacy programs for sustainable improvement to animal welfare now and into the future. BAWA will respond to alerts of any animal in distress – from snakes to dolphins.
BAWA is funded entirely by donations and relies heavily on a staff of dedicated volunteers. Every donation, big or small helps greatly towards this incredible organization.
TO DONATE TO BAWA 🙏🏼 please follow the active link under our youtube vid or go directly to http://bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/
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Paying tribute at Vashishta Gufa ✌🏼#vashistasana

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Umm no, I’m not doing the laundry, just saying bye bye to what’s left of my dress. The rest of it got chewed up by the back wheel of the bike. Feels good to close out a traumatizing experience. Today was a good day.
Btw if you zoom in on my shin, you can see one of my battle scars. It looks like the map of India, don’t you think?Oh, and in the last pic that’s our guardian angel @tejrage.

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After nearly two weeks of recovery, I finally got the all clear and ventured out today! I needed some closure to the whole thing, so we decided to go back to the place where the accident happened and meditate in a nearby cave. It felt pretty surreal to stand at the same spot that could have plunged our life into so many different directions. We took a moment to count our blessings and walked around the bend down to Vashishta’s cave. It felt quite cathartic and ceremonious to go back, reflect, meditate and dip our toes in Mother Ganga. Feeling very blessed to still be here, in this moment, in this life. 🙏🏼 C.
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We are honored to be officially certified as the first @1giantmind meditation teachers alongside our OG group of 15 incredible human BEings. Big thank you to @jonnipollard and the entire 1GM team for putting together such an amazing program. Our final task was to put on a three day #learntomeditate course. After our recent accident here in Rishikesh, we thought it would be nice to find a way to give back to our guardian angel @tejrage by teaching him how to meditate. So here we are, breathing in this beautiful sunset by the Holy Ganga and quietly slipping into a state of being. #highlymeditated #rishikesh #india

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Wanna become a certified yoga teacher? Join us in paradise for our next 200hr YTT 2-26 October 2018 in beautiful Bali. Excited for @adamwhitingyoga to join our teaching faculty and share his magic and wisdom. Applications are open! Visit yogabeyond.com for more info👍🏼
A bit of info about this training...
Whether you aspire to create a meaningful and rewarding career as a yoga teacher, or you simply wish to take your practice to a whole new level, our 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training aims to evolve your existing practice and introduce you to the art of teaching yoga. This immersive residential program will take you on a journey of self discovery through a daily yoga and meditation practice, study of the fundamental principles of yoga, art of teaching, creative sequencing, asana alignment, philosophy, anatomy as well as the business of yoga, branding and social media. Our personal insights and our proven feedback process aim to give you an expanded awareness not only as a teacher, but more importantly as a human being. You will learn the necessary tools to cultivate a confident teaching voice and nurture your own teaching style. In short, our mission is to inspire you to BE the best version of YOU - on and off the mat. This immersive experience is an opportunity to learn, explore and grow in a safe and supportive environment. YogaBeyond® is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance. After graduating from our training, you will be able to register as an RYT-200 International Yoga Teacher and have a clear roadmap to structuring and teaching yoga classes at studios and events around the world.🙏🏼
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Episode 9 is LIVE!👆🏼link in bio
Can’t believe how much has happened since we filmed this. We’re running a few weeks ahead of each episode to allow time for editing, which actually makes every new upload quite nostalgic as we retrace our steps through so many experiences. Time travel is a real thing! In this episode, Claudine shares childhood memories from her time in Bali, we take a family trip to the monkey forest in Ubud, and Sofie gets up close and personal with her primate cousins!🐒 Check it out, leave us a comment, ask any questions, and hit that subscribe button to join our channel!
Special thanx to @drishti_videography 🎥 for capturing our journey so beautifully.

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