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Softness is not without strength. Strength is not without trust. Trust is not without softness. 💫 Gorgeous yoga flow inspo by @kaylala88 😍⠀
What songs help you drop into your flow?

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😂😂😂 When your dog nails the yoga pose better than you 😂 Can your furry friend land a yoga pose, too? (besides Savasana!) Tag your animal-loving yogis and share a smile 🐶🐱🐰🐵

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Plow Pose is not for the alignment-lazy! Halasana will give you amazing benefits - if you do it safely. Check out these important tips. @actionjacquelyn ❤️ Do they change how you practice the pose?

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Arm balances can seem counterintuitive - we have to lean forward more than we think we should. 💪 But remember the whole bottom half of your body that needs counterbalance! Thank you for sharing @ania_75 ❤️ What funky arm balances are you working on?

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The real test of a yoga practice isn't in the poses done, but if you can still calmly smile throughout the process, even when it gets difficult. 😀😀😀 Tag your friends for inspo! Video @piyawanyoga ❤️

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How do you prep your body for Wheel? Do you focus on your back muscles, abs, AND hip flexors? Every pose asks many parts of the body to work. Try to not leave any important parts out!⠀

It may not be the first thing you think of for backbends such as wheel, but it is important for making a deep backbend feel amazing! — starting by activating your core and back muscles! .⠀
There are many methods, (these photos are just examples) but when we activate the core muscles, the back and booty muscles, our spine is protected and we move into our backbends with stability. And that’s what makes them feel AWESOME .⠀
Core activators: boat, low boat (pictured), plank, kapalabhati, etc — anything that gets the belly muscles lit! .⠀
Back body activators: cobra variations (pictured is one of many), locust, plank, etc — anything that fires up the hamstrings, glutes, low back . .⠀
Bridge pose (pictured) is fantastic because it can fire up the core and back and act as a great prep for wheel, as well as a resting posture between pressing up to wheel! It opens the hip flexors and strengthens the hamstrings! .⠀
TIP: Bring your arms up over head in bridge as if going to wheel, and press the hands into the floor without lifting up to help activate and open the arms for wheel too .⠀
I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments what you think about activating the core before wheel! .

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Optical illusions stretch what we have decided to call "real". They're fascinating reminders that anything can be real, yet nothing is. How do you stretch your mind?  Gorgeous inspo and mind tricks from @theyoganinja 📸 by @eijiphoto

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Do you move your spine in every direction every single day? 💫⬆➡⬇⬅💫 Sequence by @roxanne_yoga
Moving your spine in all planes lubricates your vertebrae and keeps them (& your whole body) young. Tag your friends for inspo!

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Puppy dog pose, Anahatasana. Warm up and ease into this deep backbend. Keep it gentle and playful, just like your dog does 😉🐶 What lessons have you learned from your fur baby? Video by @aminahtaha

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Kitchens aren't just for cooking! Today, slow your practice down. Let it simmer slowly so you can taste all the yummy flavors. Tag a friend for this inspo by the mindfully moving @jessicaolie

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Excellent Pincha Mayurasana tips from @ericatenggarayoga! As you see, most of the work lies in the prep poses. Instead of rushing the process, prep well and struggle less. How do you prep for Pincha? 🦂⠀

You need strong shoulders for pincha & this will def train that⠀
Trains your hips & lower back to not collapse, strength makes for lightness, think of a hollow body the whole time & rest between sets⠀
legs together, dont lift high but extend forward & back from crown of head to toes, this is to train the inner thighs & back muscles⠀
To strengthen & stretch the quads. Strength for kicking up to the inversion⠀
Stretch to keep top leg extended in kicking up⠀
Because the prep for pincha is dolphin & tight hamstrings will make you suffer in dolphin, best have them open & make life easier⠀
You need open shoulders for pincha, notice how in garudasana the inner biceps & elbows face up and how the top outer shoulder and triceps roll down? Yup, don't forget that⠀
With bent elbows to up the intensity. I often find if I don't do this, it's harder to hold pincha⠀
Similar to extended puppy, you can use the edge/ledge of anything just instead think of a hollow torso yet still press the shoulders & armpits down to stretch them, this is the stretch you want to feel while in dolphin & pincha the whole time⠀
Strap up the elbows keeping them shoulder width to avoid splaying, hold a block between palms to prevent them sliding in, inner biceps forward, outer triceps back⠀
If you feel like dying here, then you are not ready to go further & repeat previous steps until dolphin feels more effortless⠀
Think forearm plank & dolphin combined yet elevated, keep elbows 1 leg distance away from wall or closer, this helps train the fear of inversions⠀
Set up like dolphin, kick up to the wall, forehead to strap, grow feet UP the wall⠀
1min x 3, 30s rest between⠀
Not joking⠀
Effort before effortless⠀
Like step 11. But leveled up

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Remember: Your body doesn't have to always hold itself in one straight line, and neither does your life. How will you draw outside of the lines today?⠀

Beautiful shape and photography inspo by @heidiwilliams89 😍⠀

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