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Thinking too much these days, worrying about the future, about money, about feeling safe. Missing my best people and longing for holidays and escaping the city. Still a few more weeks before taking some time off for the summer and still not sure where to go or what to (not) do... what are your plans?

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Brede sΓΈ 4ever

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Covering your eyes won't make the bad things go away

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The bouquet 🌾

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So honoured to have this woman in my life. There are no words to describe her beauty, inside and out πŸ’•βœ¨

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KBr (potassium bromide) pellets for infrared spectroscopy. They are all samples of birch bark (except one, which I'm not sure what is yet), the pellet on top is recent decayed bark from forest grounds, the rest are all archaeological samples around 5200 years old. The samples are ground up in a KBr powder and pressed into these little moon-like pellets. When analysed, infrared light interacts with molecules and reveals chemical bonds in the sample #konservatorliv

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It's Eurovision night so obviously the perfect night for... Korean food πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸΌ

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The old dissection auditorium at Institut fΓΌr Anatomie in Bern. Reminded me of @medicalmuseion πŸ”ͺ Mentally trying to prepare for another visit to the University of the Arts and being away from my son again πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

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It was a drive-by, striped t-shirt flapping in the bike wind cooling down my skin

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For the table celebrating my favourite @karinahunnerup

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What more do you need?

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