Hoje foi um dia inesquecível pro nosso “Hora do Faro”.Pela primeira vez concorremos com a estreia do Brasil numa Copa do Mundo. O placar chegou a 52(Globo) X 1,8 (Record).E conseguimos, com o término do jogo, chegar a 13 pontos!!!!!De 1,8 pra 13 😱, chegando em várias cidades a encostar na Globo e vencer a concorrência pela vigésima primeira vez apenas em 2018 (21X3)Um feito inacreditável graças a Deus, ao trabalho da nossa equipe maravilhosa e a todos vocês!!!!!Juro que achávamos que hoje ficaríamos com uma média de 1 ponto, 2 e no entanto, conseguimos esse resultado (8 pontos de média em SP).Obrigado de coração a todos vocês que torceram pro nosso Brasil na Copa e depois vieram assistir em peso nosso programa!!!!!Nunca esqueceremos esse dia!!!!🙌🏻🇧🇷💥😱🚀😍

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t̶r̶o̶u̶b̶l̶e̶. #SomethingNew

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Big Bird lit 😂 #WSHH

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Dressing down: @dariamalygina shows off her #CALVINKLEINUNDERWEAR. Photographed by @jewframan. #MYCALVINS

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Thank you Munich! It felt so good to be back in Germany! See you soon! Muchas gracias Munich! Muy feliz de volver a estar con todos ustedes! Nos vemos pronto! Shak

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Talking this and more at 9pm est during the @poseonfx live tweet with @evanpeters & @mrrpmurphy #posefx #ahs8

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An artist from the #TFWGucci project of memes featuring Gucci’s #LeMarchédesMerveilles watches, London-based William Ndatila @williamcult aimed to create a personal connection to his images by depicting models with a customized #GucciOphidia tote with initials in black caiman leather in locations of his neighborhood in East London, collaborating with photographer Roxy Lee (@sausageandcustard). Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #ABCDEFGucci

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Agility, stability, and exceptional élan.
The all-new #BMW #X5.

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Thankyou for nominating me for best performance in a TV series for @mtv ! (And a huge Thankyou to @giorgioarmani for this beautiful custom look) 🙏I'm so glad to have met so many of you and to have been on this crazy journey together...Here's to what lies ahead. Shoutout to the best TV family/ cast anyone could have - I love my @13reasonswhy fam x infinity 💫💕

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Thru the ups n downs! Just gotta say happy Father’s Day, I love u pops!

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thank you @versace @donatella_versace 🖤

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Photo by @taylorglenn // A fog bow or white rainbow appears on a misty morning in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Swipe through to see the entire scene. This rare phenomenon is similar to a rainbow in that it is formed by light passing through water droplets, but because the droplets in fog are much smaller than rain, a fog bow has much weaker colors than a rainbow. And when the water droplets are small enough the fog bow will appear totally white like you see here. Such a wonderful moment to witness! And to make this even better, I was on an early morning drive with my father so we shared this spectacular scene together. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Follow @taylorglenn for more scenery from Wyoming and beyond #fogbow #whiterainbow #tetons #wyoming #jacksonhole

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Following the the leader group. Amazing experience. @usga #2018usopengolf #fathersday

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Back to basics, but astonishingly bold.

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Brunch with my boys!

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Viva Mexico!! 🇲🇽🙌🏼⚽️ #worldcup2018 #mexico #victory

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Here’s the meaning behind this picture. In 2015, I was sent to Asia for the first time with NO management. No tour manager. NOTHING. By myself. And I was expected to play this private event with no supervision. My dad (pictured here pushing the luggage) said F THAT I’M COMING WITH YOU. And he did! We played the event and flew home after a scary, messy trip. Him being there made it bearable. He took valuable time off his schedule just to make sure I was ok. With all that being said, I hope that I can be half as good of a dad as you one day. Thank you for everything that you do, I love you to the moon. By the way, this is only ONE example of his extreme selflessness. There are about a million more. Happy Fathers Day.

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rose to the occasion 🌹🌹🌹
-- Search: 00271903 (shop link in bio)

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Maybe Jack Pearson is just a dad on TV, but first we said "Gee" and then we said "Wee!" and now we're posting the Big Three! Happy #FathersDay to our favorite fictional father. (📷: NBC, Getty Images)

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Back in La La Land 💕

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serving us that sunday slay 🍯💛
Make sure to tag @forever21 + #F21xMe for a chance to be featured like #ForeverBabe @andreaschoice xo

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Happy #FathersDay to all the dads in the #WWE Universe!

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GANAMOS PAPÁ! MEXICO A LO GRANDE @miseleccionmx ! WOW! Para todas las personas que decían que Mexico no iba a ganar, pues aquí lo tienen. Un esfuerzo, amor y pasión de un gran equipo poniendo todo en la cancha y una prueba de que con trabajo y dedicación todo se puede! LOS AMO @miseleccionmx !!! TODO MÉXICO ESTÁ CON USTEDES!

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Is your skin suffering from last night's fun!? Soothe tired and dehydrated skin with Hangover Primer and Hangover Setting Spray! #tfhangover #toofaced

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last night..🖤

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The man that taught me everything I know. From the pinky ring down to the patent leather shoes but most importantly making music such a huge part of my life as a kid. Thank you for taking care of us and showing me, my brother and sisters what 1 man can do for his children’s happiness. I love you pops. #happyfathersday

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There’s too many cute moments to choose from❤️.. @DangeRussWilson! I’m truly obsessed with how much you love our little ones, and how every moment matters to you! I’m so grateful for you. You are truly the best dad in the world. I Love You! #HappyFathersDay!

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