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My favorite booty 😋🍑 @austin.reign @austin.reign


Announcing record adoption of NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU, now available on Google Cloud Platform and 50+ server designs from major computer makers. #SC18


in need of vitamin sea 😌


Don’t stop yourself from being who you really are. Don’t run away from your own reality, face your fears with courage and overcome them. The day you do, you’ll know what true freedom is.
Be Authentic, love yourself.
Feel every emotion and live in the moment. That’s the biggest power we have. Right now.
Your soul neeeds this. ❤️
Be happy, spread happiness and positivity.
Shot by @aishwarya_nayak_photography
Makeup @makeupbyshefali.s
Hairby @charlottewang_hmua
Styled by @himanshinijhawan004


Tonight!!!!! Meet me at @starletsofny... Everybody Free All Night!!!


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“Xanarchy Milita” just sitting on private until I get enough 💔 or Xanarchy comments 🖤 Art by @reart_ed


اجمل احساس يُحتلُ قلبي بكلِ حبٍ و أمان ، جزء من حبيبي مُمتد في احشائي👼💙
تصبحون على حب🙏💙
#خلود_الصغيرة #خلود #خلود_امين




Was scrolling through my timeline and found this picture from the day I met my wifey @viking.barbie 😍 y’all have NO idea how much I’m in love with her 🤯


I Pray for these fires to get controlled and all animals to be safe 😩 I just met this beautiful creature this summer. I can’t have two Stanlees gone in the same day 😔 Thank you @whitneycummings for working to protect them. Shame on @malibusafaris to profit from them and be irresponsible with their safety. They disabled their comments 🤬😡


Liso ou ondulado? ✨


Lost 🌴


Mood of the day @kinjalshuklabhanushali
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We lost a good one.
What a man and what a life.
Marvel’s original superhero and co-creator of IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN, THE HULK, X-MEN etc.
When I first broke into Hollywood, years ago he was so warm and welcoming to me - I’ll never forget it.
He gave me very sage advice on navigating a career, that I’ll always carry.
What a life he’s lived and how awesome that his imagination and universe creation impacted generations around the world.
And for generations to come.
Rest in love, my friend.
#imagination #stanlee 💫
📸 @hhgarcia41


When it comes to Thanksgiving, are you gobbling dinner or dessert? Use 🍗 or 🥧 to vote!


Shoutout to all our #ichoosemyself ladies!!! What a magical 28 days of triumphs & struggles 🥊 We are SO PROUD and INSPIRED by this community every single day. It’s been so wonderful seeing new friendships blossom & watching you crush your goals! Y’all crushed it & we can’t wait to watch you slay #fitgirlintersession too 🏋️‍♀️ Next Group Challenge starts November 26th & the special phrase will be announced on November 23rd ♥️


Hey @zuumy what’s in the @thule case?🤔
Vossen Forged LC-104T | @toyotires
#madeinmiami #vossenforged #camaro


Obrigado por isso meu Deus ! Que dia lindo manoo 😍 #semfiltro


Sweet sweet Stan. You gave people all around the world something to believe in. Something bigger than themselves. You taught us that you don’t need to have powers to be super. That a big heart and kindness can change the world. You made everyone around you come to life with laughter and joy. I will miss the giggles. Thank you for all you have given us, you will be missed. Rip. 🖤🖤🖤


A minha animação hoje tá tipo o Sebastian


Just me in my favourite dress. ☺️ Do you like it? @fashionnova




Um local no coração dos Jardins, com wi-fi grátis, café, pet friendly e, o melhor, espaço de sobra para discutir arquitetura, urbanismo, tecnologia, mobilidade e sustentabilidade, entre outros assuntos intrínsecos à Casa Vogue. Bem-vinda à São Paulo, Casa Tegra! O projeto democrático – aberto ao público e gratuito - marca os 40 anos da @tegraincorporadora e abriga até dezembro várias ações culturais e experiências. Confira a programação em e divirta-se. #promocasavogue


Passinho Malado🔊🕺🏽🔥


To mark fifty years since his unit fought in the Battle of Ben Cui in Vietnam, NPR video producer Kara Frame's father, Staff Sgt. Tom Frame, got the guys together. It was more than a reunion; it was a way to heal. The link in our bio takes you to the full story. (Credit: @kara_frame | Kara Frame/NPR)