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Ayu Tingting

Kriting jadi lurus cute cekali 😘😍

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Discover the new Furla monogram logo with a stylized double “F” inspired by heraldic lines and Italian heritage. Follow us to know more. #furlamediterranea #MFW2018 #thefurlasociety #furlafeeling #fashion #furlamonogram

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Ed Sheeran

Playing some more dates in the UK & Europe next year, tickets on sale next Thursday 27th Sept. Check edsheeran.com for info x

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Yo! Dinner time! Follow @barked
#moonmoon #fooddance

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Nike Football (Soccer)

Deep under Barcelona, the Phantom emerges. @phil.coutinho 🔺🚇🔺
#AwakenThePhantom #NikePhantom #Nike #NikeFootball #NikeSoccer #Football #Soccer #metrobcn

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Louis Vuitton

Matière Noire: unfurling dark layers of mystery. See the new #LouisVuitton #LVParfums Campaign via link in bio.

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Billionea kid

#Hongera Unaweza Isikiliza Now Kwa Youtube Ya #Billioneakid Link ☝

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Donald Glover @childishgambino, nominated for 16 #Emmys awards including Outstanding Lead Actor, Director and Writer on a Comedy Series for ‘Atlanta’, wore a custom grey and black striped #GucciTailoring Heritage suit, evening shirt with studs and a satin bow tie by #AlessandroMichele. @televisionacad

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Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

🎥🎂 #Draxladay
Happy birthday to @draxlerofficial who is celebrating his 2️⃣5️⃣ years old 🎉
Joyeux anniversaire à #JulianDraxler qui fête ses 2️⃣5️⃣ ans 🎉
🔴🔵 #ICICESTPARIS #AllezParis #PSG #Paris #Football #DraxlerxPSG

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Masih Alinejad

⛔️⛔️⛔️ .

دیدن این فیلم برای کودکان مناسب نیست.

امروز فیلم های زیادی از قمه زنی به دستم رسید. ورق بزنید و این فیلم ها را ببینید. ایرانی ها در کنار پاکستانی ها و عراقی ها در کربلا قمه می زنند و سر می شکافند برای عزاداری.
نظرتان در مورد این خونریزی برای عزاداری روز عاشورا را بنویسید....

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Raffi Ahmad

MENGHARAPKANMU by @mikael.ronodipuro
Composed & Arranged by @tengkushafick

Available at all streaming platforms. Music video on youTube

Jangan ada yang baper yaaa!!! 😁



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Outerwear is looking chic as ever this autumn! 🍂 #HM

Faux fur coat: 0653431
Coat with a tie belt: 0672590

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@mathiaskiss, artist and our fragrance lover, shares his passion for perfume. He played the game by opening up his atelier to us in a video in which he shares his personal relationship with childhood, design and box … @diorparfums #maisonchristiandior

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UEFA Champions League

Four 🔥 strikes from matchday one 💥

Which ⚽️ should top the poll?

#UCL #championsleague #GOTW

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Seren Serengil

Bugün hafiften sonbahar hissedilmeye başlandı güneşte olsa... bit pazarına gidiyoruz bugün :) o yüzd n en rahat ayakkabılar giyildi bizde durum böyle sizi özledim gününüz güzel geçsin❤️

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This dude is out here wildin! “Excuse me miss..”💩😩💀 @lilcannoligang #WSHH

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Huda Kattan

Stunning 😍😍😍😍 @amelia.szczepaniak Thank you gorgeous for creating all these stunning looks! ❤️ Guys Which one is your fav? #Repost @amelia.szczepaniak
@shophudabeauty #hudabeautypreciousstones 5 full looks❤️💚🧡💙💜 💚EMERALD LOOK💚:
#hudabeautypreciousstones EMERALD OBSESSION
LIPS #hudabeautyliquidmatte BIKINI BABE
RUBY OBSESSION AND hudabeauty Liquid Matte Heartbreaker 🧡TOPAZ LOOK🧡
LASHES #hudabeautylashes SAMANTHA
GLOW #hudabeauty3dhighlight GOLDEN SANDS
FACE foundation #hudabeautyfauxfilter

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ito yung picture na bago ka bilhan ng laruan... kailangang aliwin mo muna ang mama mo. "picture picture nak... mag posing ka ng pang artista" cut to may new toy ka 😉 #TBT

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National Geographic

Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | Golden Wildebeest, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Along the Limpopo River basin, Golden Wildebeest naturally occurred adjacent to the Tuli-Block of Botswana. Earlier farmers in the 1920′s, called them “Vos Wildebeest.” —- The first Golden Wildebeest Bull, was captured by Alec Raff in the early 1990′s on the game farm Swinburne, in the Limpopo Valley, here they formed an integral part of the large migratory herds that once moved freely between South Africa and Botswana. Just over a quarter of century later its estimated than in excess of 2000 of these animals graze on South African game ranches, bred in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot unusually colored trophy animals. As early as 2011 the International Council for Game & Wildlife Conservation (CIC) declared color variants a manipulation of wild game and said they should not be hunted. The industry continued and prices at auction continued to climb until 2016 when the market collapsed. With color-variant animals, a supply of ‘unnatural freaks' was created for which there is no real demand. The animals that roam the land have become commodified, part of a new consumerism, marketed and sold, their ‘brands’ pitted against each other, their continued existence now a question of human demand, whim and calculation. Follow me here and @chancellordavid and @thephotosociety to see more work and projects #southafrica

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National Geographic Travel

📷: @krystlejwright // A pathway weaves it way through the Indonesian jungle on top of the ridge line of Mount Lempuyang. As tourists climb the 1700 stairs, seven temples can be visited along the way. However the main temple Lempuyang Luhur lies at 1,175m above sea and at times the clouds engulf the top creating this beautiful misty atmosphere. #Bali

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Patrice Evra

May god blessed you all ♥️♥️♥️🙏🏼 sorry for the split at the end 💦💦i was Soo happy 😊 #ilovethisgame #positive4evra #god #love #beapanda

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Anushka Sen

'After last time's awesome experience with UrbanClap, all my salon needs had to be through them! Get on the @urbanclap app and book your service today'
#salon #salonathome #hair #hairspa #therapy #athomeconvenience #athomeservices #serviceathome

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Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid 3-0 Roma
🎩✨ @IscoAlarcon
#RMUCL | #HalaMadrid

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FC Barcelona

🙌 Keep your 👀 on the ⚽! 🙌
🙌 ¡La 👀 siempre en la ⚽! 🙌
🙌 La 👀 sempre a la ⚽! 🙌
#Busquets #ForçaBarça #IgersFCBarcelona #igersBarça #FCBarcelona

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Manchester United F.C.

About last night then. 😄 #MUFC #UCL

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Di film Avenger: Infinity War, Thanos berhasil memusnahkan dan menewaskan setengah penduduk bumi. Itu adalah kisah fiktif namun sungguh menyita perhatian kita dan membuat kita penasaran bagaimana endingnya. Kenikmatan dunia yang melenakan dan memabukkan membuat kita terlupa pada saudara-saudara kita di Idlib, Suriah .
Sejak tahun 2012, serangan oleh Bashar Al-Assad yang dibantu Syiah Hezbollah, milisi Iran dan pesawat militer Rusia, telah menewaskan ratusan ribu penduduk Suriah, belasan ribu dieksekusi dan jutaan lainnya mengungsi. Basis-basis oposisi berhasil direbut dengan kejam oleh Assad dan sekutunya. Kini tinggal provinsi Idlib yang tersisa .
Pihak internasional mengkhawatirkan akan terjadi bencana kemanusiaan terbesar di abad ke-21 terjadi jika Idlib diserang. Sebab di sana ada 2,9 juta penduduk Suriah, dan 1 juta di antaranya adalah anak-anak yang kini diliputi kecemasan. Pertemuan untuk membahas perkembangan Idlib antara Presiden Turki, Rusia dan Iran berakhir deadlock. Rusia dan Iran bersikukuh mendukung Assad untuk menyerang Idlib. Dan Turki berkomitmen akan melindunginya .
Detik-detik terjadinya "Final Civil War" di Suriah telah dimulai. Semoga Allah menjaga Idlib dan memberikannya kemenangan .
Tag dan share kepada sahabat dan saudara kita! Bagikan Ilmu ini, Semoga Bermanfaat 😊
Media Pembelajaran Diri 👇
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Follow ➡️ @KajianSemangat
Supported by @berbagisemangat
Media Inspirasi Motivasi dan Edukasi
#Credit @cordova.media
#BerbagiSemangat #Inspirasi #Motivasi #Edukasi #Tausiyah #Kajian #Semangat #hijrah #istiqomah #islam #teladan #sunnah #tauhid

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مجلة مشاهير العراق

نعزي الامة الاسلامية بذكرى استشهاد سيد الاحرار و عنوان الانسانية الامام #الحسين عليه السلام. ذكرى صوت المظلوم على الظالم #عاشوراء. عظم الله اجوركم. ً

• •

#مجلة_مشاهير_العراق #مشاهير #مشاهير_العراق #مشاهير_العرب #كلنا_نحبها #كلنا_العراق #العراق#بغداد#Celebrities #Celebrities_iq #CelebritiesIq #Iq #Iraq #CelebritiesIraq #Baghdad_live #عراقي #عراقية #عراقيين
#Iraqi #Iraqia #Iraqis 🇮🇶 # .
صفحتنا الثانية ‏@celebrities.iq.mag

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Когда твой плейлист в тачке не зашёл родителям 😂😏😏
Ну , что поиграем сегодня? 😁😁😁
В течении суток я в любое время пишу в комментариях слово «СТОП» ⛔️ и человек передо мной чей комментарий оказался последним получит 10.000₽ 💸мм?🤩🤪

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