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Alexa play Dru Hill - Tell me

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The new Paul McCartney single is here 🙌
Stream now ahead of his new album #EgyptStation out 9/7.
Link in bio.

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Poleni Jamani Watoto Wazuri Wote Uko mtaani walikua wanatafuta Cha kuwaambia ma X zao Sasaivi kwenye status zao Yani #Tuachanemdogomdogo Tu 🤣 thanks my sister mchanga wangu @forever_rachna pre order GoldAlbum Link kwa BIO Yangu || 👊🏿🕷👊🏿 // -

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De la canción de @anuel_2blea dedicada a @jlo que estábamos hablando en @losreyesdelapunta de @lamega1069
#ElMoluscoDePuertoRico 🎧

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Nese behen 50.000 comments per 24 ore, “Rendez Vous” del pas nje jave, nese jo,
Downloadoni dhe degjoni videon derisa te dali 🤣 Rendez Vous will be out in a week if this video gets 50.000 comments in 24 hrs 🤷🏼‍♀️

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The face you make when you realize you’re getting married in 3 weeks 🤪 Luckily, I got this psycho by my side and have for 27 years 🙌🏼 #MaidOfHonorAppreciation @idi0syncrasy

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В 90% случаев, чтобы похудеть и держать себя в форме, достаточно просто правильно питаться🍏. Зайди в @pp_kulinar и открой для себя огромное количество полезных рецептов♨, которые помогут тебе скинуть лишние килограммы и чувствовать себя прекрасно 💃! Никаких изнуряющих диет, подходи правильно к своему питанию вместе с @pp_kulinar👈

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@omgitslexi 😘

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Touch up time during our event today💋 Aí você descobre que tem uma bancada @oboticario dentro do #QGFhits (AMOO)! Passei pra retocar a make e acabei trocando o batom - por essa cor linda “Orange Juice” (que é líquido com acabamento mate e tem uma cor super intensa)! Sou a louça do batom né? E vcs? Qual o item de maquiagem que você não vive sem? #NaoPrecisoMasQuero #QGfhitsnocidadejardim

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Ahora soy rubia 🔥
Hair by @larackay ❤️ | @bellamihair
Makeup : @annamarti

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Best team in the first half? ⚪️ or 🔴

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The #TahitiPro is on HOLD, conditions are improving. Next call is at 1:00pm TAHT (4:00pm PT, 8:00pm BRT, 9:00am AEST)

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On the TOUR bus, BUT! Not on tour this weekend but going out to shoot some INSANE music videos 🤘🏼⛪️🌾 shits about to get insane 💯#rhec #roadlife #musicvideo

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Captain Save A Hoe was seen on the scene last night and back with her signature lightbulb look. It’s been reported that she was on her way to save more Hoes than usual as there is a new movement called “Hoe is Life” circulating the Universe where women actually are confident in their sexuality! In turn, more and more fuckboys are popping up everywhere telling women what to do with their bodies!!!! 😳 she was in a rush but The Gracious Captain stopped to take pictures with her fans. An inside source told us that the captain saved quite a few hoes that night from heartbreak, narcissistic sociopaths, toxic masculinity and egotistical mentally manipulative Assholes 🤷🏼‍♀️ Welp! All in a days work Captain! 😍❤️🤗

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La vida es la suma de todas tus elecciones! #soñando #aprendiendo #trabajando #orando #confé #sinsacrificionohayvictoria
@alexgomezphoto #pjteam #pjlovers🖤

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Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // MORNING VICTIM // Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) perches with a freshly caught four-spotted #chaser #dragonfly #female. It was still quite early to have a lovely natural backlit, but late as well to have #dragonflies active. So it was a really lucky coincidence! Taken about 10 miles from my actual residency in #Hungary. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
#joepetersburger #HWAOP #YearoftheBird #discoveryourbackyard #birdstagram #birdphotography #bestbirdshots #birding #birdlife #planetbirds #bird_brilliance #birdextreme #birdsofinstagram #birds_adored #bird #birds #beeeater #feather #fourspottedchaser

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TEM PROMOÇÃO COM PRESENTE NO @100estrias. De hoje até quarta dia 15, às 21:00:
1️⃣ Compre 2 cremes para estrias ou mais e ganhe um creme preventivo de presente 🎁.
2️⃣ Compre 2 cremes preventivos e ganhe o terceiro preventivo de presente 🎁
3️⃣ Compre 2 BURN FAT ou mais e ganhe um de CELULITE de presente
4️⃣ Compre 2 cremes para celulite e ganhe o terceiro de presente 🎁

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Ready in my @fashionnova ! After putting on 10 lbs of make up, 3 hours later & holding this pose for 1 hour, just to realize he fell asleep on the couch 😩😂 #hemustbecheating

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برعاية @ln
أجمل حساب للخواتم النادرة الرجالية والنسائية والفضيات والأحجار الكريمة
#خاتم#خواتم#ديزاين#العقيق#يماني#سليماني#زفير#ياقوت#زمرد#الطائف#الاحساء#ابها#الكويت#الامارات#قطر#لسعودية#عمان##الرياض#جدة#عسير#تبوك#LN#مكة#الخبر##صلالة#البحرين#جازان#القصيم#المدينة#الباحة# .
التعليق يعبر عن تربيتك واخلاقك فكن متحضر اكثر بتعبيرك ♥️💖♥️

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A car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London during rush hour Tuesday morning. The driver, a man in his late 20s, was arrested, and an investigation was underway. Two people were taken to the hospital and one person was treated at the scene. (📸: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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Former India captain Ajit Wadekar, who led India to their first three overseas Test series victories, has passed away aged 77.

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Don’t worry—the kid photographed is just acting😊
📷: @vitaly_gulyaev
Follow us @arts.hub for more!

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Memories of a life time created one month ago ⭐⭐ souvenirs pour la vie crées il y a un mois #twostarsforlife @equipedefrance #fiersdetrebleus #heretocreate

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Дорогой Тимур Ильдарович!!! @timatiofficial Вы такой честный, добрый, целеустремлённый! Человек с которого я беру пример, спасибо Вам, что дали возможность быть частью вашей семьи!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS 🌟

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Sunset glow @balibody 🌸

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Name a fat boy flyer .....

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It was the most wonderful and a heartwarming feeling to be part of the flag hoisting ceremony of #IndependenceDay at the #IndianCounsulate in NY. Thank you #CounselGeneral Sandeep Chakravorty, the staff and my fellow Indians for making me part of this this historical moment. Singing our #NationalAnthem with you all was a blessing. Jai Hind.🙏😍🇮🇳

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