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👋🤜🤛 @cristiano meets his new @juventus teammates for the first time ⚪️⚫️

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The NBA Summer League didn’t disappoint. 🔥 #SCtop10

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Swipe ➡️ to find out which #RAW Superstars walked/got stretchered out of #ExtremeRules victorious!

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#Repost @pitbull
"The way she dance, she gon' make you move to Miami" Thank you @themostbadones! #movetomiami

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Loving the spotlight. 🌟 Photo by @basfransenphotography.
[Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S | Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 10,7 l/100 km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 244 g/km | http://mb4.me/Rechtlicher_Hinweis/]
#MercedesBenz #MercedesAMG #AMG #GLC #AMGGLC63S #mbfanphoto #DrivingPerformance #whitecars #hearmeroar #beautyofdriving #automotivedesign #mbcar

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Helllllo SUPER COVERAGE 👀 Who is LIVING for this NEW concealer!? #regram @cocoaswatches #tfbornthisway #toofaced

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Pumped up kicks. #LouboutinHomme #FW18

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🇫🇷 Pick THREE standout #UCL stars for #France in Russia 🔥🔥🔥 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 #championsleague #WorldCup @equipedefrance

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Helllooooo rambut panjang 😝❤️ #rambutmulaipanjang

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👏🏻👏🏻 @equipedefrance !!!

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[H-5 !! #YouthXPublicFigure Vol. 5]
Ssstt...ada pesan buat Yooters nih dari aku untuk #ConnectingIndonesia
Segera dapatkan tiketmu dengan klik link pada profile @wetheyouth.id 🤗

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Dancing on television, the stars of Italo Disco were untainted by the guiding hand of choreography. Some developed huge fan bases across Europe, most remained unheard and unknown. Real characters from the genre’s scene—including Simona Zanini, Fred Ventura (@italoconnection) and Alberto Stylòo—appear in Josh Blaaberg’s film ‘Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona’ created in partnership with @frieze_magazine. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #ItaloDisco

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@reebok #bemorehuman http://reebok.com/bemorehuman

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Photo @tbfrost | Words @paulrosolie
There is a reason big fish, and big crocs, and snakes for that matter too, live to see old age: they are shrewd. A few years ago my team and I caught the world record for longest live, verifiably measured wild anaconda. We named her Eleanor after my grandmother. She was resting on floating vegetation in the warm morning sun. The giant anacondas love the floating grasses because if any threat comes, they can dive under immediately. From the tip of a large canoe I saw her, and she saw me, and immediately started going down. Clever girl. When I splashed into the swamp to where she was and wrapped my arms around her it was with the full knowledge that this nearly twenty-foot snake was in full control. She weighed more, was stronger, could swim better, and had dozens of re-curved teeth to use in her defense. The team of 8 researchers with me jumped in too and all of them tried to grab parts of her, but there was nothing to stand on - the water was 20 plus feet deep. We held onto her tail as she thrashed around, and for a moment coils as thick as any of us were emerging and splashing everywhere. It was like fighting the Cracken. When I got control of her head I lost control of everything else, I could no longer swim and could no longer protect from her coils. It was the rest of the team that kept me afloat, and hauled me – and the snake - up onto the boat so that we could measure her and collect data, the first information gathered on green anacondas in the Peruvian Amazon. You can’t tranquilize an anaconda, so for now studying them has to be done the old-school way. Thankfully, not all of them are that hard - or dangerous - to catch, like this small 6 foot female we found on the edge of stream in a swamp. Doesn’t matter how small or large the snake is though, each anaconda I work with I consider the privilege of a lifetime.
To see more photos of this anaconda, which is the largest species of snake in the world , I’m @tbfrost
#snakesofinstagram #peru #amazon #anacondas #giantsnakes #scalesandskin

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Explore the limited-edition, 13-piece capsule celebrating our outerwear icons and the #Burberry check
Available online and in selected stores

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Banyak yang kepo aku kalo beli sneakers kayak gini dimana ?
Nih aku kasih tau, cek aja langsung di @kicks.republic karena sneakers di sini pas banget sesuai sama selera aku dan terpercaya banget kualitas barang & pelayanannya
Sepatu buat olahraga ada, buat jalan2 ada, buat pergi kuliah ada, pokoknya lengkap tinggal dipilih aja..
Langsung kepoin aja instagramnya @kicks.republic karena koleksi lengkap, terupdate, dan harga nya pas di kantong !
. .

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When you get your own golf shoe you must go try them out!. #Wade6golf #Wejustgettingstarted #wadechinatour2018 @lining.official @wayofwade

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*swipe left
I got the best job in the world and I’m the luckiest SOB on the planet.
#AmputeeStrong #AmputeeCoalition
@rawsonthurber @flynnpictureco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @danygarciaco @sevenbuckscr

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Creative ways to tie a sarong.
#5minutecrafts #video #sarong #ideas
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Presenting 'Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona' a film by Josh Blaaberg from the four-part film series #SecondSummerofLove. The film blurs the lines between documentary and drama and presents the genre in all its camp glamour and retro-futuristic hope. He introduces real characters of the scene including fans, club owners and designers who were involved and trace Italo Disco's hidden legacies in today's sounds. The film will be screened exclusively at the #GucciWooster cinema space in SoHo, New York from July 13-20, with four screenings per day. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #ItaloDisco
Music: M&G - When I Let You Down
Written and Directed by: @joshblaaberg
Produced by: @jacquiedenbrow and James Graley

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Boston is a walking city, and not just because visitors find it so hard to navigate traffic. Take a leisurely stroll in the Commonwealth Avenue Mall or along Newbury Street, stopping into little boutiques or shifting your gaze up to the brownstones lining the streets. Who knows, you could be walking where any number of famous Bostonians — Julia Child, Benjamin Franklin, Donna Summers, Sylvia Plath — have been. (📷: @yanan.aurora 📍: Boston, Massachusetts)

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🇭🇷 stizemo..!!! Ekipa😂🙌 #falikonj #tresete @filip_bradaric28 @anterebic @ivanperisic444 @strinic

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Presenting our second drop with #GoshaRubchinskiy, featuring classic pieces remastered with modern details and graphic check
Alina wears the oversized duffle coat, check bucket hat and check loafers

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📸 @jeremydeputat

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My 21 st birthday today ...... ok fine .....plus a few more years 💃🌟📷credit my MOM 🦄

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What y’all think #NorthWest was thinkin’?

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Nih guysss buat kalian yg mau BBQan di Wilayah Bandung dan sekitarnya pake BBQ kita sdh bs loooh mulai tanggal 20 Juli😊🙏
Jd buat yg mau bikin acara tp bosen gitu2 aja pake BBQ kita aja guysss yg lg hits bgt @my.bbq hehehe Ga Pake repot,enak dan ga mahal kok guysss👌
Langsung aja Booking dr sekarang ya guyssss sebelum Full
Telfon / WA

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Finding the best views and providing the best rides.
The third generation of the #BMW #M3 Coupé.
#BMWrepost @iamtrevordalton

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