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This dress tho


When you can’t find the sunshine, BE THE SUNSHINE ☀️


Casual wednesdays with mega babe @katerenamaria
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#SHEIN #sheinstyle #SHEINgals #cableknit #sweater #jeans


the horse knows it’s a bad bitch, you see the hair flip and the little jump


@1karencastro 😋🔥


Setiap launching, ROK ini selalu HABIS RIBUAN, tapi kita sisain khusus untuk GIVEAWAY dan GRATIS ONGKIR! Mau?
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Semoga barokah yaa ❤️❤️ #skirt #rok #rokgaliya #rokpanjang #jualrokpanjang #skirtlover 👇👇komen MAU sebanyak banyaknya 👇 - #regrann


The turtleneck is iconic and beyond reproach. (📷: Getty Images)


🔥 @caromusiccc 😈




Classic in Paris❤️


عندما يبدع الساكسفون .. عزف جانا الهوا في استوديو #معكم_منى_الشاذلي

#معكم_منى_الشاذلي | منى الشاذلي Mona Elshazly | CBC Egypt


Ortalamaları ve ahlakları aynı yapacak bişey yok 😀 @yesimsalkimofficial muhatap olma sakın ver mahkemeye bu bitiğin yancı bitiklerini (3-4 zavallı sosyal medya sayfası)düzeyimizi koruma şansımız yok karşımızdakilere cevap verdiğimizde ..düşmanın bile düzeyli olacak bizde şans yok bu anlamda hepsi birbirinden parlak 😀 salla bunları herkes farkında herşeyin .


When it's all on the line, trust GLOCK. #GLOCKismyconstant #GLOCK45


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Even the impossible is possible 🌹(top @prettylittlething ) —
Hasta lo imposible es posible 🌹


Ледовый! Мой Питер ❤ #121218 Это было нереально! Мы сделали это вместе 🙏🏻🤤 Спасибо, что пели и танцевали со мной всё шоу #ПринимайМеня! ⭐ Спасибо, что понимаете и принимаете меня такой какая я есть💋 Я вас очень люблю и тоже принимаю разными, ведь любовь не имеет границ и предрассудков 🤗😜 В предверии моего первого стадионного шоу в родном Санкт-Петербурге, я безумно волновалась! Но выйдя на сцену, и увидев ваши светящиеся глаза, все как рукой сняло ...Это чистый кайф🤤🤤🤤 Я живу благодаря Вам, сцене и моей музыки ❤️ Жду ваши фото и видео 🤩 Выкладывайте, отмечайте меня и пишите свои впечатления 🙌🏻 я прочитаю и посмотрю каждый пост ❤🥰 И просто знайте - вы моя любовь, вы моя сила 💪🏻Вы - моя жизнь ❤️❤️❤️Ваша Оля 👸🏻#моилюдивсегдасомной#принимайменя#миромправитлюбовь L Love ❤


This McLaren 720s needs a name.
Built by @rdbla #carlifestyle @shalizi
Photo @25thh


“There will be few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans & may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts & ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, & just go for it.” - source unknown ❤️ @aubrymarie is an LA-based yoga teacher and has been with the Alo family since we began our journey 🙏 Her personal practice is influenced by mindfulness & meditation which she weaves into her asanas with every flow. We’re so inspired by Aubry in her Goddess Leggings & Warrior Bra ✨😍 #aloyoga


Double Lamborghini Urus @y14nny @aubameyang97 .. Chrome Turquoise and Chrome Gold.. Left or right? #yiannimize #wrapking #carwraps #urus #lamborghini #carwraps #chromelambo #chromeurus #twins #doubles


I did some nice yoga and very close up work out ! Go check it out on my private Snapchat lol before it goes away 😁🤗 n some naughty shower after


Just a little something sweet.


Dreamy mornings in an hot air balloon over Cappadocia 😍 This experience was just truly amazing!!! Even tho the weather wasn't a 100% it was just a pure bliss to experience this and I'm so thankful! To see the sun rise and watch all the 150(!) balloons go up in the air together.. just WOW! 🎈


Real Madrid 0-3 CSKA Moscow
⚽ 37' Chalov
⚽ 43 Schennikov
⚽ 73' Sigurdsson


⚡️ OR 💥? #ChainChain


The best pick up line a woman can say to me is... “let’s make some money together baby”


"Breaking the Habit Of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind and Create a New One" by Dr. Joe Dispenza
My silly face is a play on the trippy cover of this book that looks like a Pink Floyd music video and also the awe of self-transformation that I've been going through in the past few months. @JLoveCalderon , who recommended this book to me, has been a light in my life. Through working together in coaching, I have been challenged in ways that I never knew I needed to be, and my life, my career, my art and my activism has blossomed in beautiful ways in just a few months. I will write more in-depth about this at a later point. :)
Much of what JLove and I talk about is learning to let go of old stories that we tell ourselves about who we are. These stories keep us stuck, recreating the same life conditions that often limit us and return us to negative beliefs that actually feel comfortable for us. We believe them to be a part of us because they have been for so long. But they don't need to be.
This book definitely taps into much of what JLove and I have been working on, and in large part, that is why I appreciate it. I have yet to do the meditations that are a big portion of the book, but the information itself I have found incredibly valuable. One part that has truly blown my mind is the "observer effect" in quantum physics, and how Dr. Dispenza connects to one's ability to manifest and create new realities for ourselves (can be seen in the second slide I posted). #
As my consciousness has grown around systems of oppression, I have had resistance to some of the language and ways of being of the self-help community. While I do believe that many of us are capable of immense growth and finding our own happiness, there MUST be a recognition that systems of oppression undeniably DO affect people's lived realities. Self-help is great, but if we are ever to reach a greater level of consciousness and spiritual awakening, we must use our own empowerment to dismantle the systems that oppress the marginalized. Not just through charity, but through solidarity.
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Şahin Tepesi I 4. Bölüm Yeni Fragman! @sahintepesidizi #şahintepesi #ayyapim


The Legacy continues.
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The boys mean business in Bern tonight! 💪💪 #YBJuve #UCL #ForzaJuve #FinoAllaFine


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