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real sisters


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NEWS ALERT, NEWS ALERT: #NERVOnation - we are so thrilled to tell you that we will be hosting the official ONE WORLD RADIO Top 30 Countdown Show‼️This has been a big step for us and a dream come true. We're hosting EVERY Friday at 18:00 (12:00pm EST 9:00am PST) and rebroadcasted on Saturday at 15:00. (9:00amEST 6:00am PST) You can listen to it on the @tomorrowland website main page or download the official @tomorrowland app 📲📻


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55 years old tattooed bodybuilder!💪
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Yayyyyyyyyyyy I have good news #Omonifam 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
I’ve been in talks with the Auto Queen @renee5star so now when you are buying your car, use my discount code #Omonifam2019 for plenty dollars off 💪🏽
Don’t worry, more of such deals coming. 💋 #WeMove #Grace #TheMoneyYear
Just tap into the blessings 🙏🏾😇


Lo pensarás mejor el día que me muera!..
Att: El karma


Did you know our Hair and Women’s Multi were designed to work together?! SugarBearHair.com 🎉
1) Can I take hair and Women’s Multi at the same time? Yes, you can! 💗
2) Is the Women’s Multi vegan? Yes, our Women’s Multi is vegan! 🌱
3) Are the new Women’s Multi halal and kosher? Yes, they are certified halal and kosher! 🐻
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¿Qué vas a hacer hoy? 🙂



For her Fall collection, @albertaferretti presented an ultra desirable collection full of seventies influences, military and western touches and pieces as perfect for the day as for night. All presented on an all star cast of models.
Photographed by @giocondaandaugust


موجنه اوفر شوي 😐 غطت على الاسباني مال اصابعج موسوى بالعقل كتب لها واتسب جم كلمه وجم ورده حبته وتعلقت وقامت تفكر بالطلاق واعتفست حياتي ومواعدته وماراح عالموعد وعمره ماتصل فيها داز صورة واحد من قوقل .. لو اجرت واحد خلته يتواعد معها ويدق لها ليلن نهارن فقط ويترس راسها وعود ممكن تتأثر
هذا واهي جميلة ومهتمه وموظفه وتطلع وتسافر وفلوس وعايشه
لو ان وحده طايحة حظ ومنغلقه وعمرها ماطلعت من البيت ولاشافت الناس ممكن تتاثر .


Which outfit would you add to your shopping list? credit @liangalliard #americanstyle #ootd #outfit #style #fashion #shoppingonline 💕


Amazing clay carving 👶🏻 By @rolandmikhail
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Found the Samsung thing! The venue is (UN)PACKED! Can't wait to see what UNFOLDS here today. Hopefully it's it of this GALAXY. ... that's all I got, sorry


🎙 @frenchthrowdown • @reebokcrossfitlouvre

FR/ Le 19.1 sera annoncé dans la nuit de Jeudi à Vendredi à partir de 1h45 du matin sur les pages du French Throwdown et des The CrossFit Gamess.

Pour ceux habitant à Paris ou à proximité, rdv sous le Pont Neuf à partir de 1h30 du matin pour encourager 6 athlètes venu de 6 boxs différentes faire le 19.1 juste après l'annonce en live.

EN/ 19.1 will be announced on Friday early morning starting at 1:45 am on the French Throwdown and CrossFit Games FB pages

For those of you who live in Paris or close by, 19.1 will be announced under the bridge Pont Neuf where 6 athletes from 6 different French boxes will do the workout straight after the announcement.

@crossfitlutece @crossfitsaintmaur @cfoaparis @crossfit_rive_gauche @crossfitlesenfantsdelabarre
#CrossFit #CrossFitFrance #FTD19 #FrenchThrowdown #VIII #FTDexperience
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#علي_صابر @alisaber.95 .
لـمتـابـعة الـمزيـد تـابـع الـصفـحةة
#شخابيط @shak7abit


Mimi sikuanza kama mchicha,Gafla tu nimejikuta tayari mbuyu!! #HAUTANING’OA


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Человек собаке друг😊


#20Feb. "Este 23 de febrero habrán brigadas voluntarias y humanitarias, trasladándose a los puntos de frontera, con la organización del centro de acopio de Roraima", manifestó el presidente interino Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) en la concentración de transportistas en Altamira. Cortesia @ntn24ve


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Asiye’nin uykusuzluk huysuzluğu 😅
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TWO SECOND TRANSFORMATION 🤣Why “@gymattics Push-Up Leggings" are my BFF! ✨ It’s amazing the things you can hide when your pants go all the way up. And to think I was once obsessed low rise as a teen when I had no hips 🤣 Wearing high waisted leggings not only hides hips and tummies, but it also gives an illusion of a smaller waist. This is why so many of us fitness ladies wear them. Personally I think they’re comfier this way! 🍑🔥
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so soft, you’ll never want to take ‘em off. introducing #psbasics: your new go-to tee, starting at $14.95. #pacsunmens


@AleEnForma definitivamente tiene los mejores tips para que logres el cuerpo que tanto estás buscando! Síguelo!

@aleenforma @aleenforma
@aleenforma @aleenforma


One year ago ... Los Angeles with my love @hugophilip and our baby Marlon 🖤
#sogoodmemories #throwback