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Kim Kardashian West

A little silver eye this morning! Flashing Lights Collection by @david_lachapelle Available this Friday Exclusively on Kkwbeauty.com

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Beğeneceğini düşündüğünüz kişileri yoruma etiketleyebilirsiniz.

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مصطفى الآغا

انجاب الاولاد أمرٌ ... تربيتهم والحفاظ عليهم أمرٌ آخر

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Fala sério meus Amigões, que time é esse🔝🤜🏻💥🤛🏻🔝?! Estaremos todos juntos, sábado as 12h para receber todos vocês com muitcho tcha tcha tchaaaaaaa

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🌊🏄🏽‍♂️ @gabrielmedina

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Rise and shine with this fit Booty Queen

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Ayesha Omar

Bring it on...🌪 #keepitreal #ayeshaomar

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“Space Library” - Visothkakvei: Prints Available in Digital Colored Version.
Check Out the Store (Link in Profile) for More.

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Joelma 🎤

A parte do corpo que eu mais gosto é minha bota! 😂🙈👢O vídeo completo desse bate papo super descontraído está no gshow.com! Se você perdeu, corre lá para assistir!!!
. . .
#joelma #bota #gshow #videoshow

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Kris Bernal

When you’ve considered to start vlogging but you just haven’t gotten around it. 😖 For the last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with shooting and editing videos. I’ve really been enjoying it and learning a ton! If you’ve noticed, I already started posting 1-minute videos about random stuff! It’s a lot of work, patience, at LAKAS NG LOOB! REALLY! 😅 Anyway, I know some won’t care, I might suck, and look stupid! But, any suggestion for contents? #FujiFilmXT20 @fujifilmph

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Matteo Pelusi - Matt & Bise

Mancano -5 giorni. 🤞🏻🍀 Siamo un po’ emozionati e tanto curiosi di sapere cosa ne pensate di questo nuovo progetto. Ma sopratutto, pieni di adrenalina per l’inizio del nuovo tour 🔥 Vi ho messo le prime date nelle stories. In quale parte d’Italia vorresti incontrarci? 🇮🇹 ‘Mamma, ci siamo persi a New York’
Dal 23 Ottobre in tutte le librerie.
@mattebise #mattebise

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Zahirah Macwilson

Harian Metro | Photoshoot
📰 @najijefri 💄💁🏻‍♀️ @helmysharip @faizal_azhr 📸 @blackpepperproduction 📷 @enapakwan @seripacifichotelkl

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Stop when you’re on top.
Congrats to @garypaffett and @mercedesamgdtm for their last ever triple!
And all the best to @dtm_pics! Thank you for 30 years of competition.
#LegenGary #TheTriple #30YearsDTM

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Little Mix

It’s the queen and Little Mix…
#WomanLikeMe @nickiminaj 🌹🖤
Link in bio.

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Iggy Azalea


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🍓 strawberries.and.creams.1 🍓

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💢💃Model: @biancakmiec
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Kalau untuk One Night Food Trip I shoot dengan production house dari Korea, kali ni I’m honoured to work with a production team from China untuk satu projek rahsia. 😘Anyway, I love the positive energy they transmit.. such a friendly and easy going troop. I feel appreciated jadi process bekerja pun buat I senang hati. Pernah tak korang bekerja dengan bos yang garang macam singa? Mesti tak best kan? 😅

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Darla Sauler

Congrats my pag-ibig @ejaythefalcon sa'yong K-Drama stint. Wishing for more to come. So proud of you.

Pero wait naman my kaputian, hahaha! #NoFilter and just lipstick... Naku I'm really super proud of #Beautederm! Less than two months pa lang akong gumagamit ha.if you want to give it a try (you should), follow and order through @beautedermcorporation. Grabeee I am so happy with the effect sa akin, and hindi ko pa ini-everyday ang pag-apply ha. Kudos talaga to you Ate @reitan1126.

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Heidi Klum

So viele Mädchen haben sich für die neue Staffel GNTM beworben, vielen Dank für eure tollen Videos und Fotos. Meine Favoritinnen stehen fest. Ich freue mich, euch demnächst kennenzulernen. Auch du bist dabei...

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Sali na sa fun bonding nina Carmina, Cassy at Mavy tuwing Sabado ng umaga!
#SarapDiBa, 2 days to go!

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Faktastisch - Das Original

Mehr Fakten auf @faktastisch

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Ebru Şallı 💓

Yesili görünce seriliriz hemen 🌿🌿🌿 😍 @ozlemercaglar yeni taytta cok mu havalı neee #ebruşallıloveskotonsport 🌸💜 #ebrusalli #saglikliyasam #pilates #healthylifestyle 💋

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In my element... @8dayspalawan

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ไม่มีอะไรทำ...รอเวลาเครื่องดีเลย์ คราบบบบ ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👏 #วัดนาลันทา #nadech #nadechactivity #คนรักหมา

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INFIA - Fact

Ini terungkap lewat studi yang dilakukan di Inggris degan melibatkan 2.000 wanita. Dari studi ini, diketahui bahwa setiap tahun, rata-rata wanita khawatir tentang penampilan mereka selama 627 jam dan 28 menit.
Hal-hal yang membuat wanita gelisah dan khawatir adalah mencemaskan soal busana yang bakal dikenakan dan juga khawatir soal pendapat orang lain terhadap busana pilihannya.

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