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A Giovanna Antonelli é muito gata né? 😍 #SegundoSol

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Paula Bevilacqua De Lander

Para participar:
1⃣Dale LIKE a esta foto.
2⃣Sigue todas las cuenta que sigue @loqueyomepongo “muy importante”
3⃣Comenta "Listo” muchas veces !!! ASI DE FÁCIL! ✅El ganador se anunciará el día 23 de septiembre.

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🌸Chela's Way🌸

My cam on my guy @micheedon

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The Daily Show

“Just because you know somebody has been good - they may have been good to you - it doesn’t mean that they were never bad to somebody else.” - Trevor On Orrin Hatch’s Defense of Kavanaugh.

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New York Magazine

@britneyspears not only gave us Oops!...I Did It Again as a song for the ages, but she also gave us this iconic #celebsinturtlenecks look

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با مادر جون و خانواده اومدیم رستوران سنتی؛دیزی هاش عالین😍

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Scouting out some plants we are going to get for our courtyard area 🌿 used some of my favorite @Kerastase_Official products for my hair - in the shower I love the Nutritive Lait Vital Conditioner that I leave on for a few minutes. Then before I blow dry, I mist the Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil and I use the Laque Dentelle hairspray when I’m done with everything! #KerastaseClub #KerastaseAmbassador #ad

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LBA Sunglasses Boutique👓

Óculos Estilus Rose e Óculos Avenue Rose 💰 R$99

Formas de pagamento:
No cartão (em até 3X sem juros), boleto bancário.
📱 Alguma outra duvida?
(11) 96305-9898 (atendimento seg-sex das 11h às 19h)

Rua Oscar Freire, 720
Aberta hoje das 12hrs as 20hrs
#oculosdesol #lba #oculosdamoda
#sunglasses #lbashop #oculosdasblogueiras

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Festival zamanı geldi!
@marifetellerimizde orgazatörlüğünde,
27-28-29 Eylül @watergardenist Ataşehir de tüm alışveriş tutkunlarını bekliyoruz 😉 İndirimler ,sürprizler, saat başı ulaşım için servisler, fenomenler, 100 ü aşkın marka, alışveriş ve eğlence, hepsi bu şenlikte 💖 Herkesi bekliyoruz 😉 Detaylı bilgi ve firma başvuruları için 👉🏻 @zeynepturan_zyevent
#zyfest #alışverişfestivali #zeynepturan #marifetellerimizde

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HU Staff: Jeroslyn Johnson @jeroslyndiva
Singer Noah Cyrus appears to be putting her Lil Xan tears to good use following recent reports that she’s selling a vial of her tears for $12k.
In promotion for the release of her new album “Good Cry,”, Miley Cyrus’s little sis teamed up with clothing company Pizzaslime for a limited capsule collection of her merchandise, PageSix reports.
Pieces in the new line include T-shirts featuring her country music star father Billy Ray Cyrus’ face tattooed with the words “achy, breaky,” a mug that reads “Noah Cyrus Tears,” and sweatshirts that say “sry i’m trash,”, “Noah Cyrus sucks”, and “sadness.” However, the most standout piece from the collection is the small vial of liquid labeled “Noah Cyrus Tears” which is being sold for a whopping $12,000!
Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio.

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Oakland Raiders

Be the boss. Set the tone. Keep believing. #OAKvsMIA

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Shift Life™

The LED PURGE Masks😈

(Limited time offer)

👉BUY 2 SAVE 10%
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🔥Choose From Different Colors And Styles❗️
Shop: www.PDSGadgets.com
Link In @PDSGadgets Bio

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Onediocom Resmi Hesabı


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Can @vlleyezonana be bae or wifey ? 💋

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Nikko Hurtado

“People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity” @marilynmanson #marylnmanson
I enjoy the ones who are able to stand out and not be Afraid to be different. I admire the courage it takes to step out side of the box. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored healed close up of this Tattoo I did a couple months ago.

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Sabrina Cereseto

Oggi, stavo tornando a casa, Andre mette l'indirizzo sul navigatore e partiamo.. Dopo 20 minuti lo guardo e dico 'Andre, questa non è la strada per andare da me, stiamo andando a Monza!', Lui subito cambia indirizzo ma io gli dico 'FERMO, andiamo al @comitatoverga che ho 2 principesse da trovare.
Questo é il mio amore Ele, diverrà una grandissima YouTuber! È fortissima e il suo sorriso è contagioso e risplende. Mi ha anche promesso di insegnarmi a giocare a fortite.. Ce la farà? 😂❤️
E un bacio anche alla mia piccola Carola che si é svegliata solo per salutarmi 💚
Ciao amorini, ci vediamo presto, non smettete mai di sorridere!

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Pulse NG

What's that slang you are absolutely done with? 😂😂😂
#PulseNigeria #PulseTeaser

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F A S H I O N © ®

#so cute @olkafiolka 💞🎶💓🎵🔮 #unicorn #love

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Off Road Dynasty™

17x9 Fuel Hosatge
@mrwheeldeal - Before you buy anywhere else, be sure to get a quote from... @mrwheeldeal @mrwheeldeal @mrwheeldeal ! Mrwheeldeal.com

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Wendi Cagur

Ceritanya ini salah satu dari sekian foto prewed gue dan @revtiayunatasya tercinta.
Bukan konsepnya yang sederhana. Tapi lebih ke arah budgetnya. Hahahaha. Dibantu teman di Makassar. Bang Ipul namanya. Dan sudah lama gue gak berjumpa dengan beliau.
Umur gue 30 saat itu. Dan umur @revtiayunatasya baru menginjak tahun ke 20.
Foto ini diambil setelah kita resmi bertunangan. Di Makassar. Saat itu kita masih sangat muda. Tepatnya istri gue. Hahahaha.
Sempet ditolak pas waktu nembak. Sempet mau lompat dari balkon hotel di Makassar setelahnya. Tapi Tuhan punya cerita berbeda. Dan kini akhirnya kita telah memiliki Putri dan Putra yang luar biasa.
Jangan pantang menyerah buat mengejar cintamu, teman. Tanyakan hatimu. Yakinkan hatimu. Setelah itu lanjutkan perjuanganmu jika tak ada lagi keraguan di benakmu.
Selamat berjuang. Selamat berbahagia. Selamat beristirahat.
#nite #selfreminder #love #partnerineverything

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The stuff that dreams are made of.

The complete Nike CR7 Chapters Collection tells @cristiano ’s story from schoolboy to superstar. Which chapter was your favorite?

Shop the Chapter 7 Mercurial Superfly by tapping the image.

#soccerdotcom #nike #nikefootball #CR7

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Contemporary cool. Reach for our En Taupe Palette for a sophisticated selection of warm and cool-toned taupe shades that compliment every skin tone. #ZOEVA #ZOEVAEnTaupe #eyeshadow #eyelook #eyeshadowpalette

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Moniece Slaughter

#wale took to his Twitter today to share his battle with depression. For those that feel like those of us suffering with depression, get to CHOOSE when we experience the highs and lows. That's not true. Now, where we do have a choice, is whether or not we are honest with those around us about our emotional deficits, whether or not we reach out for help/support. Unfortunately, the black community makes light of diagnosis such as depression and anxiety. There's also the belief that the more you have (financially/materialism), that one should have nothing to be depressed about. Before you assume. Or make fun of those suffering, that you educate yourselves, and pass on a prayer today for the those that struggle with these diagnoses.

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Danielle Bernstein

White out ❤️ @prettylittlething

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Fall florals🥀
Use a thin brush for precise details. And when in doubt, dots are a great way to add texture and make people think your design is more detailed than it really is🤫😉
Inspired by @thehangedit💋
🎵@lakeyinspired This Feeling

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Miss Lola || misslola.com

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