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by @omletduframage

✨Sweet & Spicy Orange Beef with Sesame Oil, Wanton Noodles, & Cabbage✨@blueapron .

This meal was really freaking good! Reheating it the next day, it wasn’t as good, but still pretty decent!?

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by @chowingwithchau

Made @chrissyteigen @blueapron sweet & spicy chicken lettuce tonight and it was 🔥🔥🔥 Looking forward to her new cookbook coming out this month! .
Chrissy Teigen's Sweet & Spicy Chicken Lettuce Cups with Mushrooms & Jasmine Rice

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by @carlaloveee

Throwback to when we made these cute little lettuce wraps #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @gibsgrub

Dreaming of this amazing Pork Bahn Mi Chef Gib made last week 😍

New York, New York

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by @hnh5000

Made pork báhn mì for dinner, yum. #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @toffeenut_chai

Pork Bánh My with quick pickles
These were so flipping good, I literally can't wait to make them again. Sweet and spicy, slightly toasted, soft bread and crunchy pickles, tender pork. It hit all the right notes.
We we're supposed to also have roasted broccoli with them, but 1) it didn't seem to fit the meal and 2) it had lots of fuzziest growing on it when I got it out of the bag, so we decided, "ah, best not."
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by @mabel_jean

6 wks of cooking w/ #blueapronxchrissyteigen have been so much fun - but the pork banh mi was def the BEST 👍🏽👍🏽 Can’t wait for the next Cravings cookbook!

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by @chrissyteigenlikes

Follow @ChrissyTeigenLikes for more!! 💚💜 👇👇⚡️👇🔔👇
Guys! I’m so excited to share that I’m partnering with @BlueApron for 6 weeks to bring you addictive recipes from my cookbook, Cravings!! Blue Apron makes home cooking (a minor obsession of mine) super easy and enjoyable, and I can’t wait for you guys to whip up some of my favorite recipes from the comfort of your own home. Did I mention you don’t have to step foot in the grocery store—or outside your house for that matter? TREAT YO SELF.
Source: @chrissytcigen ⚡️🔔⚡️👍🌞 #BlueApronxChrissyTeigen

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by @nortrition

are you (pork bahn) talkin to mí? s/o @chrissyteigen for the #porkbahnmi

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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by @marciamellow91

Pork Bahn Mi & roasted broccoli #blueapronxchrissyteigen #roseallday

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by @bstreicker

Seriously, I ate these at an embarrassing pace. Like open, inhale kinda fast. So damn good!
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by @rita_knitter

My first @blueapron box arrived from Texas last Thursday, refrigerator-cold. First meal was Smokey Beef Burgers with spicy mayo and lime slaw. Lots of slaw and good sized burgers. Second meal was Coconut and Vandouvan Salmon with cabbage sweet pepper stir-fry and jasmine rice. Green cabbage was substituted for the red cabbage called for in the recipe. The sauce was amazing. The salmon was delicious. I didn’t make the Pork Bánh Mì until the end of the “week.” It was wonderful. The next time I get a meal with Persian cucumbers and beautiful artisan bread made with no preservatives I will make it first. Good thing I had picked up fresh cucumbers and been influenced to buy an artisan baguette earlier in the day. Would enjoy having all of these meals again. #blueapron #blueapronxchrissyteigen #ilovemealboxes #knickknackbagsaresocute

Pike Lake

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by @ccaruso0804

Pork Bánh Mì Blue Apron Chrissy Teigen recipe 😍😍 trust me, this tastes every bit as good as it looks 🤤 we split this bad boy and had it with some roasted broccoli 🙌🙌 #dindin #dinnerwithmyhubby #blueapron #blueapronxchrissyteigen #banhmi #quickpickle #cucumbers #yummy #nomnom #fortcollins #colorado

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by @sjsretenovich

Our first @blueapron x @chrissyteigen meal, and DAMN was it good. I never want to eat #broccoli another way again. Pork Bánh Mì was phenomenal! .
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by @slgorman

Pork bánh mì with quick pickles and roasted broccoli #blueapron #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @ww_sped_teacher

I’m back!!! Back in town, back in routine, and back on track! Had our last @chrissyteigen @blueapron meal of Pork Banh Mi and it was super delicious! Plus roasted broccoli on the side is always a great, healthy option 😁 So happy to get back into the swing of things at home after being away for what felt like a month. I even got my grocery shopping done last night and I am happy to have fresh produce at my house once again! #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @noelleprimavera

My husband and I love Chrissy Teigen, we regularly laugh and say “Oh Chrissy!” whenever we watch Lip Sync Battle, so I was a bit bummed by the timing of the #blueapronxchrissyteigen recipes. We missed all of them while we were in Italy in June (not that I’m complaining about all the amazing food we ate there!), so I was glad I got to try the very last one this week - Pork Banh Mi - and it did not disappoint! So much flavor, yet light and perfectly crunchy at the same time. We paired it with a local Russian River Valley @castlerockwinery reserve Pinot Noir (under $10 at @traderjoes). Super delicious dinner for a Monday night! Thanks @chrissyteigen and @blueapron - please offer more recipes!! #blueapron #dinner #porkbanhmi #cooking #cravingscookbook #pinotnoir #weeknightdinner #lipsyncbattle #chrissyteigen

Petaluma, California

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by @kapow79

I was so excited to eat this that I almost forgot to get a pic. Holy moly is it delicious. Bless you, @chrissyteigen and @blueapron 🙌❤️ #blueapronxchrissyteigen #porkbanhmi #getinmybelly

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by @awinegardner13

@chrissyteigen Your recipes for @blueapron have made our summer weekday dinners easier, and super yummy!! Please do it again (maybe when you don’t have an infant!)! Can’t wait for your 2nd cookbook. #supermom #goddess #banhmi #fajitas #sesamenoodles #cravings #cravingscookbook #blueapronxchrissyteigen #blueapron

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by @mccrocker1

Banh Mi cauliflower rice bowl #blueapronxchrissyteigen #glutenfree

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by @melcat901

Chrissy Teigen's Pork Bánh Mì with Quick Pickles & Roasted Broccoli #blueapron #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @rebekahpolega

A delicious lunch #blueapronxchrissyteigen

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by @snackiessnackattack

Chrissy Teigens Bahn Mi #blueapronxchrissyteigen #blueapron #wasdelicious

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by @erinmwerner

Pork Bahn Mi 😌


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by @pigma98

Very interesting take on Vietnamese banh mi from @chrissyteigen ~ I definitely learned something new tonight! This was actually quite delicious! We made Thai iced tea to go with it, except the ice maker from our fridge decided to misbehave. Oh well... •

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