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by @bts_jiminn

this is what I call masterpiece

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by @gukijeon

He is the definition of beautiful

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by @jinsmanz

okay but why 😂

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by @minyoongiisthatyou

i showed my sister this, a lesbian, and she said she’s going to start saying this to get through crowds 😩

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by @bts_jiminn

ma babiessss

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by @gukijeon

Jungkook really out here doing his thing while Tae decides to be a lil rude boy here lol taekook really out here to get us 💦

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by @taekookenthusiast

he knows what’s up👀👅

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by @yourdailybtsxx

We all are a bunch of crAckHeADs.
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by @takemykookies

Because It’s Alice (@chiminx.x ) and I’s one year anniversary, I dedicate this post to you b. Alice was actually my very FIRST mutual, like when I had 100 followers, yeah SHE BECAME MY FIRST MUTUAL. So she holds a special place in my heart. I’m fcking horrible w memorizing dates and what not but, I really do cherish our friendship in so many ways. I’m thankful that this app and account has allowed me to obtain so many friends, more than I expected to have. But Alice, you’re definitely IN MY HEART. Our age differences got nothing on us and even though we don’t talk as much anymore, being the first mutual is much more important than that because you shaped me into an extrovert and let me believe that I could become who I really am once I’m on this account. So thank you for keeping this relationship long and burning bc I’m so thankful to have you. I LOVE YOU B💗💗💗💗💗

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by @taetae.cookie

duhhh manis bgt masa (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡
Smart X BTS

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by @r.ratedtaekook

jungkook in the last pic 🤠🤠🤠

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by @dear.vkook._

Que tengan buena noche♡

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by @taetaebooo

Yoongi as my bestie always tries to make the best photos for me 😂👌🏽

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by @tae.vkook

I can not get a word that describes how precious you are .. You are a god, a Korean God .. God of my life

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by @r.ratedtaekook

my boys omg

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