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Thought to go a bit further into the Pakistan through India railway story I did a few years ago for Time, the first photographs made when Andrew Marshal @journotopia and I started this month long story that began here at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. Was a rather depressive scene...the worry and desperate faces of women, children and men, held back by Pakistani boarder guards when wanting to cross, without documents, to sell scrap metal in Pakistan, a dire need to somehow make a living. Strangest, most saddest things humans create are borders. Invisible lines that do little other than divide us.
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Pakistan-Afghanistan Border

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by @wadsamnews

Pakistan’s economy has suffered a USD 70mn loss in the past two weeks after Islamabad decided to close its border with Afghanistan.

According to Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PAJCCI), Pakistan sends three hundred vehicles of fruits and vegetables, mainly from Punjab and Sindh provinces, on a daily basis to Afghanistan and Central Asia during normal circumstances. “If the current situation persists, Pakistan will encounter a USD 5mn loss every day,” said PAJCCI chairman Khan Jan Alokozay. #afghanistan #pakistan #border #punjab #sindh #afghan_pak #afghanistanpakistan #afghanistanpakistanborder

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by @wadsamnews

The recent tension at the Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan forces result in a daily loss up to USD 10mn to Afghan traders.

Forces on both sides of the border started fire exchanges four days ago after Afghanistan prevented the Pakistanis from constructing a gate at the border crossing.

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