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by @ricohcan

A peek through the doorway into the stores building at the historic Saint Helena Prison in Moreton Bay, Queensland. The prison operated from 1885 to 1932.
The island is reputed to have got its name because there was a prisoner held there who called himself Napoleon Bonaparte so what had been called Green Island No. 2 was renamed to St Helena where Napoleon had been imprisoned. Wellington Point and Waterloo Bay were also named after the Duke of Wellington whose forces defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.
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by @andrewsillince

No sunrise shoot is ever the same at the beach. Case in point: this recent morning at Soldiers Point, Norah Head, when the low tide and high buildup of sand provided this perspective.
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Soldiers Beach

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by @lovleah1

Places like this help you realize just how small you and your problems are

Blackheath, New South Wales

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by @ringhole

Yes this is still Tassie. ☀️😯


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by @johnnyjam1

I wish these happened more often. One from the archives, Avalon Beach in Sydney!

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by @_andrew.paton_

Wherever you go there you are on the beach.
Is taken from the Brady Bunch movie.
XT-2 23mm 1.4

SWELL Sculpture Festival

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by @alittlebitofskye

We has so many amazing parks in Australia. Like the Mary Cairncross park in Maleny. This rainforest is filled with amazing greenery, bats, birds and wildlife that I had never heard of before like Padmelons. They kind of remind me of kangaroos crossed with rats and the are super cute. I tried to get a decent shot of one but they were very shy with me.⠀
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Mary Cairncross Reserve

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by @tcgraphicart2018

Me standing on top of my husband's 4 wheel drive, under the milky way. I used Photoshop to make the 🌟 twinkle. 😀

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