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by @shelleylynchphotos

It’s that time of year when birds start showing up with injuries. This little seagull has an injured wing. With a little help from some very helpful people we were able to get her the bird hospital where she is getting X-rays and fluids. Really hoping it’s not broken and few weeks of rest will get her back on track. If you find a bird who is injured, it’s important to keep them warm. There normal temperature is around 107 degrees, wrap them like a burrito with their head out so they can breathe. .
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by @wildmountainadventure

Birding out in the cool and moist weather of winter is amazing. It is a good time to be out in the wild observing birds of different northern species. The summer resident birds move down towards south and the beautiful northern species fly lower during winter. Weather you agree or not, winter has got many to see and learn different bird species. Species from Ladakh, Tibet and other northern resident birds fly down to an area where winter is mild. Species like goose, black-necked crane, satyr tragopan, blyth tragopan, blood pheasant and many more fly down. Species that we have in lower adds up and the number becomes more abundant during winter.

Phuntsoling, Chhukha, Bhutan

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by @gonetonestaviary

Turning my dedicated “bird hoodie” into a playgym 🎪
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