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Parkdale Village

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Flack junior.
- @died.lit

Asap Mob

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Used to be poor, now we have hardwood floors. #osheawvisuals

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I Don’t Take Enough Pictures Of Myself 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Yughhhh 💚


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Fuck u with all my kindness ( u can’t see it but it’s okay)

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“I just wanna know love, when will i know love”-Know Love Rex Orange County

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Acrylic ghosts. #osheawvisuals

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@sean_suen ss19 was mesmerizing. It took place in a park at Rue de Babylone near Montparnasse. Everything about it was amazing : the color palette had a lot of “earth” tones which made the overall collection very smooth and the cuts were innovative but what thrilled me the most about it was how (once again) designers are redefining menswear. For a long time, fashion explored women’s masculinity as CHANEL for instance. Now, it explores men’s femininity which is still kinda hush hush in our society. I feel like this is what menswear ss19 was about, giving men more freedom, adding new cuts to their wardrobes and giving them the space they need to create and express themselves with their clothes. And damn it, we fucking need it 😤🤷🏻‍♂️ .
#menswear #ss19 #fashionweek #pfw #lfw #seansuen #fashion #blancxivoire #vogue #nclgallery #classystreetwear #smartstreetwear #highfashion #runway

Paris, France

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Dropping sooner than you think at @trendstags 🔥👀 @unknownuk

London, United Kingdom

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Vienna, Austria

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