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by @beccasianhunt

Wine tasting, a tiny bit of horse riding and last nights steak #pancho #casadeuco #ucovalley #bliss #argentina #holidays ☀️☀️☀️

CASA DE UCO, Vineyards & Wine Hotel

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by @lilmissblueeyes

It’s in the small things...
Blossoms on my baby apple tree ❤️ Thankfully the rain we had this past weekend didn’t break them all off phew!

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by @blissfullybecoming

Fickle. You change your mind too often. Will you just choose something already? ⠀

Why do we put so much shame on people for wanting to change their direction in life? ⠀

I remember years ago, I felt like people stopped listening to me when I had a new idea, because I had them often. I felt like they stopped taking me seriously because I “changed my mind” all the time. ⠀

I don’t call it “changing my mind” anymore. I call it “finding a better way”. There is always a better way, and those who stop seeking it sell themselves short of what they’re truly capable of, and the lives they’re capable of living. ⠀

So if anyone calls you fickle, or shames you for having a new idea all the time, just know that you are going to go a lot farther in life having figured out what works and what doesn’t. ⠀

One of my coaches says the key to success is to fail faster, because this is how you learn and grow. ⠀

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a better way. Life is meant to be explored. The world opens up for the seekers.

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by @energyenlightenment.1111

Practice the goodness, kindness and positivity in your routines📿
You will be perfect in that believe me🌬️
Nothing is better than what your soul loves 😍
#motivation #spirituality
#1111 #lawofattraction #secret #instagood #synchronicity #chakras #community #awareness #ayahuasca #vibration #vibratehigher #pearls #mindfulness #practice #meditation #fashionhub #ramp #gratitude #bliss #traveling #mountains #osho #healer #enlightenment #energy #psyart #artist

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by @peggyrometo

Transformational few days ahead with newfound stability, clarity and balance if we have the courage to let go of what’s not serving us and believe that the best is yet to come... and is on its way! ☝️Tap the link in bio for more of the #weeklywakeup ✨🙏

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by @saltysam94

Alright folks! It’s that time of the year again! Have you started thinking of ideas for gifts for your friends and family during the holiday season? If not, here’s an idea!
If you have an idea you want burned and/or painted onto some wood, hit me up! If you don’t have an idea, hit me up anyway and we’ll come up with something.
Want one for yourself too? I can do that!

DM me for sizes and prices. Head over to @thewoodsycrafter to see pieces I’ve done before!

North Carolina

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by @goodmindlife

“Eu afirmo ser um indivíduo simples e capaz de errar como qualquer outro mortal. Eu possuo, no entanto, humildade suficiente em mim para confessar os meus erros e refazer os meus passos.” Mahatma Gandhi


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by @loveandyarn

This face a girl who doesn’t realize her car is going to overheat on the way to kazoo.... again. #hindsight #bliss #selfie

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by @emma.claiire

Choosing candy floss gin and chick flick trash over assembling new furniture 💁🏻‍♀️ #whenyouvehada9-4dayofuniandtheideaofdiymakesyourbodycry #candyflossginmadewithpinkginandcreamsoda #bliss

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by @shanskhadi

And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.

New York, New York

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by @nehamonga1

Never stop learning is what I believe in ❤
It feels awesome to be a student again and learn this amazing dance routine from our dearest Bliss Member @dipti.nagar.967 😍😍
Thanks a lot Dipti and you dance so beautifully and with so much grace😘😘
Keep dancing always...💃💃
So blessed to be surrounded by such talented people..Lots of love😘😘😘

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by @glamluvs

This is a Self Love Zone. Everyone is welcome 💋

#selflove #lifeisbeautiful #beautycommunity #selfcare #bliss #loveyourself #judgefreezone #doyou #beyou

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by @valavdboomen

Ouders! Laat me jullie deelgenoot maken van de allergrootste mijlpaal in het leven van je kind. Vergeet die eerste stapjes, die eerste hapjes en die eerste woordjes. Het allermooiste moment is als je kind kan LEZEN. Och jongens, wat een feest. Opeens heb ik twee kinderen die zomaar een hele middag met hun neus in een boek zitten. En dus NIET mijn hele huis verwoesten of constant bezig gehouden moeten worden. De tranen staan me werkelijk in de ogen iedere keer als ze hun boek pakken. Hier doe je het voor, mensen. Duurt even, maar echt, dan heb je ook wat.

Parents! Let me tell you about the greatest milestone in the life of your kid. Forget those first smiles, first steps and first words. The absolute finest moment is the moment they can READ. Oh boy, you will not believe the joy you'll feel. All of sudden I've got two kids who can sit quietly on the couch reading. Meaning they are NOT destroying my house or demanding I entertain them. Believe me, you will cry tears of joy every time they curl up quietly with a book. It takes a while to get there, but good things come for those who wait. And oh man, this is GOOD.
#reading #milestone #bookstagram #growingup #goodthingscomeforthosewhowait #parentlife #dailyparenting #hanginthereparents #thestruggleisreal #lightattheendofthetunnel #bliss #instakids #kidsofinstagram #momblogger #mamablogger #mamadingen

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by @bhakti_bliss

If you kneel down in church to pray but are rude to your waiter at a restaurant, you’re missing the point.
It’s not only the holy books, statues, or deities that desire your loving attention. Can we look into the eyes of another on the street and see the beauty within them - maybe even if we look deep enough, can we see a piece of our self within them?
The Beloved is calling for you. Enter the shrine of your own heart, close your ears, and listen.
What would it look like to speak with the sweet taste of gratitude and reverence upon our lips, as if every word was one of prayer?
When we move from listening to the subtle call of what we truly love - every action becomes one of worship.
You don’t need to swim upstream any longer - let go, the Universe will hold you.
You never need to apologize for being who you are. You are a gift, a unique expression of the perfection of Spirit that has never been seen before or will be seen again - so let yourself be breathed by this life, be celebrated by all those who love you.
When we devote ourselves to celebrating this existence, we remember the Truth - the worshipper and the worshipped are one in the same.
So many exciting offerings will be shared soon - @mallorie_prem and I have some beautiful heart centered opportunities to journey with in India and beyond ✨ I can’t wait to keep growing in love with you all - thank you for the teachings.
Photo from our closing ceremony in Costa Rica at our last @wombenwellness UNDOMESTICATED Sacred Womxn’s Intensive session 🙏🏻

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by @restaurantbrianxa

Com ens agrada quan compartiu a les xarxes la vostra experiència Brianxa 😍 Gràcies a tothom i en aquest cas a vosaltres @yas_na_mi, @marinetacliz i @sopaycaldo!

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by @rebel_gong

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