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by @llfromto

This little cafe near Concordia University serves amazing coffee with good service at a decent price.
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Cafe Myriade

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by @cam_hastings

"I drink and I know things."
- Tyrion Lannister
Great Sunday tasting, all the wines were straight from Italy! 😍

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

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by @simritawesome

Simmy & Naïa & Kali 💕

Olympia de Montréal

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by @alizaeart

sometimes you don’t need to travel so far to see beautiful things, you just need to change your perspective 🙃 #lookup

Midtown Manhathan

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by @thepamelatavarez

Roaming through the streets of my city 🏙 📷: @singmymelodies

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by @ambeek

Before the hike to Coit Tower 💦

Filbert Street (San Francisco)

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