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by @kelseymarie_combs

•I hope you remember•
When you get older I hope you remember these days we had together
I hope you remember Momma was strong determined and chased after something different
I hope you remember mommy staying up real late and waking up early not just for mommy but for you and daddy too
I hope you remember mommy not being scared anymore to be judged or laughed at because she had a dream
I hope you remember the big kisses that your puppies gave you each day
I hope you remember how much mommy prayed and hoped for you to love others and Jesus like mommy does
I hope you remember how much mommy has a passion for health and well being and how many days and moments we had together because of her hard work from home
I hope you remember how much mommy loves others and cares for their success and happiness -
And most of all I hope you always remember and know how much I love you ❤️
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by @stacy_bell86

Love when my #barncats run up for a group hug (I promise they were happily purring away. There was even chin licking 😍) Perfect after a long day of #diylife door sanding. Ps. This is how I do “kids”: feed em in the morning, let them run wild all day, hug them at night. Sounds about right. 😂 #citygirlgonecountry #alltheanimals #littermates #dollyandsweetheart #surgeryrecovery #furbaby #furbabymama

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by @citygirl_in_mt

Fun fact: There are 2,777 rivers and streams within a 100 mile radius of my home. Can you believe there are 1,139 in the Flathead alone? Lincoln County has a whopping 827, Sanders has 496 and Lake County with 315. I didn’t even factor in the 741 lakes 😮. There’s so much beauty in every direction that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. So, some days I enjoy focusing on one thing that aligns with my mood. Today it’s an exquisite tree-lined creek and the sound of the water flowing sharply against the rocky ground 💯
Visit Montana ⛰ Link in Bio!! #montanalife #citygirlgonecountry


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by @devinjavidi

nightly walks with my little guy to watch sunsets like this #fall18 #dailyblessings #godspaintbrush #upstatenewyork #cny #walker #citygirlgonecountry #nofilter

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by @kelseymarie_combs

When you feel everything fighting you back and there’s the most resistance you’ve felt... YOU KEEP GOING! .
You don’t give up! You don’t throw in the towel when it gets HARD or inconvenient! .
Lately my little man has been waking up at 6 or sometimes earlier and then not going back to sleep. Which means either mommy needs to get up at like 3:30 am to get her work and workout in 😬🤦🏼‍♀️ orrrrr she can just realize that this is the life of a almost 10 month old and she just needs to adjust and adapt.
Because let’s be honest no one wants to be around me at 3:30 am and only getting about 4 hours a sleep a night lol 😂 .
When you feel resistance don’t give up adjust and adapt! It’s totally possible to have a healthy lifestyle with kiddos or whatever you have going on you just have to decide YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Ps it’s getting harder and harder to take pictures with this lil one lol 😂 doesn’t look at the camera and getting soool heavy! Lol #chunkymonkey .
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by @michellewehrle

Yep, this is my life! They come in every morning for a snack, dog food. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Meet Patches, Baby, and Zane. #ourminifarmlife #lotsofanimals #citygirlgonecountry #thekittensinmylife

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by @kelseymarie_combs

I truly believe your success isn’t measured by perfection. It’s about showing up for you, for your family, and loving yourself through the process. Good days or bad you continue to love yourself through them all! And you wake up the next morning ready to conquer the day, your workout, your nutrition, and your mindset.
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Bass Lake, Indiana

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by @leighdman

This morning the pups and I ran 5km, came home and made breakfast. Is my breakfast healthy ? Not all of it. Is it counter productive to my run ? I don’t know. Am I going to feel guilty ? No.
I went for a run because I love running and I ate what I wanted to because....I wanted to. I’ve spent the last 10 years on some sort of diet. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t...all of them made me miserable. Two months ago I decided I’d had enough. I’ve spent 10 years of my life feeling guilty or obsessed about what I was eating and how much I was exercising. I love working out and I love cooking. I decided Life is too short to feel guilty about anything...let alone the things you love.

#ditchthediet #happiness #healthymind #healthylife #running #watermelon #citygirlgonecountry

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by @fitmumof3_xxo

I'm becoming a bit more content living in the country. Learning new things and being surrounded by beautiful views, but, like today, there are days that are hard, and I feel the weight of how far from home we are. The place we lived for 9 years, 10 minutes from the beach and shops and friends. A place where people didn't care about your business or give you dirty looks because you're new. They included you and made you feel welcome. A sense of community. That doesn't happen here.
Although, I am grateful for the friends i've made here that have been so caring and inclusive. Always checking in to see how we are settling in xx
Today sucks. Tomorrow will likely bring a different perspective but today I have to remind myself of the good and that it will get better 🌻
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by @kelseymarie_combs

My heart is bursting! And I wannna celebrate this gal from the freaking roof tops!!!

Remember the amazing progress I shared concerning Holly Widmeyers journey?! Well she’s completed her first program and is officially down almost 20 lbs!!!!!! And 13.5 inches!!! •
Holly is a busy mom of 2! A wife and a full time RN! She doesn’t have the time to workout or to meal prep but she MAKES the time! Has she been perfect?! No! Has she made some amazing progress and just keeps going after her harder days?! HECK YES SHE DOES! •
Holly will be beginning her next program and I cannot wait to see where this takes her! And thankfully she isn’t on a diet! But is following a meal plan weekly that is helping her have a healthy relationship with food and learning how to properly fuel her body!!!! •
And she’s working out AT HOME for only about 30 min a day! This works for her, is convenient for her, and her busy family and life! •
Congrats holly and keep inspiring me and others!!!!

Are you ready for something that’s convenient, where you have support, community, and all the resources you need o achieve success?! Ask me how to jump into our September bootcamp called back to business! 💕
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by @rosaliepetrone

There will be no night of glamming up that compares to getting covered in muck and loving my pigs. You see, I know I don’t look “hot” or “sexy” here, and I’m fine with that. I have calloused hands and scars. I know what it is to sweat through a whole set of clothes in 110 degree weather just to change midday and do it all again. To layer up in freezing cold and lose circulation in my hands and feet. To drive hours around flooding from hurricanes to get to my farm and feed my animals. I have been called a murderer, an animal-torturer, a cruel human being, a slave master, etc. But what I am is a pig lady, a scientist, a farmer, and an animal lover through and through. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Until you’ve bled, sweat, and cried for these amazing beasts the way I have, it’s hard to understand what it is to do what I do. If you ever want to know anything about it, you are always welcome to ask. I am always here to answer.

North Carolina

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by @kelseymarie_combs

Well today’s been awesome so far besides the poison ivy I’ve gotten on my cheek!! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Started our day with Sunday morning worship and ⛪ church! Now that my all natural Momma go go juice is in hand and baby is asleep it’s time for meal prep and checking in with my girls!! .
Don’t miss out on my stories for some of their amazing progress!! Go check out my insta stories now! .
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by @beckbeckbeckbeckbeck

This weekend was all about sunshine, water, and dear friends! 🌅☀️💧 #summerincanada #canada #ontario #princeedwardcounty #citygirlgonecountry thanks for the amazing weekend @anelysearata 🙌🏽☺️

Sandbanks Beach

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by @krazy_keysh

Another crazy morning on the farm!! Jackie, ANOTHER sow, had 12 MORE piglets!
Farmer S giving them a check up😍
#TeamBenzing #BenzingFarms #CityGirlGoneCountry #Pigs #Sunday

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by @madi_mccall

currently wreckin’ em. 👆🏼❤️ naturally I had on a cuter outfit before I remembered to take a picture, but who cares when your teams winnin’ and you’ve got a crown and ginger ale. #madimccall #wreckem

Big Spring, Texas

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by @stephanie.mccready

Part of #CountryLiving includes a lot of manual labor, yard work, and chores.
I spent the day cutting grass, weed whacking, and doing horse chores and I couldn’t be happier.
Tomorrow, we stack firewood so cozy evenings can be spent by the 🔥 come October.
This was our dream and we worked our butts off to get here. You will never hear me complain about the hard stuff, because the hard stuff is what makes me appreciate this amazing opportunity.
I love setting goals and our next goal is to buy a place with enough land to have goats, chickens, and cows in addition to our horses.
We want an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch, and a Christmas Tree farm so we can open a fun little farm shop.
What dreams are you chasing?
When you have a goal, do you share it with others, or do you keep it to yourself?
I think it can be easy to play small for fear of sounding crazy or boastful, but I think it’s good to have things to reach and stretch for and not be afraid to speak them out load #GoalDigger #DreamChaser #DoingTheWork #KillAllTheWeeds #Echo #CountryGirl #CityGirlGoneCountry

Yorkville, Wisconsin

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by @rayne_millaray

Dinner on the deck as the sun goes down. #thosesummernights #lastdaysofsummer #countrylife #citygirlgonecountry

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by @michie.suzanne

Marmalade making, using our surplus citrus and the neighbour's. Whisky for luck.

#marmalade #matakana #citygirlgonecountry #permaculturenovice

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by @kelseymarie_combs

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. .
Ever have those days, weeks, even months where you tend to feel (sorry for language but it fits) that you’re half a**ing everything? I’ve had a lot of these moments over the last week. .
I feel like everything I’ve done this week has been halfway. I’ve been a halfway wife, mom, Coach, etc etc. I know I could be helping more people I know I could be better at my nutrition, I know I could have been a better mom, and I could have been a better wife. .
The old me would have continued to beat myself up this weekend and into next week and really just want to quit. Want to quit hustling to try and be the best version of me and just throw in the towel. .
The new me realizes this weekend is a chance to catch up, to understand that I’m human and not a super hero and that next week I’ll be better, I’ll do better, I’ll be more. .
Keep putting your heart, soul, and mind into even the smallest acts my friends. Because this is the secret of success ❤️ notice I didn’t say you had to have super powers and do it all 😉😘
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Culver, Indiana

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by @kelseymarie_combs

It’s not just about the physical transformation but what happens to your inner self throughout the journey as well! When you accomplish results that YOU worked for and fought for and desired it’s so much more worth it than a quick fix! .
It’s not easy, it’s not a quick fix, but it DOES WORK!
My team and I have been celebrating this lady for a few days now but I just had to continue with the party and celebrating her amazing journey! .
Amanda Justice-Mattick is a mom of 4! Part time dental hygienist, and part time coach. She’s been on her coaching fitness journey for around 1.5 years now! Notice I didn’t say 1.5 months or 1.5 weeks! .
Our team and our journey doesn’t believe in quick fixes, we don’t believe in “diets”, we believe in lifestyle changes and we believe that thee best and most LASTING results come from .... ✅pouring positivity into your mind daily, ✅working out from home with our Netflix of workout programs, ✅drinking our daily superfoods ✅teaching and learning how to PROPERLY FUEL your body and have a healthy relationship with food! ✨Rather than restricting or dieting we help people have a healthy relationship with food and get to enjoy life while also ensuring they are taking care of their bodies through fitness too! ✨

Why others don’t get these same results that... LAST??? it’s simple, they don’t want to do the work! But Amanda knew in order to maintain and have a lasting healthier and happier life she had to do the work!
So 1.5 years later 91 lbs GONE because she did the work. Another product, pill, or “diet” didn’t do the work for her.
#busymom #momoffour#dentalhygienelife #transformyourmindset #transformyourlifestyle #nodietshere #healthymindhealthylife #motherhoodofinstagram #citygirlgonecountry #countryrustic #boymomlifeisthebest #selflovejourney #faithandfitness


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by @moxie247

Mellerism 💯:🗣Good Morning!!
Those who know me personally, know that this is a dream manifested...I am walking in body, but my soul is soaring!! Over the last 8 weeks, I have been on an emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and physically draining roller coaster. I had been in a pretty dark space, at some point and couldn’t seem to maintain an objective perspective. But, just when I would start to go into a dark space, God sent the most unlikely of angels to redirect my light path. All of you, know who you are...forever my tribe...you are the most amazing people of whom I am forever grateful. I’ve learned soooooo much on this journey. I am still learning that no matter how progressive-minded we are as individuals; there are still those who are “stuck”. I won’t go into any details, but just know, (because I know, you’re trolling😘...) LOVE/LIGHT ALWAYS “trumps” hate....Drops🎤
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Senoia, Georgia

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