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#Repost from 4 years ago. And no different from what I’m experiencing 🤦🏻‍♀️ but no chipmunk cheeks this time! ・・・
I hate steroids! Apart from the chipmunk cheeks, weight gain, anxiety, extra fatigue, racing heart beats, and depression (need I say more lol) I really can't stand the insomnia! I don't sleep until 4-5 every night 😣😳😴 #spoonie #chronie #crohnnie #IBDpetpeeves #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #silentdisease #crohnsdisease #UCdisease #flareup #invisibleillness #invisibledisease #crohnsproblems #UCproblems #IBDproblems #spreadtheawareness #spreadingawareness #IBDawareness #curecrohns #cureIBD #crohnshumor #crohnsecard #crohnsmeme #medicationproblems #medicationsideeffect #prednisoneproblems #prednisonesideeffects


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5k to support my sister and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation...with some Pokémon Go thrown in.
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by @lifewithcrohns

#Repost from 4 years ago. Going through some older posts and finding that some resonate very much with what I’m going though which is kind of comforting bc I’ve been here before. And I made it through...
It's really hard to express what you're going through sometimes but if you have a good support system they'll understand 👍💜 #spoonie #chronie #crohnnie #IBDpetpeeves #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #silentdisease #crohnsdisease #UCdisease #flareup #invisibleillness #invisibledisease #crohnsproblems #UCproblems #IBDproblems #spreadtheawareness #spreadingawareness #IBDawareness #curecrohns #cureIBD #crohnshumor #crohnsecard #crohnsmeme #supportcrohns #supportIBD


by @brittanyspray

And that’s a wrap!
... except it’s not. But that’s OK #positivepost
Remember in my first post on this journey I said that #autoimmunedisease also has fun, exciting, free, victorious, and celebratory days? Well, the last few days I’ve been {cautiously} celebrating. I’ve been on #steroids for 2 months as of today. For the first 6 weeks, every good day, painless meal, and restful sleep brought false hope that was quickly crushed with the return of familiar symptoms. For 6 weeks I took 1 step forward only to take 2 very depressing steps back. I didn’t share before but after my last appointment in October, my gastro basically said my next step after finishing the steroid course would be to start regular #humira injections. This was not a surprise but what I didn’t know until that appointment was that if I started Humira, I could never stop.
I believe Humira is a wonderful medication that has helped countless people but due to my age, other health considerations, and our plans to eventually start a family, the news shattered me and so began 4 weeks of internal struggle. Every single ‘good’ day I would think, “ok, here it goes, the steroid is finally working, I’m going to be able to avoid #biologic meds”. Which made every single bad day weighted with not just the simple fact of feeling like crap (#crohnspun), but also the looming possibility that I may not be able to avoid biologics after all. The last 2 weeks, though, have felt good... with many milestone steps forward and very few steps back. So after making my case, my doctor agreed to extend my steroid course another 4 weeks. There’s a lot riding on the next 4 weeks but as I polish off this pill bottle and move onto the next, I can honestly say I feel good, positive, and hopeful for what the next month will bring.
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by @apinuponsneakers

#2015 vs #2018
Déjame que te cuente lo mucho que me costo salir de esa crisis. Con Lucia pequeñita, intentando trabajar, evitando comer y viajando con morfina.
De aquella entendía que cuanto menos trabajara mi intestino, menos dolores tendría... hay paya !! Que equivocada estaba... Me deje caer caer hasta aquel día en el que ya no digería ni las proteínas de la farmacia. Entonces fui a comprar proteína de gimnasio, una Whey. Dale que te pego a buscar por internet.
Para ser breve, años más tarde, tengo hasta color en la piel, uñas que no se rompen, noches de sueño y piel encima del hueso.
Me separé de Morfina y me casé con #realfood #paleofood
Y no todo es de color de rosa, ningún tratamiento me va, pero te digo una cosa si otra vez me caigo, esta vez me levantaré más rápido. Soy más fuerte, más vieja y esta vez tengo 2 razones...
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by @my_crohns_diary

Had the loveliest day at the Christmas fair in the cathedral yesterday, was so pretty. And to think I've lived here all my life and I've never been in there before, and what better way to explore it than a Christmas craft fair. Amazing stalls and food.
#crohnsawareness #crohnsdisease #ileostomyawareness #ileostomylife #elycathedralchristmasmarket #elycathedral #christmasfair


by @crohnieinthekitchen

Apple Walnut Cake. We had some family over for brunch this morning, so I made this old @smittenkitchen recipe, sans some sugar. We also had quiche, and someone brought homemade applesauce. I must confess, I only had an angel-food cake pan, not a tube one, so the bottom is slightly more narrow than the top, but a row of apple chunks split the cake in the middle anyway, so it’s hardly noticeable. It was easy to make, just a little laborious with all the peeling and dicing. However, I must confess, my stomach is now on fire, but it was fun nonetheless. On the IBD front, my doctor thinks my upper abdominal pain isn’t likely related to my #crohnsdisease, but rather an over abundance of stomach acid is burning my upper GI tract. I’m praying this is the case, because it means I can just be an omeprazole junkie for a few months. Otherwise it’s back to endoscopy for a look at my stomach. Any fellow #crohnie out there want to share about their upper-GI issues? #applecake #applewalnutcake #omeprazole #prilosec


by @illustrationsbyjavohn

For those who don't know I have an autoimmune disorder called Crohn's and colitis. I was diagnosed at age 10. By age 21 I had to have a foot of my intestines removed to live. This is what I drew after that surgery. I called it "ode to Los angels"
A year later it was sold
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So unbelievably glad I have a day off tomorrow 🍁


by @quitesimplyemma

Lunch time treat with Mumma after a busy morning of appointments☕️


by @quitesimplyemma

Seem to be wearing this smile quite a lot recently..☺️


by @crohniegeorge

UGH, prednisolone !! yes it helps the inflammation but it causes so many other problems but for me one of the worst is the acne, ( probs because I'm vain). The spots are just so annoying, there is lit no need for them.

Read my Blog tomorrow at 18:00 to find out how I fight the eruptions and outbreaks


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The standard sympathy seeking hospital inpatient selfie 🤳 @keeleyhazell and I just discovered the selfie 🤳 emoji. This day just keeps giving #crohnsdisease #crohnswarrior #PerianalAbsces


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Night away at a spa as a late birthday treat, but spent most of the evening in the loo throwing up🙄 #ehlersdanlossyndrome #gastroparesis


by @quitesimplyemma

Looking forward to a winter full of beautiful walks🍁


by @quitesimplyemma

Wouldn’t be a Sunday without a family trip to @costa - treating myself to a cookie as I was up in the night ill.. life ain’t all about calories, right? ☕️🍪


by @quitesimplyemma

Wanna be back exploring with this one 🌏


by @quitesimplyemma

Today marks exactly 1 year since I left university, part way through my second year. I made that choice, a very hard choice, to better myself. I was struggling physically with my Crohn’s and fatigue and mentally with a whole heap of issues. I compared myself constantly, I put too much pressure on myself and I never felt good enough. The last year has been rocky, I’ve committed to getting help and looking after myself. I have changed jobs, started teaching music and allowed myself to slow down and acknowledge that self-care doesn’t mean you’re a failure. For the first time in a long time I am putting myself before anything else (trying at least) and making sure I give my body and mind time to rest up. Not every day is perfect and not every day will be, but I’m living, not just existing anymore. If I have learnt anything from the last 12 months it would be that self-care is a priority and you have the power to change your life. It takes courage and bravery to stand up for what you know is right for you; people may not fully understand and maybe you’ll doubt yourself but in the long run it is for the best. You only get one chance at life, so make it count. Make YOURSELF proud x x x


by @quitesimplyemma

Feeling very positive about the future☺️


by @colitisninja

This card is going to Illinois!!! Thank you, Lacey! These Restroom cards make excellent stocking stuffers! Order yours before November 30th to get it in time for Christmas! #inflammatoryboweldisease #ulcerativecolitis #crohnsdisease


by @getgutsycanada

You're an #IBD #researcher. You're giving us more knowledge about the disease.
You're bringing us closer to better treatments for Crohn's and colitis. You should apply for one of our grants to further your work. The deadline to submit a Notice of Intent to Apply for our 2019 grants is Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Get one in today at crohnsandcolitis.ca/grants.
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by @ibdmoms

Has anyone tried the new drive up feature at @target ? It’s perfect for new moms, moms of multiples, flaring moms, exhausted moms and those quick run out in pajamas moms! I tried it out last week when I was in a hurry and wasn’t feeling well enough to try and find parking and stand in line. I ordered my item. Clicked the button to let them know I was on the way. Then when I arrived I parked in the designated spot, opened my app and let them know I arrived. A team member came out and brought me my purchases. And then I drove off. Kid was still napping in the backseat and it took me 5 minutes from pull up to drive off. Definitely worth it on top of the 5% off using my target red debit card! -BA, IBDMoms

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by @intrestinalfortitude

7.5 miles! Today marks the 8th anniversary of my life saving surgery. I am so humbled and honored to be able to train for a half marathon on support of the very disease that has made me who I am! #ibdstrong #teamchallenge #crohnsdisease #halfmarathontraining #fundraising #crohnsandcolitisfoundation