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🎾 🇦🇺 Ya tenemos los ocho mejores tenistas del #AusOpen⁠ ⁠. 😎 ¿Quién es tu favorito?
🤫 ¿Y el tapado?
😮 ¿A quién te sorprende ver aquí?


@youtholympics ・・・
Yodli checking out the @lausanne2020 competition sites - Here in #Leysin, in the ❤ of Swiss Alps! More in our stories, check it out!


#MakeupForMentalHealth 💙 "I grew up being bullied because of my disability, I felt like that was all people saw and I hated it because it didnt define me. During school my mental health was at an all time low and I believe it was hugely down to how badly I was treated by students and by staff. I isolated myself a lot to avoid the horrible comments, I was too scared to wear make up out of fear of drawing attention to myself anymore than my wheelchair already did"

"As soon as I left school I started trying make up and I felt like a new person. I noticed that for once people were complimenting me on how I looked rather than making me feel awful. As I grew older make up was always a medium for me to express myself. I see make up as an art form, it’s therapeutic to me"

"My mental health is still something I struggle with and I experience a huge amount of paranoia, negative thoughts and extremely low moods. I’ve been to psychologists and I’ve had the meds and they help, but so does finding something that you love to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied and for me that’s doing my makeup. I’m no professional at all but I love how it distracts my thoughts and makes me feel so much more confident in my life" - @beckydann

This #BlueMonday, we are supporting Mental Health Awareness by pledging £10,000 from today’s sales to @timetochangecampaign. Champion change with us – share your stories & selfies tagging #MakeupForMentalHealth. Let's take the bluest day and make it the brightest 💙🌈



Anushka Sharma is having a great time in New Zealand while we're sulking here for a holiday! Feel us? @pinkvilla 😑 .
#anushkasharma #vacationmode #newzealand #virushka #sexy #hot #spotted #adorable #pinkvilla


Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | The headdresses of tribeswomen in Papua New Guinea are prized possessions, crafted from feathers of various birds of paradise. What I love about this photo is how the decorative colors highlight her eyes. I’ve always had a fascination with people’s eyes when I’m photographing them. I find that they visually reveal the most about a person and remind me of our common humanity. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more portraits from the ends of the Earth. #PapuaNewGuinea #colourful #headdress #portrait #photography


May we always honor his courage, live by his words, and share his memory for generations to come. #MLKDay


Vía Twitter Javier Mayorca
Síguenos en @protestavzlaa


Привет 👋🏻. Как ваше настроение? В январе немножко отдохнул, ждите пушка скоро ✊🏻❤️.
И давайте по традиции снова разыграем бабки, чей комментарий наберёт больше всех лайков, тот получит от меня 10тысяч рублей! Удачи ❤️.


Essa aqui tiramos logo após a live de sexta-feira! Quem assistiu? ✌


1989 йилнинг майида Фарғонада ўзбеклар ва месхети турклари ўртасида даҳшатли қирғинга айланган оммавий тўқнашувлар бошланиб кетди, бутун Фарғона олов ичида қолди. Зиддият тўлқини ўша кезлар республика аҳолисининг қарийб ярми яшаётган Фарғона водийсини бутунлай ўз домига олиши мумкин эди. Фарғона ҳодисалари пайти 100 дан зиёд киши қурбон бўлди, мингга яқин инсон жароҳатланди, деб ёзмоқда Каримов Фонди.

Ана шундай мушкул паллада Ислом Каримов республика раҳбари этиб сайланди. Сайланганидан кейин у зудлик билан Фарғонага борди. Каримовнинг пухта ўйлаган сиёсати ва фаол саъй-ҳаракатлари ҳамда жараёнда Марказ вакиллари ҳам бевосита қатнашиши лозимлиги ҳақидаги қатъий талаблари туфайли қонли ихтилоф авж олмасдан тўхтатиб қолинди. Акс ҳолда, бутун республикада беқарорлик юзага келиши мумкин эди. «Ислом Каримов Ўзбекистоннинг турли ҳудудларида аланга олаётган миллатлараро зиддиятларни бартараф этиш бўйича дадил ва мардонавор чора-тадбирларни амалга оширди. Шу тариқа у 1990 йил февраль-март ойларида Бўка ва Паркентда, 1990 йил июнь ойида Ўшда қонли этник ихтилофларнинг олдини олди. Президент Ислом Каримов Ўзбекистонда истиқомат қилаётган барча миллат ва элатларнинг тенг ҳуқуқлилигини таъминлаш, ҳам “титул” миллат, ҳам миллий озчиликлар манфаатларини ҳимоя қилишга алоҳида эътибор қаратди», - дейилади Фонд хабарида.


Starting Haute Couture with @dior show !!! Doing Glam with the new @diormakeup FOREVER Skin Glow Foundation (couldn’t wait to try) and Lip Glow to the Max! Watch my stories to get ready with me! #HauteCouture #Paris ————-
Começando o calendário oficial de Alta Costura com meu amado desfile de DIOR! (Aproveitando pra testar a base nova da marca) veja no stories!


Аталары барып немерелерім мәз😍👍😘✊ Жандарым сол! Алла осы бақытымыздан айыра көрмесін!🤫❤️


Beautiful model, versatile singer. Check out this very talented @witchwolflilly
Pc📸: @witchwolflilly


Just the way you are💬
#WjmildxJapan #ItsMildTrip
(📸: @bambambie)




Today we honor civil rights activist and hero, Martin Luther King., Jr. 🇺🇸 This quote comes from his acceptance speech when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964: "I think Alfred Nobel would know what I mean when I say that I accept this award in the spirit of a curator of some precious heirloom which he holds in trust for its true owners — all those to whom beauty is truth and truth beauty — and in whose eyes the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold." // #MLKDay // 📸: Getty Images


Yes or no? 🌈🌈
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Happy birthday @micki_taryan! 30 today 🎁🎂🎈 #Arsenal #Micki #Mkhitaryan


Razcal Life "The Feelings of luv"
19" x 25”
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Superfine Eggshell Paper
(Numbered and Dated)
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La haitiana Marie Jean Pierre, de 60 años, dijo desde antes de ser contratada para trabajar en un lujoso hotel de Miami, que no podía trabajar los domingos porque iba ese día a la Iglesia. Su patrono hizo caso omiso luego de contratarla y la despidió cuando ésta faltó 6 domingos para asistir al culto.
¿Que opinas?
#ElMoluscoDePuertoRico 🎧


Hehe seneng pake case hp gambar muka sendiri☺️ Kamu juga bisa looh mesen gambar apa aja dan siapa aja, 105k dapet 4pcs case, gambarnya dari kamuu. Yuk belii di @lummystore.id ✨🌸


Haaye ni tera😂❤️👅 #Coka
Feat. @avneetkaur_13
P.s- keep watching Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga❤️
#Aladdin #Yasmine #Alasmine #Sidneet #Dance #TikTok #Fun


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نزار الفارس :- ان شاء الله يفوز المنتخب على السعودية 😅🤪 وبعدها ان شاء الله الفوز لقطر 🤣. •

#علي_صابر @alisaber.95 .
لـمتـابـعة الـمزيـد تـابـع الـصفـحةة
#شخابيط @shak7abit


القمر 😍😍
اللي بيحبها يعمل لايك 😍❤❤


Usuarios de la red social Twitter reportan que la madrugada de este lunes un grupo de funcionarios de la Guardia Nacional salieron a las calles para desconocer a Nicolás Maduro.
Informaron que a las 4:00 am se escucharon disparos en Cotiza y cerraron la calle Real los funcionarios que en videos difundidos por las redes sociales piden apoyo de los ciudadanos en las calles. Los usuarios también indican fallas en el servicio de Internet en la zona.

Los vecinos de la zona realizan un cacerolazo para mostrar su respaldo a los militares. En los alrededores del comando de la GNB en San José de Cotiza, de donde salieron los presuntos funcionarios, se encuentran efectivos del FAES, Cicpc, Conas.


Matangazo ya biashara ... ukilipa kwa week unapata 3 bure ofa inaisha soon DM