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by @elnazfe

یک. یه گوشه‌ی شهر، منتظر سعید ایستاده بودیم که بریم اون‌گوشه‌ی شهر. بلکه این تعطیلات بیشتر از این کش نیاد برامون. که خب با یه برگر فوق‌العاده و لشِ مرغوب گذشت.

دو. مدتیه قدم زدن و چرخیدن تو شهر بهم مزه نمیده. اینکه باید برای لباس پوشیدن، حواسم به چی پوشیدن‌ها باشه آزاردهنده‌ست. حتی اینکه برای چی پوشیدن باید حواست به تقویم هم باشه آزاردهنده‌ست.

سه. امروز بر عکس همیشه کیلومترها از شهر و آدم‌هاش دور نشدیم. کنارمون یه خونواده بود با پیک‌نیکی و قابلمه و بالشت. اونورمون یه خونواده جوونتر و قلیون و بچه‌هاش. گهگاهی هم آدم‌هایی با لباس مشکی و ظاهر سنتی جامعه، کنارمون بودن. اونا به کار خودشون و ما هم با موزیک خودمون حال می‌کردیم و به حال خودمون.

Tehran, Iran

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by @roadrugcars

The eyes of the Biscione 🔥🐉! Here the smashing Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce 🇮🇹 ! Giant grille and big yellow headlights eclipse all the other cars: that’s the genius Bertone style. Can’t stop looking at it 😍. And it’s definitely a super #FuntoDrive car 😎


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by @wildwildwolff

Introducing: Grace, the newest addition to our driveway 😍😆

She’s a 1973 Jaguar XJ6, a beauty queen, and a whole lot of fun. @jordevo42 always seems to find the best rides, and she does not disappoint!

Right after I graduated college I took the summer off and pretty much every Friday morning was spent with Jordan hitting up garage sales and thrift store and I’m feeling seriously nostalgic for that today!

Basically, I’m just wishin’ we were cruising around all day with the windows down enjoying this nice fall weather 🍂 but I’ll have to settle with opening the window in my office for now 😅

Happy freakin’ Friday 🎉

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by @the.prune

j’ai un thing pour les #volkswagen

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by @roadratmagazine

The first Issue of The Road Rat will go on sale immediately after midnight next Thursday 27th September. Initially, it will be available only via The Road Rat webshop #LinkInBio. ☝️
The webshop is designed to service orders from anywhere in the world and magazines will be despatched in their own, bespoke cardboard boxes to protect them in transit.
A single issue will cost £12.50 and a four issue subscription will be available for £40.00.
The Road Rat measures 230x290mm and is printed on a mix of uncoated and coated stock. It runs for 244 pages, carries only minimal advertising and weighs in at around 1kg.
Keep following for further details next week, including a first look at our front cover.
The best way to keep up to date is still to register at the #LinkInBio. ☝️
The Road Rat. A Thing For Cars.
The Collector’s Quarterly Car Magazine

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by @berlinvintagecars

I was so excited to see one of my preferred old Ford Van: the Ford Econoline Window Van, from the second beautiful generation of the E van family (1969–1971). Is kinda my dream to owe one of these big van (and having the money to quench his thirst for gas too) and tour around the world.

Berlin, Germany

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