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Okay last one I swear! 📍So much spam.
Amazing talents 💄@mividadesigns ✂️ @victorialeihn

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Incline Push Up works your lower chest and back more. On the other hand The Decline Push Up works the upper chest and front shoulders (delts) more than the regular or incline variation.⠀
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I'm little bit shy to post this photo... But maybe that photo will help somebody...😊 I remember myself in that fat body... How the clothes didn't fit, how to go for a walk wasn't easy, and that filling of not comfortable... What make me start to work on myself you asking?? 🤔
So, I know that I was fat but I all the time tried not to think about it.. I was lying to myself that I'm not that big...
And then I fly to UK... and I didn't fit to the airplane chair.... In that second I felt that everybody is looking on me, and I wonted to die!! 😣 So I promise to myself that when I will get back home I will START to work on myself, and that's what I did!! it's wasn't easy then, it's not easy now, and I have a lot of work more💪 but probably I was needed to got this bomb in to my face, maybe if that wasn't happening to me I now was still fat, and keep lying to myself that everything is OK....
If you reading until now, I want to thank you😊😊😊 and if you would like to, you can follow my journey 💗💗💗


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It's nice to wear old clothes and to see the difference!

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What I past in the last year!!! i still can't believe!!! I'm a different person, and I will never returned to that girl again!!!


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"You are what you eat- so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake"

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🚨 Glute Bridges Benifits 🚨

1.Glute Activation.
Glute activation is a huge goal of many squat and deadlift warm up series. The gluteal muscles, simply called the glutes (buttocks), are responsible for hip extension and power/strength in posterior chain dominant movements.
2.Bigger, Stronger Glutes.
Aside from the aesthetic goals some may have from developing bigger, stronger glutes, strong functioning glutes can really help to enhance performance across all lifts, sports, and human locomotion. In addition, they have the ability to assist in correct posture and help to alleviate overuse or compensation injuries that may occur at various joints around the body.

3.Alleviate Knee and Lower Back Pain.
Knee and lower back pain is common in strength, power, and fitness sports. Recreation and competitive lifters alike often find themselves with nagging pain or overuse injuries that sometimes are due to poorly functioning glutes (as well as sometimes they are simply doing too much too soon and/or not allowing for proper recovery). Stronger glutes can relieve spinal extension stress, help to fully extend the hips, and can act as an antagonist during squatting movements to help stabilize and balance out the forces on the knee.

4.Improved Squatting and Deadlifting Performance.
The glutes are involved in deep squats and deadlift as secondary movers (second to the quadriceps and hamstrings). Strong glutes can help to enhance overall hip extension, which is key for squats (back, front, and low bar squats) as well as all posterior chain pulling movements like deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and even jumping.

5.Greater Overall Athletic Capacity.
Strong legs, glutes, and back muscles are often the tell-tale signs of a well developed weightlifter, Crossfitter, powerlifter, and strongman. The glutes are involved in all human locomotive and lifting exercises, and therefore have a profound impact on maximal strength, power, running and sprinting performance, and overall back, hip, and spinal health. Inadequate glutes can lead to injury and increased strain on other joints due to underdeveloped or misfiring glutes, making them a key muscles group for all athle

Patras, Greece

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🥛🍫Turkish Delight Tea with a few Choc Raspberries.
An awesome idea for a small treat to curb those sweet cravings.
Live a #balanced lifestyle.

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Szép jó reggelt #keogirls!❤️ Induljon a nap energikusan!💪🏼
Köszönjük a képet 😍👏🏻 Bomba forma bomba naciban 👌🏻🔥 #Repost @evelinszalaiofficial with @get_repost
Wednesday gym. 😇 .
Which your favorite exercises?
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I love that I am able to start getting more videos for you guysss✨
Use these exercises as awesome squat variations or even a leg day finisher🔥 They are killer so let me know what you guys think!!
Comment below or shoot me a message with what you exercises you want to see next 👇🏼 or if you have questions 💛

Vibes Fitness West Shore

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Oh hey... @chrisplaja you’re never gonna get these sweatpants back 💙😇

Langford, British Columbia

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Sunsets at the waterfront and cheesy cards were in order for tonight, while our kids were busy at Awana! We aren't even really know what to do with two hours of alone time. Here's to hoping we get better at it becaise tonight was a little awkward and tense, even with an adorable pizza card. LOL #herestous #nineyearstoeternity #vallejosunsets #sailboats #fitgirlslevelup #fitgirlsguide

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