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by @crossfit925

When the bar is set high, you put your toes to it.
Always setting your bar a little higher. Now accepting new athletes who are looking for that extra push! Click the link in the bio, to join!
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CrossFit 925

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by @fitwellcoach

Don't go by the scale. Your weight may change due to various reasons. You may retain or lose water, your muscle mass may go up or down, and many such momentary changes may reflect your scale.🤷‍♀️
Even though these changes do not reflect your progress, they may upset you.🙄
Instead of the scale, use your mirror, your clothes, and your measuring tape as your guide.💪 Weigh yourself only once a week and always around the same time of the day.😉

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by @debjanicaroleaich

I’m a effing Ninja! Also, when Coach @avinashshetty_wellness says carry a towel, it can’t be pretty.

Year 3, 51/365
Warm up: stretches, squats, inchworms.
My nemesis- #handstand hold practice and a bunch of things to get me ready for that.
A series of bench #climbs and #holds. Given my huge spatial and balance challenges, this is a mental and physical test for me.
2 kms

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by @frontrowfitnessbelfast

I'm known to be rather fond of Burpees....
This week's been a bit of a shit one so far. I've been in agony from Saturday's game, may have slightly broken my nose AND worst of all I also now have the man-flu. Please send thoughts and prayers.🚑🚑
I'm determined that every workout I do has a purpose . It's nice to get a sweat on and get the heart rate up but I also want to improve things. 🔶️
I finished off some technique work (Kipping, gymnastic stuff) with some speed work. 🔶️
Bar facing burpees slaughtered me during the open and I've not really done them since. 🔶️
This was simple:
5 x 30 Seconds/30 Seconds Rest
Max Bar Facing Burpees
Total: 14/12/14/13/12
(Round 3 shown)
I can definitely improve on these but I'll put It down to not being able to breathe properly! 🙊🙈

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by @rkoske01

Two very simple pieces of equipment, 3 x 5 min EMOMs with a simple goal to crush each round and maximize your rest. You’ll be thankful you did.

15 DB Hang Power Cleans 50lbs each hand
15 DB Push Jerks 50lbs each hand
300m Ski Erg

That ski felt like forever...it was only 1 min. 😱

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Koske Garage Gym

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by @christie_derek

Ross trying out his first studio session with me and reaching level 8. This was after completing a new client best of level 13 on the bleep test. Great session. Guys fitness is going to go through the roof.

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by @fitwellcoach

Water with apples and cinnamon: A sweet classic! 😋
This wonderful concoction gives you strength to fight off diseases in the winter and boosts your energy in the fall.💪
Cinnamon balances your blood pressure and helps you protect your energy levels throughout the day. And, of course, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!😉

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by @frontrowfitnessbelfast

Kipping... I suck at it.
Like a lot of people I just mocked it. "Why kip when you could just do it strict?" "Looks stupid." etc etc.
Not long after I properly started Crossfit it became pretty apparent that I needed to learn how to do it.
I can do strict pull-ups, handstand press-ups and toes to bar for days. That doesn't help when you're against the clock and/or your muscles are fatigued. 🔶️
Friday's AM workout was fun but my shoulders nearly fell off:
3 Rounds:
21 Pull-ups
9 Thrusters (60kg)
Time: 9:20
As always I got given a bit of homework:
3 Kipping HSPU's EMOM x10. Apparently not every workout has to leave me crawling on the floor 😂🤷‍♂️
I'll.still say you need to learn the strict movements first. Then have fun playing around with all the different variations!


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by @fitwellcoach

Nobody is perfect and it can happen to us all.🙄 Perhaps you ate a bit more than you planned to over the weekend, or perhaps you skipped some or all of your workouts, but don't throw in the towel just yet!😉
Giving up after one bad weekend does not lead to success. You can always start over with a clean slate and get back to where you were before. Just give yourself another chance to chase your dreams!💪

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by @crossfit925

Motivate the mind-the body will follow!
Whether it’s Personal Training, Specialty Classes, or our CrossFit program, we are here to motivate your mind, body and soul. Click the link in the bio to join.
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CrossFit 925

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by @debjanicaroleaich

Year 3, 49/365
Warm up
3 kms and a sweaty 10 kms cycling after ages, I forgot how hard the seat is for your bum. Some core work to wrap up a cool, rain drenched morning.

I ❤️ Monday mornings like this!
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by @crossfit925

#Repost @crossfittyler with @get_repost
You don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit or to get off the couch for that matter. Just start. Don’t let anything or any irrational thought get in your way of being the best you can be. #crossfit #tylertx #crossfittyler #youdonthavetobegreattostart #juststart

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by @ppuja_s

My fitness journey is deeply rooted in the need to feeling calm and accomplished, beyond building my strength and endurance.
Our bodies will not remain and look the same throughout our lives. We need to enjoy and embrace the change our body shows and change our regimes to support the change 💪🏼 Invest in understanding your body mechanism, workout right, eat clean, sleep well, and be kind:) .
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Pune, Maharashtra

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by @crossfitede

Fotograaf @stefankoopsphotography weet het #afterworkout gevoel in één shot vast te leggen. Is het comfortabel? Nope! Is het het waard? Absoluut! #thecrossfitfeeling #realathletes #crossfitede #feeltheburn #getfit #fittereveryday

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by @debjanicaroleaich

This is probably the lushest smoothie I’ve made so far. Papaya grapes and carrots, chilled, with chia seeds. The grapes I’d bought were tart, so decided to chuck them in the blender instead. Who would have thought it would turn out so scrumptious and pretty!
#eatcleantraindirty #strongnotskinny #fittereveryday #raw #smoothie #bangalorefitness

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by @debjanicaroleaich

Y 3, 48/365

Fast 2km, ambled 1 km with the cub. I’ll do some core work when she’s at a language class later in the day.
Long day yesterday but rather lovely. It wasn’t the easiest to set the alarm, but so worth it once you lace up and head out - be stronger than the excuse of a fluffy comforter. Carpe diem!
#strongnotskinny #functionaltraining #fitgirlindia #run #crossfitter #fitspo #walk #yoga #fitspiration #breathe #smile #swim #positivevibes #bangalorefitness
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by @crossfit925

Our lobby is the go-to place for supplements and support. A great place to mentally prep for a workout or to cool off after a WOD. •
We carry a variety of supplements including @fitaid @blonyx @puorilife and @fuelforfire
Oh and did we mention we brew only the best @onyxcoffeelab coffee in house?! •
If you’re looking for a home away from home- we have you covered!
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CrossFit 925

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